How do I become a tutor for this site?

Do you use Skype with the clients? What if I need to charge more than £25 per hour?!

We have a special page for tutors, where you can read how to become a tutor on our website. We take child safety very seriously, and for this reason we don't use Skype. We use our own instant messaging application, details of which you can see on the video included on the tutor page. Any questions, just email me on
21 February 2011
Also, I meant to add that tutors can set their own rate.
21 February 2011
Ok, beginning to get the hang of this! How do I start? I'd like to try to answer someone's query or even set up a session? Thanks for your support so far. I'm a part-time primary school teacher at Wolfson Hillel Primary School in Southgate, London and you are welcome to check this... Naturally this means that I have a CRB. Danny
21 February 2011
If you go to your profile, you can elect to become a tutor, select your subjects and rate. You can answer questions for free, and build up your 'tutor reputation'. You can also 'offer to help' students who want to pay for online tutoring.
22 February 2011
Iwant to join the online tutoring group. please let me know the method.
18 February 2019
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