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if I am a teaching assistant can I also tutor?

If I am working as a teaching assistant can I also tutor someone with out getting in trouble?

There is nothing stopping you tutoring. You need to make it very clear to potential customers that you are as teaching assistant, not a teacher. It is best to have a CRB check of course, so you can prove to customers that you are safe to work with young people.
08 January 2013
It's a really good idea to tutor while you are a teaching assistant. You will gain valuable work and experience. Tutoring is also a really good way of improving your subject knowledge. Tutoring is flexible and can work around your lifestyle. As long as you mention you are a teaching assistant there is no problem. Teaching assistants can offer a lot of practical advice and can be of great use to students. Go for it. with enough experience you might want to qualify as a teacher in time to come.
08 January 2013
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