Our capital city, existent for millennia, was the first in the world to host the Summer Olympics three times.

Might that give an indication of how conscious of fitness Londoners are?

Hyde Park, the largest of the royal parks, routinely hosts sporting events, most notably the ITU World Triathlon Grand Finals.

Could one say there is a penchant for sports in good ole' London Towne?

Finally, The Invictus Games, created by our own Prince Harry – soon to wed!, were initiated in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, on the east side of town.

If these three examples don't prove there is a level of consciousness for physical fitness in London, we should have a serious discussion.

Among the topics to broach is the fact that London has the highest percentage of overweight and obese children in the UK.

Going hand in hand with that statistic is the fact that the UK is the second most obese country in Europe, with just under 25% of the population tipping the scales unfavourably.

Isn't it time we slip into our Sweaty Bettys, lace up our trainers and get moving?

Superprof will now unveil some of the best salons, gyms and outdoor venues to get fit in. Along the way, we'll discover personal trainers that are just dying to give a hand in us getting fit.

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The Best Gyms in London

Many group classes use kettlebells
A kettlebell can be used in group workouts routines Source: Pixabay Credit: Sufusergeij

The best gym in London is easy to discern: in close proximity to your home or work, someplace you could drop in whenever you felt the urge to Zumba, Pilates, lift weights or run a marathon on a treadmill.

However, this global city being so spread out, it would be hard to call any gym in London "the best" if you have to travel across the city to get there.

Furthermore, what factors distinguish a good gym from a not-so-good one?

Is it loads of equipment and plenty of fitness classes all packed into a glitzy environment, or would a sincere atmosphere of sweat and hard work beckon?

Do you want to go where the pretty people play at having a healthy lifestyle while partaking of libations, or is your definition of fitness protein shakes and juice bars after a gruelling session on the elliptical?

When it all comes down to it, the best gym should:

  • have plenty of kit for you to work with
    • rowers, treadmills, pull-downs and free weights; that sort of thing
  • offer many different programmes
    • aerobics, functional training, workouts targeting specific muscle groups...
  • foster a supportive, motivating atmosphere
  • welcome all fitness hopefuls, at all levels of fitness
    • even disabled athletes!

And, of course, there should be plenty of certified personal trainers to help you establish and reach your fitness goals.

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By all accounts, these gyms are the poshest of posh, and their reputation is well deserved.

More of a fitness club and salon spa than a gym, these facilities are outfitted with the latest technology to ensure a fabulous experience while getting fit, or maintaining fitness.

You could sign up for any of their classes, given intriguing names like The Muse, The Cut and The Pursuit, where you could dance, fight or ride your way into a trim waist and healthy heart.

Those classes address aerobics, cardio with dumbbells, and spinning – riding a stationary bike, respectively.

All done to a pounding beat, with a generous assist from visual technology, you may soon find yourself riding the hills of the Pennines, chasing Steve Cummings or Lizzie Deignan.

After a hard ride, you may want to relax in their fully equipped spa.

Of course, you don't have to jump right into any classes of such intensity. You could start your journey to fitness with a personal trainer.

Their personal training program starts with an interview to determine your current level of health and fitness; nutrition is also discussed.

Get started with "exercise classes near me" on our platform.

After establishing your fitness profile, these certified fitness trainers would ascertain your fitness goals, and then design a program to help you achieve them.

With monthly membership fees topping £200, this experience is unparalleled in the world of fitness. If that sum is not out of your budget, you may wish to check them out!

You and your mates can get fit in group classes
Your personal trainer may lead group fitness classes for you and your mates Source: Pixabay Credit: Skeeze

Less Costly Gym Options

Reports indicate that it is mostly millennials who patronise posh establishments; those at a time in their lives where being seen in the right places is most important.

If you are not among those numbers – those whose social profile is what matters, you may consider fewer frills in your fitness quest.

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The Gym

When the American franchise gym LA Fitness moved out, this group of fitness experts filled the vacuum with low budget, no frills facilities where all you do is work out.

At The Gym, you have the option of working out on your own, with a mate, in any of their numerous classes, or with a personal trainer.

Their fitness programs range from those targeted to weight loss, through toning, shaping and sculpting your body, all the way to getting you competition ready for whichever athletic event you have signed up for.

With a certified personal trainer to lend encouragement and motivation, reaching your fitness goals is only a matter of time and a bit of effort.

With the fine weather finally headed our way, you may want to sign up for their challenging fitness bootcamp, just to get things started!

This bargain basement gym method has taken the fitness industry by storm: not only do they offer clean facilities with plenty of kit to work with, but each fitness professional you will work with has the highest level of qualification, and plenty of experience to put at your disposal!

Their 24/7 scheme and monthly fee of £10.99 – no contract required goes a long way toward seducing you to membership, doesn't it?

With 42 locations scattered around London, there's bound to be a Gym near you!

Find a Personal Fitness Specialist

Statistics aside – most notably the ones that say only 14% of Londoners are gym members, a simple Internet search reveals you could practically throw a rock and hit a home or online personal trainer in London, so abundant are they.

How would you know that any such stricken personal fitness trainer would be the right fit for your training needs?

You may have personal preferences, such as working with a particular gender, or maybe one who is knowledgeable of vegetarian or vegan nutrition plans.

Perhaps you would prefer to work out at home, away from intense scrutiny and judgment...

How would you know that any stranger on the street – or one who advertises on Gumtree has the proper credentials to work in your home, or would even do a good job of coaching you?

Much better to let us narrow your search down...

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Personal Trainer London

Let us right now declare that a high price tag does not an efficient trainer make.

However, coaches that take the time to analyse your current level of fitness, that talk with you about your nutritional habits; that put you through short bursts of cardio, squats and flexes to see how you would perform...

That is the trainer you need, and you'll find him/her through Personal Trainer London.

Working out with such a fitness instructor does not mean you will endure exhausting sessions every time you work out, being shouted at all the while.

In fact, a quality coach would most likely stick with you through your first few sessions, correct your form and increase your reps, and then let you fly solo until s/he checks in again, a month later.

S/he would be available by phone during that time, should you need help to stay motivated or if you have a question or concern.

The average cost for such personal training sessions in London would be rather high, as compared to the rest of the country: £50 to £60 per hour.

Perhaps you would consider another option...

You can build your endurance by restricting your breathing as you work out
Your personal trainer may test your endurance by restricting your breathing as you work out Source: Pixabay Credit: Tacofleur

Finding Trainers Online

Besides the wealth of workout videos on Youtube that might give guidance but provide no feedback, you could find a qualified personal trainer who will work with you one on one via webcam.

Superprof personal fitness training is one way to get your exercise program out of the idle speculation stage and into actual movement.

Your Superprof trainer will meet you online, at your home, in your favourite gym; even outdoors!

Whether to build endurance or for strength training, group training or any other customized workout plan, you are sure to find passionate coaches at a fair price on Superprof.

Most Superprof trainers give their first hour of coaching free, to conduct a fitness assessment and get an idea of your conditioning. This consultation will help you plan your workout program.

The best part about working out with Superprof – besides all of the other reasons: prices start as low as £10 per hour!

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Outdoor Fitness Venues

Surely you're ready to kick off your fitness program right now, but let us distract you a bit longer, in order to tell you about where you can exercise outdoors.

With warming weather, it's only natural to want to play outside...

London has so many parks and green spaces in which to get your fitness on! Running, cycling, tennis and netball... you may find there are teams mad for such sports, just waiting for you to join!

If group activity is not your scene, perhaps you'd more like to visit any of The Great Outdoor Gym installations around town.

Camden, Croyden; Bramley and Enfield all have cross trainers and leg presses, hand bikes and chest presses... and more!

There are over 100 such stations scattered all over London; maybe you've seen them and have already made use of them!

Fitness outdoors: could life get any better?

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