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Need advice on extra tuition for my year 5 daughter

My daughter has just started year 5, and she currently is sitting top of her class in all subjects, but her school teaching hasn't been consistent over the last year (she had supply teachers for most of Year 4) I am looking to find somebody who could help tutor her towards her 11 + and beyond

Hi, What are your main concern areas in her teaching?Is there any particular areas she has any difficulties with? I know that you have commented on her being top of her class but do you know of any problem areas at all that would help to formulate a tuition plan?Which topics and areas is she most interested in?I believe that you have taken a very responsible approach in arranging some study support for your daughter. I would be more than happy to see if I could possibly be of help in this matter. Please feel free to contact me for a no obligiation chatKind RegardsSeema
Seema R.
16 January 2014
Hi, as a Primary teacher I can understand the difficulties faced by schools when a long term absence occurs. However, were your daughter in my class, I would be aiming work at an appropriate level to challenge, engage and inspire her, thus ensuring progression at a rate that is suitable to her ability. With the inconsistency of teaching she has experienced during her time in Year 4 I am unable to say whether she would have received this.I would be happy to discuss this with you to see if I am able to assist you with this matter.Please feel free to contact me at a time that is agreeable to you.RegardsTerri Marie Hatton
Terri H.
19 January 2014
I can understand where you are coming from; I feel very sorry for the vast majority of the teachers; where many have to try pick up the slack from where there is an absence of tutors (who have had to leave through personal issues, i.e. health and family) But I do feel the most sorry for the students; as at the end of the day it is their quality of education who suffers. You mention that she is doing extremely well in all of her subjects; do the school have an action plan regarding the curriculum that they are teaching her? If there is a topic(s) that your daughter finds interesting or ones that she finds harder to learn than others please let me know, I applaud you that you have taken such an active interest in helping your daughter; if I can assist in anyway please feel free to drop me a line :) 
Samantha B.
26 January 2014
Hello I am currently a Year 4 teacher and feel that if your daughter has missed areas of Year 4 I would be able to fill in the gaps and then look for her to progress further into Year 5. If you could let me know of any specific areas you are concerned about that would be great. I would be more than willing to help. Thank youAlex
24 March 2014
Hi floodge!What level is your daughter currently working at? When are her 11+ exams?  Lauren
Lauren W.
31 March 2014
I can teach maths, physics and chemistry for your daughter and can make her be consistent with her good performance.
14 April 2014
Hello there!I think the fact that your daughter has managed to remain at the top of her class in all subjects despite difficulties within the school and inconsistency is remarkable. She obviously has a thirst for learning and a real self-driven motivation that is difficult with younger children.I believe the most important thing for her learning at home, is to keep it fun. She needs to enjoy learning (which she clearly does) in a consistent manner which will reinforce everything she is learning at school and beyond in a steady and constant way.I have worked with primary years privately, and would be so happy to discuss your daughter further if you would like it.This obviously is a crucial age in that she will move schools very soon. But if you have any questions please do get in contact.
18 April 2014
Hi, I currently teach KS2 and KS3 maths.my current tutees have made great success, reaching level 4a in mock tests from mid level 3 before tuition. I can provide glowing references from very happy parentsKaren
Karen P.
28 April 2014
Hi there,It is fantastic that your daughter is still doing so well after a lack of academic stability. This demonstrates her intelligence and abilities - I am sure she will continue to do well. Yet you are right to seek support, in order to ensure that her high levels of achievement are maintained and that her grades are the very best that they can be, even if tutoring is just short term support in different areas.I would be able to help her with her English and literacy skills if you would find this useful. My rates are reduced as I am not yet a fully qualified teacher, but I hold very strong academic qualifications and extensive subject knowledge and skills.Best wishes,Annabel
29 April 2014
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