You know you want to get rid of that body fat, but you are looking for something a bit different to do with your time and to achieve your fitness goals. Some people love going to the gym - for them, it can be their escape, their second home.

Others, however, can't stand the idea of the gym. It makes them feel uncomfortable, as if they don't belong.

Regardless of how welcome you feel in the local health centre, there are certainly many other ways to get fit in the Edinburgh area, some of them you may not have thought of before!

Keeping Fit In Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Council is all for getting its residents up and out of the house. As such, it has gathered information on a variety of physical activities that you can do to your pulse racing no matter your level of fitness. For example, they suggest:

  • going to the gym,
  • finding a fitness class, and;
  • finding adult coaching sessions (one to one or as group fitness).

A copy of Edinburgh Leisure's fit for health physical activity programme can be found on the council's website, but below are a few examples of what's going on in your area.

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Boxing is just one activity you could sign up to do in Edinburgh.
There are lots of different ways you can get fit in Edinburgh, one of which is using equipment at a gym. Photo credit: Jeffrey on / CC BY


If you love to dance, why not adopt this as your fitness program? It's a bit like aerobics, after all, but not quite so repetitive as fitness classes!

Dance Base in Edinburgh could be the place for you to get fit. The centre offers a huge range of classes for dancers of all abilities, from absolute beginners to professionals. You can choose what type of dance class you do too, like ballet, tap or jazz, or something more unusual, such as 80s pop, burlesque, Cuban salsa or Afro-Cuban dance. Classes can be booked or you can simply drop in. What's more, you usually get a trial session free of charge.


Indoor climbing, although seen primarily as a leisure activity, is a great workout for the upper body, whilst being loads of fun with a group of friends.

"Edinburgh International Climbing Arena is an enormous climbing centre – the largest indoor climbing facility in the world! – built into a quarry in the village of Ratho, just outside Edinburgh, with routes for all abilities, whether you’re scaling the 25m wall or just starting out. More convenient for those in the north of the city, Alien Rock in Newhaven is another great climbing facility, albeit much smaller! There’s also bouldering – climbing without ropes – at both places (as well as a separate, dedicated bouldering hall at Alien 2) and both offer climbing courses for novices."

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Cycling is a popular fitness activity, but what if it's too hot or cold outside, or if you simply don't feel comfortable riding around the city?

Hop on an indoor bike for a spot of spinning and feel the burn!

There are two spinning studios in Edinburgh as well as many opportunities to tackle the sport in various gyms – the dedicated centres, however, are LifesCycle on Newhaven Road and Pedal House in Warriston. Spinning can burn up to 600 calories per session so is a very effective form of exercise.


Yoga has a reputation for being for hippies due to its calming and meditative features, but it is actually very good for the mind and body. Why not tackle two things at once - get fit and stay stress-free?

Canning Street Yoga near Tollcross offers classes for beginners as well as experienced yogis. Meadowlark on the Meadows is another yoga studio which offers yogis a very reasonable schedule of classes, including beginners’s courses, one on one sessions and aerial yoga so you are sure to find a class that fits around your busy schedule. (Aerial yoga is a new take on the exercise and consists of you flying through the air thanks to hammocks whilst holding those famous poses!).

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Running is one of the best ways to get fit, plus it's cheap. There's no need for gym memberships or fancy equipment, all you need is some suitable clothing and a good pair of trainers, so it’s a great free activity to do around Edinburgh.

What's more, Edinburgh is a fantastic city for exploring by foot, as there are some fabulous open spaces to discover along with some convenient roads, tracks and trails.

"There are plenty of running clubs in the city, where you can get a bit of encouragement and make some new running pals. Try the free run club at Run 4 It on Monday nights or one of the many athletic clubs across the city, where you can usually go along for free for a few sessions before you make the commitment to join. Or why not get to know your city a little better and get fit at the same time with Edinburgh Run Tours? You’ll experience Edinburgh from a whole different perspective!"


It may seem odd, especially if your kids spend most of their time bouncing around on the trampoline at home, but, honestly, trampolining isn't just for kids!

Not only is it great fun for adults too, but it's also a great way to get your heart racing. Did you know that at some centres you can jump across over 19,000 square feet of trampolines? That's quite a distance to travel! You can jump on your own with your head in the clouds or you can join one of the regular RyzeFit classes which claim to help you burn off 1000 calories an hour!

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Climbing can be fun whilst also being tough on your body!
You may think climbing is more of a leisure activity, but it's great fitness training. Photo credit: EfrénCD on / CC BY-SA

Of course, training is not all about getting fit. People choose to sign up to a personal training program or one on one personal training for various reasons: injury prevention, to improve sports performance, to target certain muscle groups, to set up a tailored workout plan, simply for health and wellness, and many more.

What is your reason for seeking personal training services?

Edinburgh Personal Trainers

As we've just discussed, Scottish cities, like many English cities, offer a huge range of opportunities both inside and outside where you can benefit from training equipment.

Edinburgh is a beautiful city that runners can enjoy whilst they circulate on the streets, but those who prefer to train in private can also find a number of parks and off-road areas to complete their daily exercise. Along with running, there are various opportunities to get fit, many of which can be done in groups to make it more social.

However, if you want something that is more focused on you, then consider the following.

Luke Bremner Fitness

This private studio has been set up with the aim of helping professionals to get out of a rut, preventing them from feeling tired, stressed, unhappy and overweight.

As a busy professional who once strived to make a business that works, Luke understands the pressures of everyday professional life and how it can be hard to find time to dedicate to yourself.

With a total of around 40 years of experience in the health and fitness industry across the wider team, Luke Bremner Fitness has helped hundreds of people to transform their health, fitness, body shape and dramatically improve their quality of life.

Unlike many other personal training businesses, they have moved away from the traditional models of personal training that are focused almost predominantly on exercise alone. Instead, their approach is centred around a more comprehensive but simple and effective 4-step coaching process :

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle
  • Mindset

They certainly know how to get you motivated at this fitness studio and won't set you up on a diet of rabbit food!

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Fitness trainers can offer advice on healthy eating.
A fitness expert will not only help you train, but they will also advise you on nutrition. Photo on Visual hunt


"Whether you have 5kg or 50kg to lose, we are on a mission to end dieting for good. We want to empower as many women in Edinburgh as possible by helping them to achieve their health goals and feel fit, happy and confident in their bodies. ​

By choosing fitandhappy you will work with Edinburgh weight-loss expert, Julia McCabe. Julia intelligently combines personal training and nutrition coaching to help you adopt a lifestyle where exercising and healthy eating become a habit.
Boot Camp Edinburgh For Women
Whether you want to get fit, lose weight, find you core or just make exercise fun again, why not check out our very popular boot camp for women in Edinburgh.

The fitandhappy boot camp is supportive, friendly and welcomes women of all ages and fitness levels. As we come from a personal training background, we limit our places so the groups don't get too large and we focus on form, giving feedback to everyone. We do not compete with each other but we do get pushed to do the best we can.

We understand life is not regular or predictable, so you can attend classes whenever you want. You book one, two or more classes per week over a block and you can just turn up as and when it suits you."

Get in touch with one of the above or other fitness specialists in Edinburgh to get your first personal training session booked!

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