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i want to start the study of grade 11 but i dont know the sylalbus of english for grade 11 can you tell me?

Year 11 is part of Key Stage 4 and the national curriculum can be downloaded from www.education.gov.uk. The syllabus will depend on the school and teachers' decisions, but the curriculum should give you a good overview of what's expected at that level. Let me know if you want any support with work towards exams etc.
26 January 2013
Hello, you would need to become familiar with different types of writing, like adverts, autobiography, etc. Would you like to learn online. Maybe upload a sample of your work and I could look at it for you.
Jonathan C.
28 January 2013
This is probably a bit late now, but try CGP GCSE English Foundation Level, or Higher Level - Complete revision and Practice - around £10.99 in WHSmith's
03 January 2014
Hello, it's a good idea to start reviewing the syllabus ahead of time but you need to know which exam board your school is using. Once you have found that out then you can start preparing by looking at the exam board's website.
Ash B.
04 January 2014
Once you know the syllabus you are using ( good point, Ash Bond, below ), get in touch with me again. I am delivering GCSE Foundation, and Higher, English to 2 students at the moment, and if you can afford a tutorial per week, I can take you through it and fill in the gaps they don't cover in educational establishments when you're in a group.
04 January 2014
Sounds like you’ve been given some great advice. I’m guessing by now that you know which exam board your school/college will be using. I would suggest you invest in a study guide which focuses on the appropriate exam board. If you can create a Scheme of work (SOW)/ timetable to take you to the exam this will help you keep organised, for example you could try to complete one chapter each month. Most study guides have questions for you to complete: it may help if you can share the work you’ve produced with a tutor on a regular basis, just so you know you’re on the right track.Hope you've found this useful: if you feel you need more support why not book a lesson with me?
Clare C.
19 January 2015
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