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Find a Fitness Instructor for all Types of Personal Training

From Sophia, published on 15/09/2017 Blog > Sport > Personal Training > Find a Personal Trainer For Every Fitness Plan

The new year is only a few months away and already people are thinking of resolutions: stop smoking, read more books, join a health club, get back in shape…

At the beginning of every year, gyms fill up and remain that way, until about the middle of March.

And then, little by little, it is goodbye, exercise programs! and Hello, indolence! as we slide back into our old habits.

If a part of your resolve for next year is to not be that person, it would be best to investigate health clubs or, even better: hire a personal trainer. Each has its own advantages.

Yet should you not feel particularly motivated, your fitness professional would be there to motivate you. He would develop a personal training program and would outline the many ways for you to achieve your fitness goals.

Come along to explore all of the advantages of engaging a private fitness coach, one specifically adapted to your needs.

Get thin with a cardio workout Getting thin is not just a matter of eating less: a good workout is required Source: Pixabay

Get Thin Safely with a Coach Specialising in Nutrition

According to the website Femail, more than twenty-nine million Britons wish to slim down.

Only five percent of women in the UK never worry about their weight, and just seventeen percent of men.

Should you rank yourself among those who fret over their general health and their weight in specific, you could start a fitness regimen on your own or with a mate, or your could take out a membership at a gym or fitness center.

Many fitness hopefuls get discouraged because, in spite of all the hard work, shedding pounds does not happen overnight.

Finding the right fitness program and selecting a nutrition plan that will maximise your weight loss efforts is difficult without proper counsel.

It would behoove you to engage a fitness professional who is also a nutrition expert because:

  • of location and availability. Your coach could come to your home on set days and times, suitable to you both.
    • You will enjoy working out one-on-one with your personal fitness trainer rather than a group fitness training program because other trainees will not interrupt your routine or command the attention of your fitness trainer.
  • Any fitness expert your engage must be trained and certified. To become a personal trainer in the UK, every candidate must attain three separate levels of qualification.
  • Any fitness expert who specialises in nutrition would provide you with all of the guidance and reinforcement you need for rapid progress toward your goals.
    • Your personal fitness trainer will provide you with alimentary guidelines tailor-made for your body type and lifestyle, so that you can attain measurable results faster.

A sound nutrition guide, a bespoke fitness program and a personal trainer to plan and oversee your overall fitness goals are the best means of reaching physical as well as mental health.

The mind body connection is vital: for a positive body image, one must have a positive self-image.

Trust Your Body-building to a Personal Trainer

Would you like to increase your muscle mass?

How about tightening up your thighs and glutes, or sculpting six-pak abs?

You have found the right page!

Working with a bodybuilding trainer is an excellent way to define your muscles.

First, like every other sport, building muscle mass requires motivation.

Your fitness professional will come to your home, according to your schedule: no more missed sessions!

And there goes any excuse you might have had to not get fit.

As you sculpt your body you will be nudged, encouraged, motivated and driven by a certified personal trainer, one who knows by heart every movement and routine, and how many reps are needed in order for you to progress toward your ultimate desired look.

He would push you beyond your limits of endurance, all while remaining at your side and streaming encouragement.

He would recommend you vary your weights – alternate between lighter and heavier in order to build muscle mass.

You might already know, for example: to beef up your legs, you should do squats.

While including squats in your exercise program is good, to build muscle, you should add weights to your reps.

Your fitness instructor would be there to coach you on form and make sure you do not injure yourself – especially your back, which bears the brunt of any weight you lift.

Prior to beginning any training programme, your fitness coach will conduct an objective fitness assessment to gauge your physical strengths and areas that need work.

He will also take a short medical inventory – what health issues you might have or be concerned about, and adjust the proposed workout accordingly.

He will then formulate three basic areas to build upon:

  • Developing muscles. Whether to sculpt your body or gain muscle mass, your coach will design a fitness program suited to your goals. Such a routine might include working on your abs, glutes, pecs, or just burning fat for a flatter stomach.
  • Establishing a baseline nutrition program. You cannot gain mass if your diet does not include the proper fuel. Your coach will include all aspects of alimentation in his fitness plan: number and frequency of meals, sufficient protein and elimination of ‘bad’ fats, your water intake and how soon to eat after your workouts (and also, what to eat after a workout).
  • Sufficient rest: your muscles will undergo a strenuous ordeal every time you work out. Adequate rest time is vital to muscle repair and relaxation, and to prevent long-term injury.

Are you now ready to find your ideal strength training professional? Dive on in, and become who you’ve always wanted to be!

Find a personal trainer near me.

Get excited about getting pumped up Are you keen to start your fitness regimen? Source: Pixabay Credit: Skeeze

How to Start Your Physical Training Requirements with a Personal Trainer

Do you hope to enlist into military service or join the police force?

Maybe you’d like to participate in the Richmond Runfest, or some other marathon?

We’re not going to lie to you: you have to get moving and work intensively to compete on those levels.

Say goodbye to your couch and those lazy, lounging weekends in front of the telly.

Get those trainers on and get moving!

Careful, though: don’t charge into a workout routine without a programme to follow.

Especially for any new training initiatives with a specific end-goal in mind, you need a private fitness instructor.

He will be there to educate you on the different types of exercise regimens, such as cardiovascular and strength training, to help you build endurance and reach or even exceed your target.

You should be aware that there are two types of fitness programs.

General Physical Training equates to Basic Training. The key focus at this level is endurance, which is built by increasing reps and weights in gradual stages.

In these types of sessions, you will build muscular strength. However, you can also dwell on certain aspects of strength training, such as developing your lats and glutes, or your arms and pecs.

The second type is called Specific Physical Training and, in that arena, a private trainer would help tremendously!

With this type of fitness education, your coach would push you to the limits of your endurance and beyond.

He would demonstrate workouts that are much more specific in their target areas.

If you aim to run a marathon, expect your coach to help you develop aerobic endurance.

If joining the military or police force is more what you have in mind, the focus would be strength training as well as building stamina.

Each of these objectives has its own prescribed training requirements.

For all objectives, there is only one requirement: a personal fitness trainer.

Gauging Effectiveness of a Sports Coach for Cardio and Body Sculpting Workouts

Everyone dreams of a toned, sculpted body while working on core strength. Your personal trainer will help you succeed in your muscular endurance objectives, all while guiding you in carving out your titanium abs!

First, on the subject of cardio…

Why is cardiovascular conditioning so important?

Raising your heart rate is key to weight loss. These endurance exercises, such as the treadmill or outside: bike riding, running, and rowing encourage fat-burning.

You should beware not to engage in cardio workouts just any old way. In fact, your trainer should be alongside you to demonstrate functional movements and to determine when to increase your speed or reps.

In short: cardio workouts will improve your overall physical condition. The more you work at it, the longer you can maintain physical activity.

According to Body Building Magazine, from a medical perspective, cardio workouts can work to prevent or actually reverse certain conditions, such as: hypertension and high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Cardio exercise routines work and build your heart as well as your lungs.

What are you waiting for? For your health and fitness: Ride that bike! Run that trail! Working your heart does your body good.

Use caution when working out to prevent injury Source: Pixabay Credit: Keifit

Working Those Abdominals

One part of the body that is overwhelmingly targeted by fitness enthusiasts is the abdomen.

To achieve that coveted six-pack, personal training sessions are an absolute must. Hours of work go into sculpting Mr. Universe abs!

No need for panic, though: your personal fitness trainer will be at your side to provide the necessary coaching.

You should know that there are five symmetrical pairs of abdominal muscles, extending from your thorax to your pelvis.

To work them all properly and evenly, you will have to incorporate these moves into your exercise routine:

  • Crunches – to work the high abdominals
  • Scissors – an exercise wherein your legs are off the ground approximately thirty centimeters, and they scissor back and forth.
  • Planking – propped on your forearms and toes, your entire abdominal area is tensed.

We urge you to caution as you do these exercises. Some of them put heavy strain on the lower lumbar area, and doing them incorrectly (or excessively) can result in injury.

Your personal trainer will show you more moves to work toward your goal, and will support you and advise you all along your way to better results – the results you wants.

Why Choose Superprof Physical Fitness Trainers?

With the focus on physical fitness – videos and informative articles popping up all over the Internet, gyms opening up everywhere and parks full of runners and cyclists, it might be difficult to resist jumping on the latest trend.

You should take time to find the right personal trainer online or training program at home. You might ask:

  • Can I believe in him/her?
  • Will his program design truly benefit my physical fitness, or are his recommendations just a way to earn a lot of money?
  • Will I really reach my fitness goals faster with workouts designed by a personal trainer?

These are among some of the questions you might have prior to engaging a personal fitness expert. What is important is that your trainer help you find pleasure in your training of choice and keep you passionate about sports.

Superprof strives to align your competences with our site’s sports coaches.

Certified personal trainer profiles include:

  • Trainer certification credentials and qualifications level
  • feedback and ratings from other clients the listed coaches have trained
  • cost per hour of work, listed on the top right hand of each fitness coach’s page
    • Our coaches usually offer their first session for free!
  • geolocation: where the coach is in relation to you, and if s/he would come to your home

Personal fitness training coaches in the UK generally earn £19 per hour. However, if your selected coach offers classes or holds small group sessions, you might be able to negotiate a lower cost if you and a few friends would train together.

There are a thousand ways to reach your fitness goals through an accredited fitness program or with a personal fitness trainer. You only need to be motivated and build a good rapport with your fitness instructor.

And, with a Superprof coach, we guarantee you will meet your endurance and strength training goals faster than you’d dreamed possible!


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