Feeling full of beans, since the start of this new year? Got the urge to run and play and move; get outdoors and enjoy the crisp, cold air?

January Blues, Off The Booze?

It is a fact that most people begin their fitness regime in January, along with giving up alcohol (known as 'Dry January') and opting to eat better (some take part in 'Veganuary'), all for a healthier lifestyle.

If you, like us, noticed more people out running on the roads, more cyclists taking to their bikes on their way to work and generally a buzz of wellness in the first week of 2019, then it may have come to your attention that fewer people are out and about just a couple of weeks later.

And do you blame them?

Now that it's July, the sun is shining, and we are all counting down the weeks until Christmas (aren't we?), it's time to shift the focus. perhaps you want to get fit in time for that big Christmas party, or you simply want to lose enough weight so that you don't feel guilty piling on the pounds again come December!

Even the most committed athletes would agree that it is much more rewarding to train and work out inside during colder months, or at least to wait for the frost to melt away (as pretty as it looks at sunrise... icy conditions such as these are a hazard for joggers, especially when taking to ungritted country roads). This time of year, however, you have no excuse to hide away from exercise as you can be doing it in the great outdoors. Running, swimming, yoga... just find an open field or some water and you can train in the glorious sunshine!

Let's talk about the heatwave, though. Much like the coldest weather, training in the heat is not fun.

It is important not to get disheartened and especially not to give up, just because training seems too much of an effort right now. The worst thing that you can do is put off something like this when you have geared yourself up for it for so long, and there really is no need to stop getting fit altogether during the colder or hotter months of the year. If it's cold, layer up or train indoors. If it's hot, again dress accordingly or train inside in a ventilated or air-conditioned unit.

Along with your healthier food and lifestyle choices, you can opt for doing exercises in your own home, at a local gym or by getting in touch with a personal trainer who can help you get started with a tailored fitness regime in a range of settings.

Don't let a sports injury detract you from your efforts to lose weight or tone up – or worse: sideline you for the entire holiday season, when playing outside really gets good!

No matter what the weather is doing outside, now is the time to hit the gym; to get in shape.

Even more crucially: now is the time to find your ideal personal trainer who can set you up with a prorgamme for each season of the year.

How To Find A Personal Trainer In Your Area

Beginning your journey to fitness with a certified personal trainer is vital for many reasons, a most important one being to determine your current level of fitness. It's all very good to think positively and come up with big exercise plans for the year ahead whilst you are sat, bursting at the seams, in your Christmas hat and slurping on G&Ts. However, it's wise to build up your strength and stamina according to your fitness level, so as not to go in too deep and burn out after a week of training.

After so much sitting around this winter, your body might not be quite ready for vigorous exercise.

Your personal trainer would conduct a fitness assessment in order to prevent excessive stress or injury that could come from a too intensive workout. S/he would then make suitable recommendations for the best workouts for you.

Water aerobics and yoga would be good if you have stiff joints, for example; meanwhile, Zumba, Pilates or spinning would be prescribed to build up your endurance. Such cardio workouts are also good for weight loss.

As we've mentioned, what you eat also impacts your health and wellness, so your personal fitness professional would certainly conduct a nutritional assessment and make recommendations so that what you eat complements your new fitness regimen. You see, paying for a personal trainer is worth the extra pennies as it's not just a case of paying for a class or gym membership. Personal trainers have expert knowledge in nutrition and exercise so they can prescribe lifestyle changes that will benefit you as an individual.

Food and drink intake affects how your body functions and no one knows more about that relationship than a fitness trainer.

Exercise science has evolved from the early days of exercise physiology.

Do you see now why it is so vital to engage 1 on 1 with a personal trainer if you are serious about making big life changes which will impact your health?

Let us now find out where you can find such a knowledgeable professional, and how s/he can help you attain your health and fitness goals. But first, why choose a trainer over simply joining the gym?

Search for a personal trainer Manchester here.

Why Find A Personal Trainer And Not Just Look For A Gym?

While there are many advantages to joining a gym in your city: the flexibility to go whenever you have a spare moment, the variety of equipment you can use, the diverse schedule of classes being held in the studios and so on, there are some things that only a personal trainer can bring to the table.

First of all, the nature of personal training is educational. Exercise regimes and nutrition plans are led by the professional's expert knowledge in the science of the body and catered to what result you wish to achieve, whether that is weight loss, muscle tone, training for a particular sporting event or other goals.

The importance of educated knowledge is that it can increase the productivity of the trainee and reduce the risk of injury.

Secondly, a personal trainer is there to be focused solely on you, so rather than that feeling of being in a class and not knowing if you are doing to positions or moves correctly, your personal instructor will be on hand to analyse your workouts and ensure that you are getting the most from them.

In addition, a personal trainer works to set goals for you and you alone. This means that they will evaluate your unique situation and why you have chosen to take this approach to your health and fitness and working out what is the best way for you to proceed. Helping you form good habits, they also help you to make your mind fitter as well as your body.

What's more, isn't it better to be involved in a personal training programme which you feel obliged to keep at rather than telling yourself you'll go to the gym three times a week and then letting yourself down each time you are feeling lazy or seem too busy to fit it in?

Knowing that someone is relying on you to keep up the hard work other than yourself (yet still holding you accountable if you begin to lag behind) can be a huge motivator!

Personal Trainers and Fitness Classes in London

We'll start with our capital city, a global metropolis that bears the distinction, in fitness circles, of being the first metropolis to have hosted the Summer Olympics no fewer than three times!

It would seem that, among all of the historic buildings and hustle-bustle of being a global financial centre, that there would hardly be any time, place or need to sweat it out in a gym or fitness club.

That's not exactly true.

Statistics show that children in London are among the most obese in the nation and that fully a fourth of Londoners exceed their ideal BMI – body mass index.

Wouldn't you say it is time to hit the gym?

What is my optimum BMI?

If you aren't sure what your weight should be, then consult the table below or think about asking a male or female personal trainer near me for advice.

To work out your unique BMI, you should divide your weight in kg by your height in meters, squared. Alternatively, you can find conversion charts online that will do this automatically for you.

18.5 or lessUnderweight
40 or greaterExtremely obese

The Best Gym in London

Motivation matters when it comes to getting physically fit.

How does one get motivated? Through wall-sized posters of glistening bodies on assorted exercise machines? Through driving music – a pounding beat that pushes you to work your body harder?

Is it luxury trappings and the promise of a spa experience after a strenuous workout that calls to you?

Perhaps you are one of London's up-and-coming and need to be seen in the right places, doing the right things.

There is no shame in that!

If any or all of these apply to you, Virgin Active could be your home away from home!

Sir Richard Branson opened his first fitness salon in 1999, in Lancashire, ultimately coordinating efforts to establish 45 clubs all around the country, most of them in London.

At any of these gyms, you would find swimming pools, relaxing spas, courts for games such as tennis and racquetball, basketball and netball, and, of course – the main attraction: the gym floor.

These large, brightly lit rooms include standard kit, such as:

  • free weights and kettlebells
  • treadmills
  • stationary bikes
  • rowers
  • ellipticals

Alongside these offerings, you will find an entire range of TRX training installations.

TRX, or suspension training, is a type of resistance training wherein you work against your own body's weight.

You could use this system to work out alone, with a mate, with your personal trainer or in a class.

In fact, your personal trainer may recommend incorporating TRX into your fitness program once s/he is assured of your basic level of fitness!

Another intriguing piece of equipment featured at these fitness clubs is called the Woodway Curve: a treadmill with no belts or motors, that runs only through your effort.

Fitness professionals aver that you can burn 30% more calories running on a Woodway, as opposed to a traditional treadmill.

Furthermore, because it runs on your power, you can make it go faster or slower simply by changing your stride: no buttons or settings to mess with!

If you wanted to benefit from high-intensity interval training or HIIT, this would be the better treadmill to run on.

This top-rated gym offers more than 80 classes that members can join at any time, according to schedule.

They are categorized by their level of intensity – low impact all the way to make you sweat; or by your workout goal targets.

Should you want to lose weight, there is an entire category of classes for that. If rehabilitation after an injury is your prime motivation, you would perhaps select Aqua-Zumba or Hatha Yoga sessions.

For strength building, toning, sculpting or developing specific areas of your body – your legs, bum and tum, for example, you could drop in on those sessions.

Or you could just work with your personal trainer, who would recommend which courses would best meet your needs.

If you need a sound postnatal workout, or just want to get in shape for your big day, Virgin personal trainers will work with you one on one, developing a customized personal fitness program that would include nutrition guidelines for you to follow.

If you had the money, getting fit at Virgin would be the way to go! A year's membership costs £84 per month, or you could get the whole family in on the action for £156 per month with a £20 joining fee.

Find a personal trainer in London.

How do London prices compare to improving physical fitness in Birmingham?

The game of tennis is reputed to have originated in Birmingham
Did you know that tennis originated in Birmingham? Source; Pixabay Credit: Open Clipart Vectors

Finding a Personal Trainer in Birmingham

Northwest of London lies a lovely city called Birmingham... perhaps you know it?

If so, then you know that the city's sports heritage is known of worldwide: tennis and the concept of football leagues originated there!

Does that convey the impression that Brummies are all fitness fanatics, jogging to work and cycling their weekends away?

In fact, that formerly mentioned obesity statistic afflicts this burg as much as the rest of the country, and those city dwellers also actively seek out the services of a personal trainer.

Let's find out where they go to get fit!

University of Birmingham

If you were hoping for a homegrown solution to your fitness concerns, you could hardly do better than this university gym.

Contrary to what one might think, this state of the art facility is not reserved for students and faculty; anyone can:

  • Engage in strength training
  • Attend any of their fitness and nutrition workshops; or attend classes to achieve a healthier lifestyle and better physical conditioning
  • participate in any of their 150 classes, from Body Pump to Pilates, including yoga
  • swim their way to a toned body in the facility's pool
  • play a court game, such as squash or handball; even basketball!

Each of these fitness activities is led by a qualified fitness instructor.

And you could go further!

Why not engage in resistance training under the watchful guidance of your personal fitness trainer?

This gym embraces a pay as you go system, meaning each day's workout could cost under £10.

You may buy a membership to any programme available, or you might choose to make use of all of their facilities, exercise programs and personal training sessions on a per-visit basis.

The British fitness industry is currently riding a big fitness franchising wave: if one gym formula meets particular success in one city, in record time other major metropolises host a same-named facility.

One franchise that didn't fly was the American LA Fitness, which moved out of the country in 2015.

Find yourself a personal trainer in Birmingham.

Pure Gym

You won't find any pools or spas at any of Birmingham's 9 locations, but they do have a full range of free and fixed weights, aerobic conditioning machines, and a range of classes to meet every fitness goal.

They even have Ladies' Only classes!

If your body clock ticks to an alternate rhythm – if you are at your most awake at midnight; you could still go work out at Pure Gym; they are open 24 hours a day.

This scheme is ideal for shift workers, who have traditionally found it difficult to match a standard schedule to theirs.

Unfortunately, if you get off work at 9PM, you will have missed most of the classes... but, never fear: personal trainers are still available at that hour to work with you.

If you are recovering from an injury, or whether you want to get back into the fitness groove after a time away, without the scrutiny of gym members with critical eyes, that workout situation may be tailor-made for you!

Through this type of coaching, you might engage in low impact weight-loss exercising, move on to functional training once you've rehabilitated and then... who knows?

Nothing is out of your reach with a personal training program!

With membership starting at £10.99, even if you do not need corrective exercise; if you are simply looking for someone to motivate you to better performance, you couldn't do much better than Pure Gym.

This brand has facilities in our next featured city, too!

Search for a personal trainer Edinburgh here.

Tyre flipping is a great way to train your core
Crossfit training uses unusual methods, such as tyre flipping, to help get you fit Source: Pixabay Credit: Tacofleur

Find A Female Personal Trainer Near Me In Sheffield

Some men prefer to work out with men, while some women prefer to work out with other females. On the other hand, some men or women may have a preference for a workout buddy simply because they feel intimidated by one or the other, their partner feels threatened, or purely because they just enjoy the company of one gender over the other. And with personal training, you will be spending lots of time together and getting up close and personal so it's important to feel comfortable with your trainer.

Whether a man or woman, if you are looking for a female personal trainer in Sheffield then you are in luck. See below for more information!

Train With Suzy

This female personal trainer offers sessions which are individually designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Suzy specialises in fitness, fat loss, body toning and body sculpting in Sheffield and the surrounding areas and boasts her own private gym space.

The pressures of a modern day lifestyle can often mean that we never seem able to motivate ourselves to make the time to exercise and keep in shape – yet Suzy understands these struggles and frustrations and responds with 1-2-1 personal training sessions, boot camps and Friends & Family Sessions.

Her group sessions are ideal if you wish to tone up or get fit for a wedding, holiday or another big event. Alternatively, you might just wish to share the session and gain extra motivation by training with someone you know.

As with most personal trainers, however, you also have the option to train solo with Suzy.

Finding a Personal Trainer in Manchester

As much as possible, we like to stay local when featuring gyms and personal trainers in any one city.

Here are some of the personal trainer options in Manchester:

  • Wobble You – a fun way to shed pounds without working out
  • East Manchester Leisure Centre – focussed mostly on swimming and other water activities
  • Fierce Fit: an intensive workout salon, with classes and personal trainers dedicated exclusively to women's health fitness.

Beyond those, we resort to franchise gyms, the best of which is...

Sports Direct Fitness

Besides the usual assortment of fitness programmes targeted to build your endurance and tone your muscles, you may be interested in:

  • Kettle-cise: a work out done with kettlebells
  • LBT, for your legs, bum and tummy
  • Core training
  • HIIT – considered the best fat burner and endurance builder!
  • Spin: indoor cycling – fancy a race against your mates?
  • Body combat – a high-energy blend of martial arts and boxing

As with most group classes, these are aimed at the median athlete.

If your gym prowess is such that you are training for a more gruelling event, say a marathon or a cycling challenge, you may want to enquire about their personal trainers.

Fitness training involves consultation and personalized instruction on furthering your sports conditioning and overall lifestyle.

Those professionals, so passionate about fitness, would work with you, providing their best in education and motivation, until you achieve maximum performance.

Sports Direct charges £9.99 monthly membership for the use of their facilities, and an extra fee to engage the services of a personal trainer.

Discover more personal fitness options in Manchester...

The Best Personal Trainers in Leeds

Forget health clubs! Loiners aver that the best in group fitness and fitness training, in general, happens at The Edge, located on the University of Leeds campus.

You don't have to be a registered student to become a member of this fabulous sports complex!

Anyone looking for any aspect pertaining to fitness is welcome to visit on a guest pass or join, for the mild sum of £49 per month.

Indeed that is a bit more than budget gyms around town but so worth the cost!

You and some mates could engage in group fitness or, if you're flying solo, you might take part in other well-attended classes, such as cardiovascular health or other aerobic routines.

You could also join a water aerobics class!

This gym is distinct from all others we've so far reviewed because all of their personal trainers specialize in one particular set of training techniques.

If you were looking for a crossfit coach, you would not work with anyone who has just wrapped up a senior fitness class!

Although each fitness specialist at The Edge has at least Level 3 certification, meaning s/he would be qualified to instruct on all types of fitness, this facility requires further development of their instructors.

Thus you could leave your training qualms at the door; you will be in good hands when working out at The Edge.

Would you like to learn more about fitness programs in Leeds?

Would you enter a scrum for one of Glasgow's rugby teams?
Glasgow is known for its love of outdoor sports, including rugby Source: Pixabay Credit: 12019

Personal Trainer Program Design in Glasgow

The dilemma surrounding fitness in this largest of Scottish cities is not whether to get fit, but the many ways to do so.

Glaswegians have ample choice of fitness facilities and professionals; they could even opt to work out outdoors.

Football, rugby and ice hockey are enormously popular in Glesga, as are basketball, swimming and cricket.

You may argue that it would be too cold for outdoor sports that far north, but you would be soundly countered with the health benefits of such workouts.

All of this is not to say that there are no gyms or fitness clubs in Glasgow.

Among the best, we found...

Exercise for Less

If you are looking for a serious approach to physical fitness and personal well-being, the coaches at this facility have got you covered!

They take a targeted approach to fitness, promoting classes in:

  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Core training
  • PiYo: a combination of body sculpting, core strengthening and fat burning
  • Circuit training.

If you are not yet confident that you could keep up with such intense group training, you may start your sessions with a personal trainer.

Your appointment with an accredited trainer will arm you with tips and tricks to get fit faster, and more safely than working out alone or with a mate.

You may feel confident enough after such a session to book yourself into their boot camp, an 8-week challenge designed to permanently change your lifestyle, resulting in a fitter, healthier you!

Membership with their gym costs £7.99 per month; the services of a personal trainer and their boot camp cost extra.

Find out what else Glasgow has to offer to fitness enthusiasts!

Discover Personal Trainers In Edinburgh

As we've just discussed, Scottish cities, like many English cities, offer a huge range of opportunities both inside and outside where you can benefit from training equipment.

Edinburgh is a beautiful city that runners can enjoy whilst they circulate on the streets, but those who prefer to train in private can also find a number of parks and off-road areas to complete their daily exercise.

However, because running can only be made more enjoyable by sharing this activity with friends, why not look into the many park runs on offer in this region?

If you like some company when you run, then the 5 km Edinburgh park run could be just the event for you. A timed run on Edinburgh promenade, it's free to register and you can run at your own pace whilst also making the most of the social benefits it has to offer like post-run coffees and the chance to make friends with people with similar interests in your area.

However, if you want something that is more focused on you, then consider the following.

Luke Bremner Fitness

This private studio has been set up with the aim of helping professionals to get out of a rut, preventing them from feeling tired, stressed, unhappy and overweight.

As a busy professional who once strived to make a business that works, Luke understands the pressures of everyday professional life and how it can be hard to find time to dedicate to yourself.

With a total of around 40 years of experience in the health and fitness industry across the wider team, Luke Bremner Fitness has helped hundreds of people to transform their health, fitness, body shape and dramatically improve their quality of life.

Unlike many other personal training businesses, they have moved away from the traditional models of personal training that are focused almost predominantly on exercise alone. Instead, their approach is centred around a more comprehensive but simple and effective 4-step coaching process :

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle
  • Mindset

They certainly know how to get you motivated at this fitness studio and won't set you up on a diet of rabbit food!

See more information about getting fit with a personal trainer in Edinburgh!

Check Out This Personal Trainer In Belfast

Are you getting ready for a sporting event, competition or challenge and looking to train with someone in order to reach your maximum potential? No matter your budget or your goal, you are sure to be able to find a personal trainer in your area who can help in one way or another.

Personal trainers don't sell one package, it is a great idea to look around for fitness experts in your area and discuss your requirements with them so that they can put together a tailored plan for you or recommend some training activities that you can do at home and in the gym.

Attitude Fitness

The face (or body) behind Attitude Fitness is Kyle Reain, an advanced Personal Coach who trains clients in their own home with the aim of helping them tone up or lose weight. Many of Kyle's clients are high-end customers looking for the best or the best in Belfast.

Kyle sees his service as helping you to improve yourself and, in turn, become happier. He gets much satisfaction from watching clients change their attitude towards their self-image and to change people's lives for the better. Not to mention helping them to maintain healthier lifestyles and knowing that he is contributing to their long-term good health and nutrition.

Coaching for women

With more than 10 years of experience, Kyle has worked with his fair share of women and he manages to put them at ease and make them feel confident.

Proven and targeted results

Kyle encourages you, man or woman, to break down the barriers of your imagination and to remind yourself that the body and mind are capable of more than you think is achievable. He sets realistic goals that you can see yourself hitting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Instructional videos

Kyle provides instructional videos to guide clients on how to perform certain exercises correctly each time.


Thanks to Kyle coming to YOU, you don't have to waste time or money on gym memberships or travelling here and there. What's more, you can shower afterwards in the comfort of your own home, you can have your dinner prepped and ready to heat up in next to no time - this training simply fits into your existing lifestyle!

Are you ready to find your personal trainer in Belfast?

See Who's Offering Personal Training In Cardiff

Are you out of work at the moment and looking for something to occupy your time? Rather than sitting around playing computer games, why not get some motivation and determination and throw yourself into getting fit. Not just fit, but super fit. If you have the time then there's no excuse not to use it to make a big change in your life!

Personal trainers will work with you and your personal goals to help you achieve your dreams. So, if you want to become fitter than ever before, now is your time!

Helen Marie Wilson

Helen is a qualified personal trainer in Cardiff who says that fitness is at the core of everything she does. She helps clients in a variety of areas such as strength training, improving movement, weight loss or just to get fitter.

Working with both groups and individuals, Helen compiles weight loss programmes, exercise classes based around Pilates as well as strength training schedules. She gives clients structured, tailored and varied personal training programmes to help you get you the results you want. She is on your side all the way, offering friendly yet professional advice on nutrition, recovery and lifestyle changes that you can implement to make your life better.

Personal training sessions take place from the Iechyd Da Gym in Canton, Cardiff and services include:

  • Fitness, Conditioning and Weight Loss
  • Strength Training
  • Pilates and Mobility
  • View Pilates classes & pricing
  • Recovery
  • Fitness Workshops
  • Courses
  • Corporate Programmes
  • Health Sessions
  • One to One
  • Group personal training

See more information about personal training services in Cardiff.

Find a Personal Trainer Online

Maybe you don't live anywhere near any of these featured cities, or perhaps you simply don't have the time or energy to go to a gym.

Possibly, like that fellow recently featured on BBC3, you feel the weight of those stares and comments and can't bear them.

No one understands gym phobia better than a personal fitness trainer, and that is why they put themselves at your disposal.

Whether you wish to work out at home or online; even in the gym of your choice during off-peak hours, your fitness mentor will be there for you.

Let us show you how to find one for yourself.

Virtual Fitness Online

The beauty of an online personal trainer is that they do not have to be in your vicinity to work with you.

Thus, your personal trainer could be in Brighton, Bournemouth or Buxton and still deliver the instruction you need.

Such is the case with VFO.

Their site lists trainers' credentials and experience, and what they specialise in.

Another link details testimonials from satisfied customers – an important criterion in selecting a personal trainer that you would not necessarily find on any Gumtree advert.

You could then go on to assess your heart rate and BMI, and then schedule a consult with one of their fitness professionals.

A selling point of VFO fitness trainers is cost: you could engage a Virtual Fitness professional for less than £1 per day!

If you have a bit of experience working out, know proper form and how to increase intensity without causing injury, an online fitness professional could be a cost-saving way to take your fitness to the next level.

How would you like greater flexibility in your fitness quest?

Superprof Personal Trainers

If you are looking for an exercise program to do in the comfort of your home, Superprof fitness experts are ready for you.

If you were hoping to find a supportive, motivating instructor with all of the required certifications, look no further.

No matter where in the country you are, as long as you have an Internet connection, you can find fitness education through Superprof.

Our fitness education specialists will meet you in your home, at your favourite gym and even in the great outdoors, if you so choose.

If you and a few mates want to work out together, these coaches don't mind working with small groups.

With thousands of personal fitness training experts to choose from, your individualized workout plan could be just a few mouse clicks away!

Why not see where you can tone up outdoors in London?

remember the fun days of climbing around? You can revisit them with The Great Outdoor Gym!
You may find that you have not lost the desire to play outdoors when you discover Outdoor Gyms! Source: Pixabay Credit: RitaE

Installations for Getting Fit Outdoors

While it's all well and good to meet your Superprof trainer for an exercise session outdoors, what are you going to work on?

Cycling and running are good starts, perhaps you could get a game of cricket up... but there are more options for getting fit outdoors.

Quietly, without much fanfare, The Great Outdoor Gym is popping up all over the country.

Though each installation is slightly different, every one has a minimum of:

  • rowers
  • spinners
  • leg presses
  • treadmills
  • chest presses
  • pull ups
  • cross trainers and more!

Some Outdoor Gyms feature in council estates and others occupy a space in a public park but all of them are available to anyone who wishes to work out.

No worries if you are not familiar with how to use the equipment: instructions are posted on each device.

Have you seen them? What do you think of getting fit in the great outdoors?

Are you ready to find your personal trainer, one who will help you stay motivated whether indoors or out?

Need a Personal training teacher?

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