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Glasgow professional dance classes

Whether you have just moved to the 'Dear Green Place' or are thinking about it, know that Glasgow  will offer you everything you need to learn to dance and dance all night. The reputation of Glasgow and its party goers is second to none.

And dance classes have an important place. In particular with the Royal Conservatorie of Scotland being found in the city.

Founded in 1847, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious performing arts schools in the UK. It is even ranked third in the world as of 2017. The school was formerly called the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and had its name changed in 2011 after a long consultation process.

It is a conservatoire offering classes in dance, music, drama, film and production. One of the busiest performing arts venues in Scotland with more than 500 performances each year. As of 2010, the school also has a second campus near Cowcaddens. In 2014, a £2 million extension was built, creating even more rehearsal spaces for the students.

If it's your goal to become a professional dancer, the Royal Conservatorie is the first place to check out!

Which dance classes to choose in Glasgow

But if you do not want to make a professional career in dance, it is always possible to enjoy excellent dance lessons and for all styles (break dancing, salsa, bachata, waltz, classical dance, contemporary dance, oriental, kizomba, argentine tango, couples dance, paso doble, jazz dance, cha-cha, hip hop, zumba, rumba, african dance, merengue, ...) at a dance school.

Several dance schools offer weekly or nightly classes such as the Glasgow Dance Academy, Dance Glasgow, Dance HQ, the Dance Factory, Dance UK, Boyle School of Irish Dancing and Glasgow Tango Studio, to name just a few.

Offering the opportunity to work on dance elements such as:

  • Stretching,
  • Muscle building,
  • Basic steps,
  • Choreography,
  • The end of the year show

There are some advantages to choosing classes in a dance school. This allows you to follow a program established in advance and helps you to stick to it. In addition, taking group dance lessons can help to motivate you and offers you the chance to observe and ask the advice of your classmates.

It is also quite possible to take private dance lessons in Glasgow. Several teachers are available to teach you different dance styles. But where can you find them?

On public ads in shops, in dance schools, amongst your friends, ... There are many ways to find the best fit for you in a private dance teacher.

Superprof offers several profiles of dance teachers that can be just what you are looking for.

Pole dance class, oriental dance, burlesque, stretching. Personalized coaching is available for all skill levels. Dance teachers, choreographers in contemporary dance and jazz, private or group lessons ... There are all kinds of different profiles and dance backgrounds on the Superprof platform online!

So why not give pole dancing a try? A sportive and artistic discipline that allows you to work on your muscles, sensuality and flexibility. As a gift for you partner, to get in shape, or just for fun, learning pole dancing is quite accessible in Glasgow.

Other dance styles are also taught including flamenco, contemporary dance, tango, swing...

Some teachers even offer the first dance class for free. The opportunity to test a dance style to find out if it might be one you'll like. Our teachers will help to create with you the best tailored program for you, including an initiation to dance, warm-ups, stretching, choreography and body control.

These will then be adapted according to the dance style you choose. Break dance classes are obviously not the same as ballet lessons.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, all skill levels are welcomed. However, you'll need to find the best suited teacher to your level in order to advance the most efficiently.

Learning to dance in Glasgow, what does it cost?

In London it is well known that the price of cultured events is often very high. Whether attending a dance show or taking classes, there can be a big price tag attached.

In Glasgow, the rates are a bit different. The difference is that it is possible to find all different kinds of tariffs. From the lowest to the highest. This will depend on the dance style, the chosen institution and also the experience of the teacher.

A private classical dance class with a conservatory teacher obviously costs more than a salsa class with a student dancer.

The average of a private dance class in Glasgow is 25 pounds. It is of course possible to find cheaper courses as well as more expensive courses. This will depend on your level but also on the level of the teacher.

Here are some criteria that come into play when it comes to the experience of a dance teacher:

  • Their musical career,
  • Knowledge of the disciplines of dance,
  • Mastery of several dance styles,
  • Their artistic experience,
  • Their experience in a dance troupe,
  • Their musical talents,
  • The opinions of other students,
  • The fame of the teacher,
  • The professional career of the teacher (teacher in the conservatory or school) etc.

At the Glasgow conservatory, prices are slightly lower than in other major cities, however, they are determined by your nationality and your country of residence. For example, for undergraduate students the prices vary enormously depending where you are from. Scottish students in 2019 would pay £1,820 per year, the rest of the UK would pay £9,250 and non UK students would pay £16,828 per year. A huge difference! At least there are some scholarships available for those in need.

Where to go dancing in Glasgow

To put into practice all the dance exercises you've been learning in your classes, what better place than to explore the nightlife and dance scene in Glasgow?

Going to dance with friends or alone can allow you to take stock of what you've learned. An opportunity to see if you've acquired and can remember the steps or not. In addition, dancing in bars is a good way to enjoy the experience of other people. Especially to learn two-person dances like salsa or the bachata.

Beginners can progress very quickly by dancing with more advanced dancers. And seeing good dancers can also motivate you. Don't hesitate to go out as a group so you feel less shy.

Many places stay open all night and offer different ambiances and dance styles.

At the Sanctuary, for example, you can find hip-hop, house and disco nights whereas the El Barrio Latin Bar and Club offers nice salsa dance music and many international people.

La Cheetah is a fuss free venue where the music speaks for itself. You can dance to electro, house, dubstep and techno there.

For a more lavish scene, check out Sugar Cube, offering private rooms and VIP service and party mix of music including hip hop, dance and disco.

In summer or winter, Glasgow remains a city of parties and dancing. So take advantage as much as possible and improve your dance skills through lots and lots of fun practice.

Puerto Rican salsa, Cuban salsa, capoeira, jazz, boogie woogie, house dance, ragga, dance, swing, hip hop, rock, dancehall, tango, breakdance, all the dance styles await you!

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