“The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.” Mata Hari

Dancing has been part of civilisation for as far as we can remember. A commemoration of life passages, a celebratory communion for many cultures, dance time and time again translates the spirit of a group, and its very humanity one would argue. Mysterious, graceful, tragic, cutesy, theatrical, ceremonial and always ever so communicative, whether we want it or not, dance is inherently part of our lives.

Today with television show likes Strictly Come Dancing and Britain's Got Talent, dance is on the rise. It is a great idea to get some exercise in a fun class just to learn a routine, do a quick two-step, a jig and wow the crowd at the next social bash.

Ballet is the most popular dance for girls
Ballet dancing is both poetic and rigorous. (Source: Unsplash).

When the music comes on we all have our favourite choreography and a signature move whether it is the robot, a wild twerk or something that sets us apart on the dancefloor. Be honest now, how many times have you longingly watched that Dirty Dancing scene? What about all those secret rehearsals of Michael Jackson’s moonwalk to get it just right? Or perhaps do you dream of effortlessly achieving a triple pirouette on point ever since you be gobsmacked by Natalie Portman’s performance in Black Swan?

Rest assured whether it is a Russian ballet class you are after or a salsa-til-you-drop situation we’ve got you covered. All you need is to put your dancing shoes on and skip over to the nearest class.

The United Kingdom definitely has a generous offering of dance schools and sometimes picking the right one can be tricky. The Council for Dance Education and Training (CDET), the national body for dance professionals, operates an information board for prospective students dance academies. It is the reference for professional dance training and ensures relevance to current industry needs.

Luckily for dance students, Britain is the home of prestigious dance institutions and companies that travel the world over and not to mention the bustling West End. Whether it's catching last minute seats for the ballet at Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House or hitting a club, dance options are diverse and accessible to all.

Joining a dance schools near me has many benefits. There is nothing more liberating than getting out of your head to music you love. Not to mention your heart pumping and legs burning, dance is a great way to lose weight, maintain a strong bone, articular and muscular structure. Finding your balance and coordination through a dance lesson can be an asset in other areas of your life.

Also, did you know the discipline involved in rehearsing and developing body awareness is beneficial to your brain? All of that memorising and assimilating new information will keep your intellectual abilities on their toes. One of the best things about dancing is that you're getting all of the above physical and mental health benefits through having fun with other passionate people.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.” Martha Graham

Dancing in the Streets of London

The beauty of living in London means you are spoilt for choice for dance lessons. Home to the most prestigious dance institutions, the infamous West End and the best showcases in the United Kingdom, you are sure to find a style you like here.

For formal training apply to the Royal Academy of Dance based in Battersea, the school is high up on the list for the world’s list for dance education. Influential dance education and professional membership organisations. You’ll leave with a graduate diploma in classical ballet or pursue studies in teacher training and professional development. The school also has a professional membership scheme and a strong network of alumni dancers working in the industry.

Beyond classical dance, you can also explore vocational training in other sub-disciplines like at the London Contemporary Dance School housed at The Place, a world-class dance conservatoire. Linked to the University of Kent, the schools offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in Dance Studies, Performance, Choreography and Dance Training & Education with about 180 students active year round. The school also has a postgraduate company that tours nationally and abroad and an apprenticeship scheme which enables students to spend a year in a professional company.

Looking for a more unusual dance degree? The University of East London (UEL) opened an alternative to conventional dance training in 2007, it’s a BA (Hons) in Dance Urban Practice. Its disciplines range from ballet to capoeira and afro-house, the course truly reflects London’s vibrant multiculturality.

The sheer variety of dance styles available in London are sure to keep you busy. Always wondered what it took to dance in a music video? Frame Studios in East London teaches how to whip your hair and give that sassy hip twist like Queen B.

boost your confidence through dance lessons
Dance's physical and creative skills have proven to boost self-confidence. (Source: Unsplash).

Pineapple Dance Studios is the go-to place for all kinds of hip-hop dancing. With over 250 classes a week, the timetable drops serious street cred with lessons in urban street, commercial and breakdance. Pull on your sickest tracksuit and get your pop and lock on!

Last but not least, the Caramelo Latin Dance School in Maida Vale hosts some of the best salsa classes in London. Learn smooth and sensual routines here with passionate teachers. Learn all the steps to wow the crowds on your next night out. Register now and you’ll be sizzling on the dance floor by summer!

Just a few more places to twinkle your toes in London:

  • Tap dance at City Academy (Rosebery Avenue, East London)
  • Zumba and Ballet fusion at The Factory (Finsbury Park, North London)
  • Dancehall at At Your Beat (Elephant and Castle, South East London)
  • Swing Dance at Swing Patrol (all over London and Brighton)
  • Pole dance at Pole People (Barbican, East London)

Find dance classes in London.

Perform a Whole Song and Dance in Manchester

The University of Salford holds a BA (Hons) Dance with intensive technical training and a rigorous curriculum. With an extra 150 hours of techniques every semester and a variety of interdisciplinary dance teachings, there is enough here to keep you busy. Take the opportunity to master relevant skills to current industry demands like aerial skills and dance fusion forms. The course also regularly puts students in touch with professional choreographers and glean a better understanding of the professional dance world.

The undergraduate course at De Montfort University focuses on technical and performance skills but also aims for students to develop their unique creative voice. To aligns training with career aspirations, dancers are encouraged to choose a specific subject like Choreography and Performance or Education and the Community upon entering their second year.

For a highly market-oriented degree tailored to entertainment industry work like event performances and music video dancing, the University of Bolton has put together a Professional and Commercial Dance BA (Hons).

For those seeking solid dance lessons while not embarking on a professional path, The Dancehouse has a variety of classes for all levels. Mastering a new dance style can be so rewarding and also a great way to spend time with like-minded people. You can even test your performance abilities with the Move It class specifically for performance shows.

Did you know the salsa scene in Manchester has been hoping for about twenty years? Salsa Manchester will get you styling and satisfy those itching to strut their stuff to Latino music. You will be spoilt for choice. Whether it’s kizomba, bachata, reggaeton, Cuban rumba, salsa con afro & body isolation, there is a class for every taste. Not to mention the ultra sociable Latin dance community, prepare to have a lot of fun.

Always wondered if swing dancing was for you? Swing and Lindy Hop offer weekend workshops for those wanting to get into this dance genre but can’t find the time during the week. Instructors are fun and friendly and provide an accessible introduction to this vintage-tinged style.

Feel like getting sultry with a burlesque class? Lady Wildflower will put you at ease and help you lose those daytime inhibitions in a nonjudgmental environment. Channel your inner Betty Page and enter the art of the tease (beyond pouting and feather boas) and connecting with your audience are big components of this unusual class. You will discover a truly powerful style and learn to feel confident and sexy. Time to get your sparkle on and unleash your inner showgirl!

More options to bring sexy back with dance lessons in Manchester:

  • Flamenco dance workshops with Flamenco Manchester (all over Manchester)
  • Bollywood at Manchester Dance Centre (Oxford Road, M1)
  • Tap dance at KNT Danceworks (Oxford Road, M1)
  • Modern, street and commercial jazz at Nathalie Woods School (Stockport)
  • Pole dance and aerial dance at Bodybarre (Thomas St, M4)
  • Dance fitness at Seen On Screen (Church Street, M4)

Dance up a Storm in Birmingham

Looking for a combination of serious training and a diversity of discipline to become a well-rounded performer? The University of Wolverhampton’s BA (Hons) Dance has a curriculum enabling dancers to hone both classical skills, a choreographic approach, and a cultural understanding of the craft. Its modules span a wide array of dance styles. Birmingham City University’s Applied Performance (Community and Education) BA (Hons) provides generalised training in the performing arts and a possible specialisation in education. Their motto? Train a new generation of performers with the passion and skill to change the entertainment world through purpose led projects. Now, where do we sign to register?

The Elmhurst Ballet School is associated with the Birmingham Royal Ballet and nationally renowned for classical dance excellence. Aspiring dancers can begin as early as GCSE stage and go onto A-Level, a good security for those who might decide to head to university for other subjects afterwards. For those committed to a professional career in performance arts, the courses impart the necessary creativity and technical skills complete with numerous performance opportunities.

Already have a particular dance style in mind? Head to the DanceXchange for beginner’s Ballroom dancing, flamenco or a swing class to meet fun and like-minded people and learn from teachers happy to communicate their love for their dance genre.

When we say dance, often people will think of jazz hands, fishnet tights and dramatic Fred Astaire inspired head-turning performances. Learning Broadway-style dance is possible at any age and level. The DanceXchange has a weekly evening class where you will learn everything from technique to the history of swing, stomping and today’s commercial tap trends.

Are you thinking about taking a dance lesson to improve your fitness level? The huge dancersise trend had definitely reached Birmingham with great options to get your sweat on to some sick beats after work or even at the weekend.

Adage Dance and Fitness Studios offers a wide range of classes that will get your heart pumping. Some are even off the beaten track, why not try something different like a pole exercise class? Be warned though, once you get the hang of it this discipline will skyrocket your flexibility and agility. We can’t think of a more exciting and creative way to get toned before the next vacay!

Sensual latin dancing is a great couple activity
Latin dance lessons have grown thanks to popular reality TV shows. (Source: Pixabay).

Want to get healthy but also more confident on the dancefloor? A great option to get happily in shape are sensual Latin-based dance disciplines. At Zumba Flash, a class is said to burn up to 700-1000 calories. Shimmy to hot rhythms and learn choreographies incorporating steps from salsa, cumbia, merengue, calypso, and samba. We should mention reggaeton often makes an appearance in routines. This we guarantee will come in handy on your next weekend outing, get ready to dance your heart out!

Looking for more dance classes in Birmingham?

  • Strictly Ballroom and tango at Richardz Dance & Fitness (Rubery, B45)
  • Choreograph and master your wedding dance with Steps Dance (Yardley, B33)
  • Learn Lindy Hop in a day with Swing Era’s Day Hopper (Moseley, B13)

Finding the Right Dance Foot for you in Leeds

Have you made your choice of dance for higher education in Yorkshire? Renaissance Arts’s three-year vocational course adopts a specialist approach to the most sought-after dance styles: classical ballet, technical jazz, contemporary, commercial style, body conditioning and even pilates. The three-year dance program gives a strong foundation for the student to choose a preferred style or two upon graduating. Practical performance training boosts confidence on stage and instills a professional attitude.

Leeds City College has a one-year full-time course focused on developing performance, technique, choreography skills as well as theory. Teaching is given across a range of classes, workshops and projects so it never gets boring and students are guaranteed two major performance pieces on top showcase events. Albeit a general dance degree, graduates leave with professional showcase maturity.

Northern School of Contemporary dance offers one of the region’s best certifying degrees in the dance genre. Alumni from this institution have mastered technical skills, honed the physical strength and creative mindset to take on a professional career in dance. The BA course’s variety of learning experiences, both professional and community-oriented builds capable dancers that have the ability to integrate and adapt to any opportunity.

You can also take dance lessons as a hobby and a creative outlet in Leeds. Yorkshire dance offers a variety of fun concepts like their Island Energy class. Read tropical tunes concocted by a DJ and leg pumping, hearts beating to Afrobeat and Reggaeton tunes. An instant shot of carnival vibes!

Some of us nurse painful memories of a mean teacher with gruelling barre work and sitting in the splits. If just thinking about those painful feet have put you off dancing for life, think again. The rich cultures around the world provide dancers with so many options far way from the land of pink tights and pliés.

World dances have grown very popular in recent years so it has grown increasingly easy to learn oriental dance or saco dance in Leeds. The Dance Studio Leeds, for example, offers Bellydance, castanets and raggafanatics (from Jamaica with love) classes.

More excuses to put your dancing shoes on in Leeds :

  • BA (Hons) at Leeds Beckett University
  • Irish dancing at Leeds University Union (if you’re still a student)
  • Company class for final year students with Phoenix Dance Theatre (Quarry Hill)
  • Beginners’ Ballet at Elevations Academy Leeds (Chapel Allerton, LS7)

Find dancing lessons in Leeds.

Dance to Glasgow’s Tune

The prestigious Royal Conservatoire of Scotland has a great Modern Ballet course spanning three years. On top of technical strength, the degree provides other essential abilities like a strong understanding of choreography and knowing how to engage with the audience. In partnership with Scottish Ballet, the school is well informed of industry requirements and tunes their courses to suit professional ballet companies.

The Glasgow Dance Academy caters to both kids and adults. Classical ballet is taught by international teachers with have worked around the world. If you are looking for courses to prepare for examinations, this place offers dance school audition training in ballet, tap and modern dance. Both fun or more rigorous focused classes have the added benefits of improving concentration, a chance to socialise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The sparkling performances and glimmering lights of the stage often seduce passionate teens to embark on the professional path. Pro Dance caters to aspiring dancers around aged fourteen to prepare for entry into full time higher performing arts education at the age of eighteen. Registering early for the right training and advice is critical to pursuing a career in dance, the weekly three-hour is held at Maryhill Burgh Halls.

Looking to kill two birds with one stone through making new friends while exercising? Sign up for a ballroom or more mysterious tribal fusion Bellydance class at Dance with Attitude. This one-stop studio offers fun classes and even a post workout meal and drinks at the nearby cafe.

Has the dance exercise craze gotten to you? Zumba, samba fitness, dance & tone are some of the styles offered at Dance Glasgow to get fit to sunny energetic music learning from friendly teachers. The good vibes will have you skipping to your weekly class!

Ever dreamed of mastering the cha cha, the foxtrot or effortlessly carrying out a waltz? Deesdancing welcomes all levels and even couples looking to polish their wedding dance number. Worried beginners will be sashaying across the dancefloor in no time!

Take advantage of the heritage-filled city to join the Royal Scottish Dance Society for a spin across the floor. Classes and events are held throughout the year at various locations and for all abilities and ages. Learning how to Ceilidh will sure to come in handy when you’re next convened to a wedding. The perfect strategy to entice that cute bridesmaid or groomsmen’s for a spin around the dancefloor!

Where can you take dance lessons in Glasgow?

Get light on your feet on with a Highland dancing lesson. (Source: Unsplash).

Adding a fitness twist to tradition, the Highland Hustle mixes Scottish Highland dancing to funky high beat music. This style was created for dancers of all levels wanting to get in shape while trying something unusual. Be it low or high-intensity class this is definitely a novelty to try!

Sick of sitting on the sidelines everytime a dance song comes on?

  • Beginner hip-hop street dance at Dance Glasgow
  • Strictly Latin and Commercial Jazz at Dance Factory
  • Bollywood or South African Pantsula style at Dance House
  • Come as you are no partner required at Glasgow Line Dancing
  • Jive classes with Rock til you Drop (across Scotland)

With all these choices you will be spinning and swaying your way to becoming true dancing queen or sweep your eye candy off their feet. Now just give it a whirl!

We hope you're now on track to finding the dance classes you have dreamed of!

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