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Pole Dancing Classes in London

London is a wonderful place to learn. From some of the world’s best universities to its most prestigious music schools, from dance academies to specialist educational institutions in business, foreign languages, and everything else under the sun, this city has it all for any ambitious student.

And, as one of the top three biggest cities in Europe, with over eight million people, it’s also a city full of tutors. With that many people, from places all over the world, there should be no surprise that there are brilliant professionals specialising in any subject you could imagine.

There are thousands of people sharing their expertise, all of them available for you to get in touch with – and very enthusiastic that you do. At Superprof, we make that process even easier, by bringing millions of different tutors all under the same roof.

Pole Dance Lessons: Why Not?

When we said, ‘any subject you could imagine’, obviously we were including pole dance in that too – along with all other types of dance along with it.

And why not? If you are after an incredible body workout, combining a need for super core strength with sensual, graceful, and high intensity dance moves, there is absolutely no dance like it. It’s a lyrical and exotic dance that provides a knockout workout.

Throughout lessons, you will be developing your body awareness, stamina, musicality, and strength, whilst working to increase flexibility, muscle tone, and, of course, self-confidence. Imagine that, in your pole classes, you will be holding yourself up from a dance pole – and so you will be needing need serious upper body strength and a great fitness level.

Alongside all this, your pole dance classes will, of course, be an exercise in sexiness, sensuality, and allure. In short, your pole dance class will combine the full body workout of fitness classes with the fluidity and sexiness of this dance technique.

Starting Out in Pole Dancing

But if all this sounds a little demanding, don’t worry. A professional pole dancer teacher will understand if you have no experience – and, with every new client, they will go through the basics.

So, starting off, you will be working on pole fitness: where and how to put your hands to hold yourself on the dance poles, how to do the climbs and the grips, and – importantly – how to do it all safely. You may well need to start off with some floor work, strength exercises, and flexibility training before you even start with any pole tricks at all. You won’t just be walking into that dance studio and going straight for the splits and the acrobatic new moves!

As you are starting out, prepare to work hard, concentrating on your fitness goals and building strength – as that is what dance fitness is all about! In no time, you’ll be doing that handstand and all the other acrobatics that you want to be doing – and having the most fun whilst doing it.

However, once you have attended your dance workshop for a while, think about all the wonderful things you will be able to do. You could take part in any number of dance competitions, you could invest in your own dance and fitness studio, and you could even become a fitness instructor yourself. The next step may even be some of London’s world famous dance academies!

Your Dance Instructor

But let’s take it one step at a time. First things first: your first dance teacher is going to be your most important one. Because your first teacher is always the most formative. It’s going to be this person that gets you through the most difficult stages of your dance career: the earliest ones, in which you are most likely (by miles!) to give up.

Every woman or man can benefit from the strength and flexibility that lessons with pole dancers can provide. And your new dance teacher will help you achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve across your class schedule. If that’s just a different sort of fitness class, then great – but if you want to push your knowledge of dance choreography through to the combos of intermediate level (and beyond!) then your lessons can do that too.

By clicking through to the tutors listed above, you’ll be able to find the perfect teacher for you. So, whether you want to work on the aerial hoop or on aerial silks, on chair dance or just simple strength training, you’ll find what you need.

You won’t need their email info, just sign up and request a lesson. As soon as they reply, you can get started with discussing your first lesson (which will be free!).

It’s at this point that you can discuss details of your respective timetable, whether your dance lesson will be in dance studios, as well as the things you will need (for example, whilst it may look rad to dance in stilettos, you might want to start off with bare feet!). You can also discuss whether you want private lessons or whether you are after dance fitness classes with your mates too!

Pole Dancing in London

It’s as easy as that, really. Sign up and find the right teacher for you. With so many opportunities to learn in London, there is no easier way to find yourself a dedicated, experienced, and talented tutor than through Superprof.

And now, you are no more than a simple click away (although the classes themselves will be a bit more challenging!).