Are you getting ready for a sporting event, competition or challenge and looking to train with someone in order to reach your maximum potential or fitness goal? No matter your budget or your goal, you are sure to be able to find a personal trainer in your area who can help in one way or another.

Personal trainers don't sell one package, it is a great idea to look around for fitness experts in your area and discuss your requirements with them so that they can put together a tailored plan for you or organise a group fitness class if you wish to go with friends, recommending some training activities that you can do at home and in the gym.

Alternatively, personal trainers are also very adept to helping people who simply want to improve their health, fitness, flexibility or to lose weight. If any of the above scenarios we have described fit your current situation, then keep reading to find out more about a personal trainer near me and their fitness program in Belfast and the surrounding areas!

Sporting Events In Belfast

Are you hungry to try a new sporting challenge? Do you want to find out what's going on in Belfast in terms of Sport, Health and Fitness so that you can watch and get inspiration for your own fitness journey? Do you just love everything about sports?

Below is a list of just some of the upcoming sporting events taking place in or near the city of Belfast. These events are not reserved for certain age groups, many of them are aimed at people of all ages and all levels of fitness.

  • Ulster Grand Prix 2019
    Event / Spectator Sports
    5 Aug 2019 - 10 Aug 2019
All sports require some level of training and preparation.
There's all sorts of sorting events happening in Belfast - whether you're watching or taking part! Photo credit: gbsngrhm on Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA
  • Deep River Rock Belfast City Half Marathon
    Event / Spectator Sports
    22 Sep 2019
  • Waterside Half Marathon
    Event / Spectator Sports
    1 Sep 2019
  • Lap the Lough
    Event / Outdoor Activities
    23 Aug 2019 - 25 Aug 2019
  • Turkey Run Rally
    Event / For Families
    28 Dec 2019
  • Eagles Rock Hill Climb
    Event / For Families
    24 Aug 2019
  • Ballycastle Senior Tennis Tournament
    Event / For Families
    12 Aug 2019 - 19 Aug 2019
  • Ballycastle Junior Tennis Tournament
    Event / For Families
    4 Aug 2019 - 11 Aug 2019
  • ISPS Handa World Invitational Men | Women, Presented by Modest! Golf Management
    Event / Outdoor Activities
    12 Aug 2019 - 18 Aug 2019
  • O'Neills Foyle Cup
    Event / For Families
    22 Jul 2019 - 27 Jul 2019
  • Portrush Motorcycle Beach Races
    Event / For Families
    12 Oct 2019 - 13 Oct 2019
  • Dog Leap Rally
    Event / For Families
    3 Aug 2019

Why Hire A Personal Trainer?

As we've already touched upon, there are various reasons why people choose to hire personal trainers. But thy are not YOU. So what is YOUR reason?

Do you want to feel happy and healthy in your own body now and in the coming years? This a great reason. See below for more:

1. Reduce injury risk

Injuries are sometimes inevitable at work or when doing physical activities like strength training or fitness classes such as aerobic exercises, but if your body is prepared for such traumas then it could be better equipped to deal with the pain and damage. A well-trained online personal trainer will improve your skill so that you reduce your risk for injury and get the most out of each physical activity you take part in.

Do you know how to stretch efficiently?
A personal trainer can help you to train in a way that prevents the risk of injury. Photo on

2. Personal trainers are inexpensive

Far from what society may lead you to believe, personal trainers aren't that expensive, so hiring one isn't outrageous! What's more, picking a group fitness trainer reduces the cost even more.

With health and wellness at the centre of so many people's minds lately what with all of the scientific research taking place on the subject, having a personal trainer to some is just another monthly cost, like a shopping bill or the water bill. Buying sessions in bulk also significantly cuts down the price you pay.

3. Variety and creativity

If you need help trying to stay motivated and get tired of doing the same old routine at the gym, fitness instructors can help make exercise “fun” and more interesting by showing you a wide variety of creative exercises to try out for your fitness level.

4. Make training "personal"

Watching workout videos, going to an exercise class, lifting weights at the gym - but what's personal about these? A skilled trainer will look at your specific needs, previous injuries, existing health conditions and specific training goals and then develop a personalised plan for you to achieve so that you know that each bench press or squat you do is vital for your final goal.

5. Lose weight

Of course, most of us turn to exercise when we want to shift some of that stubborn fat and start living a more healthy lifestyle. And it can be so much harder to reach your goals when you get older. A fitness specialist can help you build and maintain muscle mass, whilst getting your waistline smaller without having to step into health clubs.

Based outside of Belfast? Read our articles on where to find personal trainers in London or Birmingham.

Find Your Personal Trainer In Belfast

Fitness Belfast

Fitness Belfast offers a programme of personal training and food coaching, but only after first discussing your needs and aspirations with the trainer first.

Here is a bit more information about the Fitness Belfast programme:

"My Kickstart Active programme is a perfect introduction for those new to exercise, and who may be feeling a little overwhelmed with where to start. The programme focuses on establishing goals, providing structure and increasing motivation and accountability through tailored exercise. It may also be used for those who do have experience in the gym environment, but perhaps lack the structure and knowledge to really achieve their goals.

Start your journey with an in depth consultation process, complete with health screening, and optional body stats.

Learn the techniques required to achieve your goals with 10 x one-to-one personal training sessions at Club Vitae, Clayton Hotel, Belfast.

Get moving with a bespoke exercise plan designed to suit your goals & compliment your schedule. (Compatible with your smart device for ease of use on the go).

Measure your success with a detailed reassessment upon completion."

Want to know how much it costs for personal training with Fitness Belfast? The coach suggests signing up for 10 weeks, with a cost of approximately £425 to be followed by top-up sessions costing a further £350.

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Attitude Fitness

The face (or body) behind Attitude Fitness is Kyle Reain, an advanced Personal Coach who trains clients in their own home with the aim of helping them tone up or lose weight. Many of Kyle's clients are high-end customers to jumpstart their behaviour change and looking only for the best of the best in Belfast.

Kyle sees his service as helping you to improve yourself and, in turn, become happier. He gets much satisfaction from watching clients change their attitude towards their self-image and to change people's lives for the better. Not to mention helping them to maintain healthier lifestyles and knowing that he is contributing to their long-term good health and nutrition.

Coaching for women

With more than 10 years of experience, Kyle has worked with his fair share of women and he manages to put them at ease and make them feel confident.

Proven and targeted results

Kyle encourages you, man or woman, to break down the barriers of your imagination and to remind yourself that the body and mind are capable of more than you think is achievable. He sets realistic goals that you can see yourself hitting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Instructional videos

Kyle provides instructional videos to guide clients on how to perform certain exercises correctly each time.


Thanks to Kyle coming to YOU, you don't have to waste time or money on gym memberships or travelling here and there. What's more, you can shower afterwards in the comfort of your own home, you can have your dinner prepped and ready to heat up in next to no time - this training simply fits into your existing lifestyle!

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You can train with a personal trainer in the gym, at home or out and about.
Which personal trainer should you choose? Use our tips to find the best trainer for you. Photo on VisualHunt


If you are looking for an exercise program to do in the comfort of your home, Superprof fitness experts are ready for you.

If you were hoping to find a supportive, motivating instructor with all of the required certifications, look no further.

No matter where in the country you are, as long as you have an Internet connection, you can find fitness education through Superprof.

Our fitness education specialists will meet you in your home, at your favourite gym and even in the great outdoors, if you so choose.

If you and a few mates want to work out together, these coaches don't mind working with small groups.

With thousands of personal fitness training experts to choose from, your individualized workout plan could be just a few mouse clicks away!

If you live in Wales you can read about where to find a personal trainer here. Or if you are based in Scotland, find out where you can get a personal trainer in Glasgow or Edinburgh.

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