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Hi What should I say if im applying for a job not advertised. I am holding a diploma in analytical chemistry n dont have experience except for training obtained as per cause requirements. Thanks

What is the job for? Here's some tips that I hope will be helpful:If you have a job specification available, read through that and decide how you meet each requirement/how you can make your diploma relevant.If you haven't got it available (as it's not advertised) then look for a similar advertised post and have a look over this. Alternatively, try contacting the employer and asking for more information.Visit the company's website and learn as much about their company as possible. Try to match your application to their ethos. For example, if they are a company that promotes integrity, think of a time you have demonstrated this/where you have had a position of responsibility.Don't put yourself down. You should not lie, but you have to sell yourself. So don't put too much weight on not having "experience", instead focus on what you do have and make the most of it! Experience you gained as part of your training is still experience! So use it!If you give a little more information, it may be possible for me to come up with some more specific points? Good luck!
26 December 2015
Hi Thanks you mentioned important points and I am grateful for that. Enjoy
27 December 2015
I would write something along the lines of:"I am extremely interested in a job working for 'X' and would like to pre-emptively offer my CV for consideration for when an opening is next available."
Jay G.
19 January 2016
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