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Finding a Nutritionist Near Me

By Brentyn, published on 05/09/2018 Blog > Health and Fitness > Nutrition > Finding a Certified Nutritionist or Dietician Near You

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medecine or the slowest form of poison.” -Ann Wigmore

A healthy diet is proven to increase your happiness, life expectancy and overall well-being.

However, many British citizens have erroneous misconceptions about healthy eating because they associate nutritious meals with a lack of flavour and diversity. This is completely false because healthy food items can easily be made into nutritious, mouth-watering recipes. The secret is knowing how to do it.

Various well-intentioned fitness enthusiasts all over the United Kingdom have aspirations of adopting a healthy diet yet they do not know where to start. 

What to do?

Schedule a consultation with a professional nutritionist. These health experts motivate new clients to establish an overall healthy lifestyle. Through valuable suggestions, well-prepared meal plans and constant encouragement, nutritionists help their customers meet their dietary goals.

Nutritionists are experts in the fields of food and nutrition. Due to their professional training, they have a vast knowledge of the correct nourishment, can explain in depth the benefits of nutrition and the positive impact it can have on their client’s life. They ask precise questions to plan nutritious diets that fit their customer’s needs. They promote a healthier lifestyle at schools, colleges, universities and workplaces.

Nutritionists are the picture of health and they love to share their dietary knowledge with all who wish to hear!

Finding a nutritionist or dietitian in the United Kingdom is a lot easier than many may think. Superprof is here to offer suggestions about how to find a professional nutritionist near you!

Nutritionists in London

nutritionists in london There are many talented nutritionists to choose from in the Greater London Area. (Source: Visual Hunt)

There are two types of nutritionists: those who work in the public sector and those who work in the private sector. 

Nutritionists working in the public can be seen in schools, hospitals and nursing homes. At these public places, they are busy planning nutritional meals for all those involved. They also raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Dieticians and nutritionists work together to create specific diets for those who are suffering from conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Those who are working in the private sector run their own nutritional practices and dietetics clinics. They specialize in what they know and make a lot more money than those who are working in the public sector. Clients come to them for planned meal schedules that will benefit their digestive system, skin, hormone levels and reduce fatigue.

Thankfully London is a very populated city with many great nutritionists available specializing in different things.

Here are some of our favourite options available in London:

  • LEC Nutrition: Laura Clark is a registered dietician motivating and inspiring clients to lead healthy, balanced lives through the consultations, seminars and other nutrition services. Workplace wellness is explored by analyzing hydration and snacks while at work. Laura has great blog posts about nutrition and stunning reviews from past clients.
  • The London Nutritionist: many meal plans and diets are explored especially the Low-Fad Diet which is designed for people who want to lose weight and at the same time adopt a healthy lifestyle. This diet focuses on helping people to make better dietary choices. Meal plans are also very well thought out and start at £95 for a 7-day personalized plan.
  • The Sports Nutrition Coach: specializing in sports nutrition for those who are incredibly active and want advice on the correct things to eat. Online nutrition coaching is offered by Skype without leaving the comfort of your home. Sessions are tailored to your needs and cost £85 for the initial assessment and £50 for the follow-up appointments. Recipes and healthy eating habits are highlighted during consultations with a sports nutritionist.

In London, there are so many good quality, professional nutritionists available. For example, on the website Nutritionist Resource, there are 115 working dieticians, wellness coaches and nutritionists in Central London. Check out the link in order to find one that suits your needs!

Nutritionists in Glasgow

eating the right stuff Nutritionists introduce clients to recipes that are healthy and savoury. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Glaswegians are in dire need of consultations and lectures from nutritionists because Glasgow was recently ranked the unhealthiest city in the United Kingdom.

Citizens of Glasgow smoke, drink and eat more junk food than they should. A recent study found that 20.9% of inhabitants don’t cook healthier meals because of laziness and 34.9% of Glaswegians smoke!

These sad statistics need to change. Glasgow’s inhabitants need to take better care of their health. Nutritionists are essential tools to teach citizens that letting go of harmful habits and adopting a healthier lifestyle will benefit them greatly in the long run when they do not have life-threatening diseases and illnesses.

Here are some of Glasgow’s best nutritionists:

  • Achilles Heel Sports Clinic: known primarily as a sports injury clinic, Achilles Heel has qualified nutritionist giving advice and planning meals for people of all sorts such as those who want to manage their diabetes, lose weight and gain weight. 60-minute introductory sessions are priced at £75.
  • Dr Katerina Vasilaki: registered dietitian and accredited clinical nutritionist who is the founder of The Mediterranean Dietitian. Katerina has created a 12-week nutrition and lifestyle programme called, “Neglected to Nourished” which follows a healthy, balanced diet, improves your relationship with your body and teaches you valuable recipes that can be used in the future. Shopping lists and individualized meals are prepared for you to avoid asking yourself, “What should I cook tonight?”
  • The Bothwell Clinic: nutritional therapy consultations are offered which cost £85 and last 90 minutes. During these nutrition therapy sessions, specialized diets and healthy eating habits will be suggested to help alleviate headaches, migraines, fatigue, insomnia and hormone imbalances. Tips for better skin and smoother digestion will also be discussed.

For a city that is iconically known for its bad health, there are quite a few impressive dietitians and nutritionists working in Glasgow. It is it never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle, check out Nutritionist Resource’s 10 health professionals working in the Greater Glasgow Area. Some offer online consultations via Skype and others extend a free 15-minute session to assess your needs.

Nutritionists in Manchester

hospitals are awful The British government and citizens of the UK need to learn that healthier diets lead to healthier citizens and that mean fewer trips to the hospital. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Not as bad as Glasgow but not nearly as good as Oxford, Manchester is also ranked as one of the UK’s unhealthiest cities.

Poor diets and unhealthy eating habits negatively contribute to the obesity, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes that are so prevalent among Mancunians.

Too much of the NHS’s budget is being spent on treating preventable lifestyle factors. 

Mancunians need to seek the help of professional nutritionists who are skilled at motivating, socially interacting with people of all backgrounds and of course providing valuable health advice for people who are struggling to adopt a healthy lifestyle on their own.

The city of Manchester needs to know that healthier citizens mean fewer trips to the hospital which means less taxpayer money spent. It’s really a win-win situation for all parties included.

Since Manchester is the second largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom, there is a vast majority of qualified health professionals. Here are some of the best ones offered:

  • JPD Nutrition: recent satisfied clients include the BBC, Shock Radio and the Manchester Titans. Diet plans are extremely well prepared and depend on the number of calories you wish to consume each day. These superb diet plans are priced at £60 and include 3 meals and snacks.
  • Angela MacRitchie: a strong believer in naturopathic and holistic treatments. The initial consultation with a naturopathic nutritionist costs £60 for a 90-minute session. These specialized health experts introduce diets that rid the body of any nutritional imbalances that may have been previously experienced.
  • Debbie Gallimore: a registered nutritional therapist and wellbeing coach. During consultations, Debbie helps clients choose recipes that include the right foods that will improve your health and overall wellness. Wellbeing courses are also offered at workplaces in a corporate setting teaching employees to take care of their health while on the job. It’s really a no-brainer because bosses know that healthy employees mean less sick days and more work is done. Debbie offers one on one consultations that cost £70 and include a nutrition and supplement plan.

There are many other great nutritionists to choose from in Manchester on the website Nutritionist Resource. Spending money on your health now is a future investment that will pay off during your golden years. No one wants to spend their last living years plagued with severe illnesses. Therefore, hire a professional nutritionist near you to show you the benefits of a healthy diet!

Helpful Tips from Qualified Nutritionists

good foods Eating more legumes, lentils and whole grains are extremely beneficial for the health. (Source: Visual Hunt)

When deciding to adopt a healthier lifestyle the biggest mistake we make is thinking that we are eating better than we actually are. We may believe that we are eating enough fruits and vegetables during the day to compensate for our late night guilty pleasures like chocolate and crisps.

However, it is always best to seek the advice of a professional. As we have seen in this article, nutritionists are food experts. It is their job to investigate food trends and make sure that they are scientifically accurate.

It is better to check with a qualified professional before implementing and removing food items from your diet.

Here are some scientifically accurate tips from qualified nutritionists:

  • Eat Enough Protein: eating the great amounts of protein is important for your health. Many dieticians claim that the recommended dietary intake is too low. A high protein diet boosts your metabolism significantly because it makes you feel so full that you cannot eat any more. Eating proteins in the morning reduce the desire for late-night snacking.
  • Try to Avoid Refined Carbohydrates: not all carbs are good and created equally. Refined carbs have been highly processed resulting in most of the fibre being removed. Foods such as white bread, white rice, pasta etc. are empty calories because there are basically no ingredients. Refined carbs are linked to overeating which causes obesity and unwanted weight gain.
  • Saturated Fats Are Not Your Enemy: hating saturated fats was completely a mistake. There is absolutely no link between saturated fats and heart disease. Saturated fats that can be food in dairy products and meats do raise cholesterol but the good kind.
  • Whole Plants Are Great: filling up your plate with at least 3/4 of plant foods such as lentils, quinoa, brown rice, beans, whole grains and vegetables contributes to healthy habits and essential nutrients.
  • Plan Meals for the Week: finding a day where you have 3-4 hours to cook 4-5 meals for the week takes the stress away from healthy eating. If you have things already prepared you will not be stressed about what to make when you get home from a long day of work. When you are tired, it is often tempting to throw a box of chips and chicken fingers into the oven because it is a lot easier. Planning healthy meals ahead of time will help you to avoid these dietary mistakes.

There is so much health information on the internet but if you follow the advice of a qualified nutritionist you will never go wrong!

It has been a pleasure for Superprof to show you where to find a professional nutritionist or dietitian in a city near you. I bet you never thought it would ever be this interesting adopting a healthier lifestyle!

Why not check out our other blogs on finding a nutritionist in Leeds, or Birmingham.

If you’re an athlete or training for a marathon why not look up where to find a sports nutritionist.


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