"Managing perfect body weight is not a complicated rocket science. Our body is made up of food which we eat during our day to day life. If we are overweight or obese at the moment then one thing is certain that the food which we eat is unhealthy." -Subodh Gupta

The popular saying, we are what we eat, proves to be scientifically accurate. Therefore, to attain an attractive figure and a well-balanced diet, it is essential to eat healthy foods that contribute to good nutrition.

The body needs well-chosen nutrients to grow, repair and metabolize. A careful diet of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains make the body very happy.

You will not get any healthier eating cheeseburgers, fried chicken and chips or ice cream! 

However, in order to adopt a healthier lifestyle, discipline and motivation are required. Many citizens in the United Kingdom are unsure about how to start living a healthier life because they do not know where to look for advice. Worries about knowing what foods to avoid, what foods are beneficial and where to find healthy recipes, plague the minds of well-intentioned Glasglow residents. The want is there but the ideas do not seem to flow!

Nutritionists are qualified professionals that specialize in healthy foods and diets. The advice from a nutritionist is invaluable and will cause you to meet your dietary goals!

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Who Are Nutritionists?

better together
Teamwork is a skill that every nutritionist needs to acquire. Whether you are working with a hospital or school cafeteria staff, all members need to work together unitedly. (Source: Visual Hunt)

For many living in Glasgow, the mere word nutritionist is absent from their vocabulary. The common consensus is that nutritionists and dieticians are for the city's most wealthy inhabitants.

This may be true in some cases, however, many nutritionists work for the government in public sectors such as hospitals and schools.

In primary schools, colleges and universities nutritionists work hard to plan nutritious cafeteria meals and promote healthy lifestyles for the students. They may conduct lectures teaching the importance of implementing items from the main food groups into meals and describing the benefits of adopting a healthy diet.

If certain schools are noticing trends in obesity a qualified nutritionist will be hired to investigate the health issues and diets of the students.

In hospitals and clinics, nutritionists work along dieticians educating health professionals about the benefits of good nutrition for patients who are suffering from specific illnesses. Nutritionists may set up special diets and advise patients suffering from diseases such as diabetes of what foods need to be avoided and what foods should be consumed.

For example, a qualified nutritionist, explains to a diabetic the reasons why eating too much sugar is dangerous for their health. 

Health specialists who work in the private sector make a lot more money and may have clients such as athletes, celebrities and politicians who have specific needs. For example, nutritionists work with actresses who want to implement new food items into their diet to have better skin or professional athletes who need an intense diet to move up a weight class.

Nevertheless, no matter what domain they specialize in, nutritionists are normal people just like you and me. Those who choose this career are usually people with outstanding social skills who can relate to people from all sorts of social backgrounds.

Here are some skills that are recommended for those hoping to become nutritionists:

  • Teamworking skills,
  • A deep interest in people and how implementing a healthy diet can positively affect their lives,
  • Good communication skills because sometimes complex scientific terms need to be explained in a simple way,
  • Very sociable with good interpersonal skills,
  • The ability to motivate and inspire people to make changes in their lives,
  • A love for and a basic understanding of science,
  • Business skills if the nutritionist decides to do freelance work in the private sector.

Nutritionists make it their goal to see you become healthier. They make sure you that you stick to your healthy diet and that in time making nutritional choices will not become burdensome but a way of life!

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Do Glaswegians Need Advice From Nutritionists?

junk food box
The Glasgow "Salad" is offered typically in restaurants across the city. This may be a contributing factor to the poor health of Glaswegians. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Glasgow is the sixth largest city in the United Kingdom with an estimated 1,788,000 inhabitants residing in the metro area. As is common with many Scots, Glasgow citizens are agreeable, conscientious and friendly. This makes visits to Scotland's largest city very enjoyable.

However, being friendly and open is one thing but being health conscious is another. 

Glaswegians are in dire need of consultations from qualified nutritionists because Glasgow was recently ranked the unhealthiest city in the United Kingdom.

According to a recent diagram published in an Express article, here are the reasons why Glasgow's citizens are considered to be so unhealthy:

  • 7% claim to only occasionally cook (probably not even healthy meals!),
  • 23.3% have diets that are too heavy with carbs and processed grains,
  • 7% say that they barely drink any water,
  • 34.9% of Glaswegians smoke (that's more than 1 in 3 inhabitants!),
  • 9.3% of citizens order takeaway two to three times a week,
  • 2.3% claim to consume more than 20 units or more of alcohol per week (their poor livers!),
  • 20.9% don't cook healthier meals because of laziness,
  • 14% exercise less than once a week.

All of these disturbing facts contribute to the fact that Glasgow is the unhealthiest place to live in the United Kingdom. These statistics should be extremely concerning for Glaswegians because a poor diet and unhealthy habits increase the chances of contracting cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

Glasgow has long been known as an unhealthy city with 1 in 4 men dying before they reach the age of 65. This is quite drastic in comparison to other cities in the UK such as Manchester and Liverpool.

While there are a variety of factors for low life expectancy and poor health such as low-quality social housing, high levels of stress, increased levels of poverty and vitamin D deficiency, a poor diet and unhealthy food and nutrition habits obviously contribute as well.

What do you expect from a city that is known for The Glasgow Salad?

The Glasgow Salad is essentially a heart attack in a box. It is a junk food box filled with various delights such as kebab meat, fried chicken, pizza, garlic bread, naan bread, chicken tikka, onion rings, chips and coleslaw. You can also order it by saying that you are begging for a triple bypass!

Citizens in Glasgow need to be taught how to eat better and make healthier choices. 

Nutritionists are needed to teach schoolchildren from a young age the consequences of bad eating habits. Those who are already suffering from health conditions need to be educated in hospitals by dieticians and nutritionists about how to cook healthy recipes that will prolong their life and keep them from developing complications from their illnesses.

Learning to develop a healthier diet is never too late, please, dear Glaswegians consult with a nutritionist as soon as possible to save your poor body!

Nutritionists in the Greater Glasgow Area

There is no need to travel far distances to encounter qualified and affordable nutritionists because there are many to be found in the Greater Glasgow Area.

Whether you are looking for a nutritionist to give you tips on adopting a healthy lifestyle, planning meals or eating for your body type, Glasgow has got you covered!

Here are some of Glasgow's best:

  • Achilles Heel Sports Clinic: primarily known as a physiotherapy and sports injury clinic, Achilles Heel also has qualified dietitians and nutritionists working to give clients advice on healthy eating, weight gain, weight loss, sports nutrition, managing diabetes with a healthy eating plan etc. Prices are reasonable at £75 for a 60 minute session and depending on the needs of the client, follow up consultations cost £40 for 30 minutes.
  • Lesley Reid Nutritional Health: is an experienced nutritionist and industry leader in the Glasgow area. She publishes helpful articles about how to watch your weight during the summer months and offers packages to lose weight and help better about the way you look. The Counterweight Programme offered is very interesting because it helps adults over the age of 18 to lose 5-10 kgs of excess body weight by equipping customers with skills to change their behaviours around eating and by using everyday foods.
  • The Bothwell Clinic: established in 2006 by founder Joyce Laurie, a qualified nutrition therapist. The clinic offers an initial consultation that costs £85 and lasts 90 minutes. Before your first appointment, you are asked to write down a 3-day food diary detailing all of the food items consumed in the last days. During your first consultation, a nutritionist or dietitian goes through your detailed food diary and offers suggestions to adopt a healthier diet. Nutritional therapy is extremely recommended from this clinic because it can help alleviate headaches and migraines, insomnia, fatigue and reestablish a better digestive system, healthier skin and balanced hormones.

These are just 3 suggestions of good quality nutritionists in Glasgow. There are many others to choose from offering exercise and meal plans that are suited for your needs.

The Nutritionist Resource database allows you to look for a qualified nutritionist near me. There are 10 nutritionists, dieticians and health coaches offered on this website within 30 miles of Glasgow. Some offer free 10 minute consultations while others offer nutrition plans online or in person.

Healthy Tips From Qualified Nutritionists

delicious olive oil
Olive oil is one of the healthiest fats on the planet. Extremely recommended by all nutritionists! (Source: Visual Hunt)

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We may all think we know what is healthy and what is not. Everything green or in a salad is good for you whereas all that is offered in the frozen food aisle at the supermarket is poison.

These opinions are formed by word of mouth and false scientific facts. 

It is always better to seek advice for an expert on the subject. Nutritionists are food and healthy lifestyle experts. Here are some practical, scientifically proven tips from them:

  • Avoid Artificial Trans Fats: very harmful and linked to cardiovascular diseases. Stay away and enjoy healthy fats from nuts or avocados.
  • Use Plenty of Herbs and Spices: a little spice can change the taste of food completely. Ginger and turmeric are not only delicious but extremely beneficial for your health because they have antioxidant effects.
  • Track Your Food Intake Every Once and Awhile: download an app or write things down in a food diary to know how many calories you are eating. It is very important not to go over the suggested daily amount and make sure you are getting enough protein, fibre and nutrients.
  • Don't "Diet": most nutritionists will offer practical suggestions to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Dieting is not recommended because it focuses on a short period of time and a long while. Losing weight is a positive side effect of better food choices.
  • Eat a lot of Egg Yolks: the myths about eggs being bad for cholesterol and cardiovascular health are completely false. The yolk of an egg is one of the most nutritious founds available on planet earth.
  • Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil: the healthiest fat on the planet that has powerful antioxidants that help fight inflammation and reduce the risks of heart disease and strokes. Avoid vegetable oils and pay the extra price for high-quality olive oil, your body will thank you later!

Following the right advice from the right nutritionists can lead to overall wellness right now and a healthier lifestyle in the future.

Glaswegians do not fear the consultation rooms of nutritionists and do not think that they are just for the financially well-off, good nutrition tips from a qualified nutritionist can save your life!

Look out for nutritionists in the following areas too:

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