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Is there anyway someone could help me with my english Coursework. It is edexcel and i am in the first year of A levels (AS).

Hi FreddyTake a look at https://tutorhub.com/tutors?utf8=✓&keywords=english+literature+a+level which lists lots of tutors who can help with A level English Literature. Some popular tutors include:https://tutorhub.com/users/missdanielshttps://tutorhub.com/users/clare_congravehttps://tutorhub.com/users/scholarlytutor
24 March 2015
Hi Freddio, I may be able to help if you give me some ideas what the task/topic is:https://tutorhub.com/users/wight1979
Andy W.
25 March 2015
What is your question title? I may be able to help you; I am currently tutoring another A Level student on here and I teach AS Level English Literature to a class of students at school too, so I understand what is required by examiners.
29 March 2015
Hello! I have taught A Level Language at both AS and A level and all my students got good grades.  How can I help you ?
Philippa C.
31 March 2015
Hi there,I'm sure I'd be able help you out as Jon Ellis suggested in his message below. I've written online English courses for A Level and have lots of great resources. Please don't hesitate to send me a message. Kindest regards, ClareP.S. I'm a big fan of your username!
Clare C.
02 April 2015
Hi, I would be happy to help. If you would like a lesson please send me a message!  
03 April 2015
What novels are you doing or are you doing poems ?
Jessica P.
10 December 2015
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