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With a population of 2,8 million, Manchester is the second most populous urban area in the United Kingdom and boasts a thriving cultural scene. Its famous venues welcome international acts and West End showcases. Classical music and dance lovers will have probably been to the Manchester Opera House while internationally renowned companies like the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre perform at The Lowry or The Dancehouse.

Luckily in Manchester, there is an ocean of opportunities for dancers and instruction this art of movement. Perhaps you wish to rekindle your passion for dance or simply find a fun way to get in shape. With the numerous dance classes available in Manchester and its outskirts, whether it is modern jazz you are looking for or tap dancing you are sure to find a lesson to suit your practice.

The benefits of joining in on a dance class in Manchester are just endless. Expect your physicality, cardio and muscle mass to improve in just a few lessons, thanks to energetic routines and gentler stretching sessions. Also, your coordination will sharpen so no more tripping over flat surfaces for mysterious reasons! This new hobby will also do wonders for your social life as you will be committing to an activity your love alongside like-minded people.

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Working up a Sweat at a Dance School in Manchester

In these academies, dance classes are accessible to all levels and you will often have a myriad of styles to choose from. Their drop-ins format means no test or audition is necessary, so signing up is hassle and stress-free. Just keep in mind that some establishments might ask you for a note from you doctor confirming you are able to take part in physical activity.

Taking a dance class is a healthy hobby for both physical and mental health. (Source: Unsplash)

When it comes to choosing a dance style amongst the long list offered in most schools have a think about your physical abilities and your goals. Serious students with an ambition to kickstart a career in creative performance arts might skip ahead to our section about certifying degrees. Not necessarily after a diploma in dance? Then you’re in the right place to find a groovy weekly class.

In terms of attire, you can opt for a tracksuit bottom and sneakers look, leggings and unitards are of course welcome but not an obligation unless the course description specifies otherwise. Depending on the type of dance you choose there may be footwear requirements like pointe shoes or heeled character shoes but at an early stage, we wouldn’t worry so much about that. Just go as you are and have fun unleashing your creativity while staying fit.

Have you always dreamed of leaping across the floor light as a feather and flawlessly completing a double pirouette? Begin learning ballet technique in Manchester with Ballet | KNT Danceworks ( Lessons are structured to gently ease newcomers in, from the warm up to classical exercises across the floor. Early instruction focuses on body control, honing the fundamentals and memorising basic steps. The many of levels on the timetable mean you can sign up for a more difficult class as soon as you’ve mastered the introductory routine.

If you watch any popular reality shows or TV, you have certainly seen the amazing routines performed by urban dance pros. The discipline actually has many sub-styles: commercial, MTV, street jazz dance, street jazz, street funk, break dance, and hip-hop. Famous performers like Bruno Mars and Jennifer Lopez, regularly light up the dancefloor in their music videos with a carefully choreographed routine.

If you love watching old school musicals then you might be interested in Broadway-style moves. Fred Astaire fans and Bob Fosse followers will channel their inner jazz cat and seek out a class complete with theatrical motion, jazz hands, pas de bourrés and maybe even some smooth tap dancing.

For the adventurers in the quest for something new, you can also take a Spanish dance class, also known as flamenco. This traditional dance which doesn’t necessarily require a partner is focused on proud posture and strong footwork also involves live music with a guitar player and a percussionist.

Choose to dive into the heartwarming sounds of Latin music and learn salsa or tango. Even if you don’t attend with a partner, classes are structured around being able to dance with just anybody so don't worry. You’ll also be able to explore other similar types of dance like bachata, cha cha and kizomba. We can’t think of a better way to meet new people!

The average cost of a dance class in the United Kingdom’s second most active city is below ten pounds for a one-hour group lesson, which is great if you want to challenge yourself with a new dance genre. Bear in mind some places might ask for a registration or insurance fee which can be paid per year or term.

Places to Take Dance Lessons in Manchester:

  • Ballet at KNT Danceworks (M15)
  • Street dance and urban styles at the Manchester dance centre (M1)
  • Pole dancing and aerial hoop at GFFDamian Dance Studio (M1)
  • Spanish flamenco at the Instituto Cervantes (M3)
  • Latin dancing at Salsa Manchester and La Suerte Dance school (M1)
  • Also, find a range of classes at the Manchester Community College

I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself. - Mikhail Baryshnikov

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Join Local Communities for Dance Lessons in Manchester

Need more than just learning how to dance in your life? In addition to its health benefits dance also makes for a great social occupation. Join a dance class in your local community and you’ll make friends in no time. It’s a great idea for newcomers to Manchester to meet local this way.

Often charities, Mancunian organisations centred dance-related activities provide many opportunities to get involved. Mixing both quality dance instruction and inclusion of under-represented communities in partnership with local authorities. Educators and artists run the creative activities and can provide advice on the best dance classes across the ten boroughs of Manchester.

Many communities contribute to raising the city’s profile with unusual creative direction, like dancing outdoors like Dance Manchester. Local groups may even take part in international festivals and biennials in conjunction with professional dance companies, other art organisations, local authorities, and funders.

A community also gathers around one style of dance like Swing Out Manchester ( This one-stop site for information on classes and socials offers a range of styles related to Swing like Charleston, Balboa, collegiate shag, lindy hop, and blues dancing. Contributing to Manchester’s dance scene with this group since they encourage dancers to create and perform project all around town.

Looking to be more involved? Contribute to make dance more available to all in a fun, friendly and safe atmosphere. People Dancing is an international organisation and membership body aimed at encouraging dance practice and providing peer learning opportunities across the United Kingdom. Anyone, artists, instructors, passionate aspiring performers, can become a member.

Because dance can truly transform a community by bringing together, it should be available for people from all walks of life and ages. The Aim Sky High Company works across the Greater Manchester area, giving underprivileged children opportunities to pursue their dream of becoming dancers. Schools and youth clubs but also open dance schools near me in the region benefit from the company’s services.

Community Supported Dance Lessons in Manchester:

  • Dance Manchester (
  • Swing Out (
  • People Dancing (
  • Manchester Students’ Union (M13)
  • Humpfrey Park Community Centre (M41)
  • Salford Community Centre (M27)

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Enjoy Dance Classes in Performing Arts Schools in Manchester

The UK’s second busiest city definitely offers stellar certifying Dance programs in Northwest of England. Extremely rewarding, a professional training in dance provides for a lifestyle out of the ordinary to the rhythm of a gruelling class schedule. A rigorous education in dance is not for the faint-hearted. An intensive performing arts course provides aspiring performers with the fundamentals of disciplines useful throughout a career in dance.

Dancers who have been through professional training are easy to spot in a crowd.

Students also gain a solid understanding of the entertainment business through regular professional partnerships and performance opportunities. Learning how to deploying creative and technical skill in a group or through a solo is also addressed in classes dedicated to choreography.

Through participating in a dance company’s activities, students also acquire a better understanding of industry expectations and the rigorous creative process involved in a professional performance.

Certifying dance programs also explore the latest industry developments to train relevant performers. You may get to try your at aerial skills like silks and static trapeze. Some courses even include software editing to enhance dancing for the screen.

Finally embarking on an undergraduate or graduate dance course is extremely helpful in having a diversified view of the industry, locally and abroad, and getting your foot in the door. Work and industrial placement opportunities are often required to complete a course. Some schools also offer study abroad scheme to discover dance in another country. Travel while training for your passion, where do we sign up?

Find Formal Dance Training in Northwestern England:

  • BA (Hons) Dance at the University of Salford
  • Dance and Performance at UCEN Manchester
  • Professional and Commercial Dance BA (Hons) at the University of Bolton
  • Dance and Performance at The Arden

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Private Dance Lessons in Manchester

Maybe you have enough friends, or you are desperate to progress faster through intensive training. Then hiring a personal dance coach is the perfect option for you. A more personalised approach to dance with true attention to detail, a one-on-one lesson with a professional instructor will help overcome any blockages you may be having.

Someone with whom you have a trusting master and apprentice relationship will unlock your potential as a dancer, especially if you are considering a professional career. Mastering a routine ahead of an audition will get you physically and mentally ready to stand out of the crowd.

Regardless of your dance level, private classes are a huge help for growth but also picking up tips to become a better dancer both in and out of the studio. A seasoned dance instructor will have gone through the experience of mastering the art form and will give judicious advice for lifestyle choices like a particular diet to complement your training.

Join- fun-people-at-a-dance-class
Dance is a positive energy boosting hobby. (Source: Unsplash)

Superprof’s Fantastic Instructors Give Dance Classes to Remember

Not finding the right kind of dance instruction in the above locations across the city? Have a browse on Superprof to find dance classes near me offered by qualified and passionate teachers at a very accessible rate. Do not hesitate to get in touch with them so to tailor their instruction to your needs. Be it for a fun class with friends, a rehearsal for your wedding’s first dance or an individual session ahead of a casting call, there is a teacher that will be happy to help.

Have a look through the roster of private dance teachers based in Manchester today and find out their speciality in the detailed descriptions. You will be sure to find one that is just right to help you progress as a dancer and pursue your ambition.

Why walk when you can dance? Ellen Van Dam

We prefer to say why drag your feet to school when you can take a class on Superprof? Who knows you may find an inspiring dance coach who might show you the way to the stage lights and a new life!

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