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Hi, my name is Ella and I'm approaching my a level exams. I would find a bit of extra help very useful because I'm doing this A level through distance learning. I want to achieve at least a B, and get into the university of my choice (my offer is BBB). My specification is AQA 7702. Help with effectively tackling the question is much needed. If you think you can help, I am willing to pay for online sessions in the run up to my exams (14th June, 20th June) so please reply to this message.

Thanks Ella

Hi there,I don't know if you have already found help, but if not I can!Georgina Lansbury-Spray
Georgina L.
10 April 2017
Hi Ella - I am very able to help - it would be a pleasure! I could easily do a couple of sessions with you over the holidays. I am very experienced teaching English Language and would be happy to run through the questions with you.All the Best, Mark.
Mark C.
11 April 2017
Hi Ella, if you are still looking for assistance with your A Level English studies I would be very happy to help you. I have lots of experience, particularly with exam requirements and can help you work through any questions you might have. Best wishesMary
Mary C.
14 April 2017
Hi Ella, I am Scottish student however I acquired an A in my higher English and enjoy literature. I'd be happy to help :) 
Rabia K.
21 April 2017
Hello Emma, I am an English examiner for AQA. I would love to assist you.  Feel free to contact me to arrange the time for your lessons.Best wishes,Karlene
Karlene R.
05 May 2017
Yo Ella, Get in contact if you're still looking for a tutor! I charge twenty an hour. I was an English scholar at school and am now a writer :)
Katie B.
21 May 2017
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