“Dance is the movement of the universe concentrated in an individual.” Isadora Duncan

There is no better place than London to begin a form of dance, even if you think you have two left feet, or to perfect your technical skills. In the shadow of the world-renowned West End and Royal Ballet, have flourished strongly rooted institutions for education as a professional dancer, and also an active crowd of dance amateurs.

The British capital’s impressive multiculturality offers a variety of disciplines to choose from. No doubt a dancer in London is never left without a dance class to try. No matter your skill level, teachers that are passionate about their art and transmitting their knowledge will have you twirling around light as a feather in no time.

Ballet is a popular dance style
Beyond ballet, there are many more dance style you can learn. (Source: Unsplash).

So take advantage of the capital’s rich dance culture and discover the next style to dance up a storm!

Taking Lessons in one of London’s Dance Academies

Many dance schools all over London offer classes for everyone, from beginner to advanced levels. Quality tutorship and accessibility describe the dance teaching in the capital, whether it is classic ballet or Bellydance you will be skipping to the next class.

To choose the right kind of dance classes near me for you to begin with evaluating your expectations. Are you looking to put down the solid bases for a professional career complete with serious dance instruction? This means registering for a dance program which will probably affect your lifestyle and routine.

Or are you simply interested in improving coordination and challenging yourself with a new dance style a couple of hours a week? Having fun while learning something new is one of the main reasons why people attend dancing classes.

Be it alone, with a group of friends or as a couple, dance lessons open you up to a world of creativity and physical transformation. Talented teachers, often professional dancers themselves, guide you towards a stronger more flexible body, a graceful posture and greater physical confidence.

There are multiple health benefits of dance. First off any type of dance will connect you to your body, you’ll notice muscles you thought you never had. Between cardio work and stretching for flexibility, your body will thank you for taking care of it now but also for the rest of your lifetime. A strong and balanced physical shape is sure to age better and help you through the challenges of the chaotic London lifestyle.

The intellectual benefits of the learning process are numerous. When learning how to dance, the brain is stimulated by several actions like memorising the choreography, matching coordination to musicality and boosting muscle memory.

Dance and its potential for creative expression is also a great ally against high-stress levels. Forget about your worries during your dance lessons and you’ll see how much better you feel afterwards. In very little time you’ll notice a shift with more energy and a positive outlook on things.

dancers are healthy and creative
Dance improves body movement and frees up creativity. (Source: Unsplash).

Each dance school will have its own pedagogical approach, studio set-up and roster of teachers. Some places offer a wide variety of classes all focused on exercise and fun while others are recognised for a high level of teaching for one particular dance genre like hip-hop or Latin. So if you are looking to sharpen your dance skills the later might be the best choice for you.

Find below a selection of dance schools with specific areas of expertise:

  • Formal professional training at  Royal Academy of Dance (Battersea, SW)
  • Classical at London Russian Ballet School (Clapham)
  • Tap dance at City Academy (Rosebery Avenue)
  • Dance exercise at Zumba Fitness London (Fulham)
  • Dancehall at At Your Beat (Elephant and Castle)
  • Swing Dance at Swing Patrol (all over London and Brighton)
  • Music video and commercial dance at Frame Studios (locations in King’s Cross and Shoreditch, EC)
  • Pole dance at Pole People (Barbican)

Or if you're closer to the midlands, take a look at learning to dance in Birmingham.

Hop in the Social Dancing Scene in London

You’ve mastered the steps, now you need to take the floor and practice, we’ve got some suggestions for dance meetups near you. Is there a better way to make new friends, twisting and shimmying with other fun-loving dancers in a social and relaxed community atmosphere? The venues are stellar and the floorcraft wild, time to jump into the London scene of dance aficionados!

Join Tango Terra in the heart of Covent Garden for an introduction to the Argentine art. Learn the steps with other clueless people here to have a laugh and a jig, a great way to break the ice and socialise. Stay for the milonga after your class, which translates as a tango dance party, and let loose to the sensual sounds of the live band.

Looking to moonwalk back in time with some jive dancing? Jive me to the Moon is a joyful and friendly group. Tunes from the fifties and sixties blasting you’ll soon find yourself spinning on the dancefloor kicking those heels as fast as you can. No dance partner is required, so you can show up alone, you’ll be sure to have a laugh and be less likely to step on your partner’s toes at your next social bash!

Skip over to more dance parties around London:

  • Kaliente Friday at Salsa! Temple (Embankment)
  • Lindy Hop with Swing Out Loud (all over London)
  • Sundays at the Rivoli Ballroom (Camberwell)
  • Tea Dance at the Waldorf Hilton (Aldwych)
people dance together have fun together
Connect with people and make new friends at a dance party. (Source: Unsplash).

“There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good.”

Edwin Denby

Taking a Dance Class in your Local Community

In London, there are opportunities to learn dance at every corner, true story! Local culture centres and organisations are there to guide you in motion. These groups focus their resources and energy on one region or type of dance to best support talent and initiatives. Nurturing creativity and musicality through the community is their mission. Often touching upon inclusion and the celebration of cultures, these groups inspire audiences.

Dancers wishing to develop a unique style and join a strong community will enjoy these less conventional opportunities to learn how to dance. They are also a great set-up to meet new people.

For example, East London Dance brings the craft to Londoners from all walks of life and all ages. An organisation like this one contribute to shaping the community and creating bonds between citizens. The ambitious group believes that everyone should have access to dance, they seek out talent and help young dancers hone their skills to become successful young professionals.

Find a fantastic dance community near you:

  • Association of Dance of the African Diaspora (ADAD) (Clerkenwell)
  • Arts Community Exchange (Streatham Hill)
  • Akademi – South Asian Dance UK (Hampstead)
  • Ballet Independents’ Group (BIG) (Hammersmith)
  • Japanese Butoh Dance (South Hackney)
  • Dance Richmond (Richmond)

Find dance classes near me.

Leap into a Professional Dance Career in London

Have you been practising your pirouettes and arabesques dreaming of prima ballerina heights? The big smoke has all the best dance academies to build a career in dance, now is your chance to seize the opportunity to train at the UK’s best institutions for the performing arts.

Communities enjoy group activities like dance
Dance connects the body to the mind and brings people together. (Source: Unsplash).

The rigorous training and discipline required upon embarking on a full-time dance course will teach your body precision and purpose in each movement. When you come out of this type of training, dance is marked into your core. You’re attitude and allure will unmistakably derive from the art of movement.

Dance schools with full-time tuition do not only offer intensive training and stellar infrastructure, but also opportunities to perform at higher levels and with more regularity than an informal drop-in style format. All dance academies are linked to a company, whether it is in-house or a touring group, so you’ll have the chance to rub shoulders with seasoned dancers. Observing the best performers in real life, and understanding the way they have crafted their talent into a distinct signature, is a major part of professional dance training.

The following dance academies to get your recital ready:

  • City Academy (Clerkenwell)
  • Pineapple Dance Studios (Covent Garden)
  • London Contemporary Dance School at The Place (Saint Pancras)
  • Kingston University (Kingston upon Thames)

Or if you live in Scotland, take a look at dance classes in Glasgow.

Tune your Dancing with a Private Tutor

If busy classes and a rigorous class schedule aren’t for you, then why not book a private lesson with a tutor? Thanks to a professional’s undivided attention will have you mastering the steps and moves of a bachata or a tap dance routine that’ll make Fred Astaire look like a novice.

Private classes are a huge help to students, wishing to rapidly grow as a dancer. Since every class will be entirely focused on you, the dance instructor will easily pinpoint what needs smoothing out and any aspects you are having difficulties with. Finding a great private tutor with the right pedagogical approach and a sense of humour is sure to do wonders for anyone with a career ambition.

Many professionally trained dancers offer private tuition during their downtime, these passionate individuals will be very happy to share their experience and knowledge of dance as a way of life. Just be aware of whether the teacher has a studio or can travel to you. Also, prices may vary according to the level of teaching you require and whether you purchase a group of classes or are looking for a single session.

Have a professional audition to rehearse for or looking to master a dance style ahead of an important social event? Are you getting married and feeling nervous ahead of the traditional couple’s dance? A ballroom dance instructor will give you the right tips to flawlessly perform your choreography. That’s one less thing to fret about!

Is London too far away? Check out dance classes in Manchester.

On Superprof dance classes cost on average £20 per hour

Our dance teachers give a detailed account of their abilities and expertise. Some have been teaching at a high level for a decade while others specialise in newer dance forms like dancersize and commercial urban dance.

Many cater to all levels but you will also find those who specialise in dance school auditions. With our roster of teachers, you are sure to find the right one for you whether it’s choreography or headspins you are looking to have down like a pro.

Whether it’s Argentine Tango, Bellydance, jazz dance or lyrical, London has it all for you to put your best dancing foot forward!

Northerners may be interested in dance lessons in Leeds.

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