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Holistic nutritionist and herbalist student offering online advice, lessons and consultations to interested indivduals

I provide advice, lessons, and consultations to anyone wishing to learn more about how food is medicine, using herbs to supplement or as an alternative to conventional medicone and to debunk many myths of what the best diet is. I focus on nutrition for the individual and how herbal preparations can compliment a nutritional protocol and encourage healing.

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Well-being tutorials for people who want to feel well - if you feel well you do well!

My method of teaching is based on the principle of small building blocks make the whole and showing how every building block is inter-connected so that students understand every component in the context of the bigger picture.

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Mindfulness, positive thinking and self care, Nottingham NG5, counseling BSC Honours degree Counselling & Psychotherapy

My method is to be honest, approachable and congruent. Building on an honest and genuine way of working, allows us to be real to ourselves.

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Qualified Health and Wellbeing Consultant offering the ultimate health toolbox in Gloucestershire

My approach is facilitative and supportive. I teach theory and encourage my students to use this to move forwards in their own exploration of weekly themes. I encourage discussion and reflection. Lesson structure includes some theory, some experiential learning and discussion. Each week will have a recap of the week before and clear aims and objectives for each session.

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Teaching How To Live Healthy And Freely, Teaching The Well Being For You

I teach on my students choice. What they want to learn I will teach. I will gladly do videos on how to cook the food and other helpful things if that is what they need.

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Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience specialising in Nutrition, exercise & weightloss.

My lessons are based upon firstly finding out what motivates you, what are your goals, have you been successful before? The next stage would be to find your relationship with food, your eating habits and reviewing your food diary. Once we have discussed these we can start to get to work on changing your lifestyle to achieve your goals.

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Sport and Exercise Science with Nutrition Graduate Offering Nutrition Advise & Other Academic Needs

I approach teaching in a fun way. I understand children or students do not always want to learn, therefore, it is important that each lesson is looked forward to. I also want the student to feel safe with me.

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Hospitality professional offering key insight and support in nutrition and stress management at work.

My teaching method is therapy based, where a health and/or stress related problem or concern is identified and divulged, a wishlist and goal established, followed by the moulding of an effective game plan which I will encourage you throughout.

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Student Dietitian teaching Self-Development and Care: how to improve your nutrition and give an idea of what the dietetic role is!

My teaching style is very relaxed and is more of a conversationalist style, I believe this way is best because it allows you to feel comfortable asking any questions and it creates a better environment for both the student and the teacher.

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Tutor providing basic lessons on the effects of nutrition/diet & diet coach

Online Video; Informal friendly tutor providing diet & nutrition coaching Understanding current diet and if any medication is being taken (illnesses) , Creating a food plan for each individual, creating short term and long term goals. Generating exercise plans. Weekly review of progress would be part of the plan. Providing verbal support and well researched advice.

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Nutrition/Sports Nutrition and Performance specialist BSc, MSc, ISSN_Dip, UKAD Advisor/Tyne and Wear

I Have worked in professional sports for the last 5 years (rugby League/boxing) and have had great success on both a national and international stage. I blend theoretical science into an applied setting allowing the student to gain a comprehensive understanding of how nutrition can aid good health and improve sporting performance.

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Do you want to lose weight, to know what to eat before working out or just learn how to eat well? Sport and exercise nutrition students offering nutrition lesson and consultation in London

I am happy to teach or give consultation to everyone. I believe in an evidence-based approach because it is essential when it comes to people' health. The first session will be a guide for me, to understand what you know about nutrition and give suitable advice/plan for you.

Little Downham
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Resourceful and insightful freelancer offering mechanisms and stratagems for anger management solutions.

My teaching experience is predicated upon my motivated approach to the industry and experience utilising interactive software for connectivity and building a rapport with individuals and peers. The methodology of my purveyed teaching approach is analytical, attentive and personalised to whatever a student would prefer.

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Herbalist student offering exciting classes on living a healthy lifestyle including PCOS

I base my classes on studies I have done myself and they have proven to work for example, I suffered with PCOS and struggled to get pregnant for 4 years. I am now in a situation where my body is much healthier and I am due to have a baby in 5 months and we managed to conceive naturally without any help and it's all down to what you are putting in your body.

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Learn English language so as to communicate in simple and quick way.

Firstly i inquire what students wants and hope to achieve, this is where we proceed from. Then I generally use and follow a required syllabus to teach and then i also patiently focus on those topics where my students needs to be improved to boost performance.

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Healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Loose weight and get fit fast.

My teaching method varies based on the initial assessment Of The learner. I take into account the different needs and learning styles of learners .full info and support based on my own personal experience .All topics covered 100%.full support, advice and I also provide samples and evidence of my own journey from 110kg to 70kg.

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2nd Year Sport and Exercise Science Student with a vast amount of experience in high level rugby

Studying a Sport and Exercise Science degree allows me to educate people using knowledge gained from industry leaders and fellow peers. I base my practices around a research led approach, therefore allowing me to provide information which is at the forefront of this field.

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PGCE graduate in Newcastle area specialising in Sport science, past teaching experience offering tutoring for BTEC AND A Level learners in sport and P.E

I like learners to lead lessons, my input is for correction and extra information, getting to know learners interests helps me to create a more friendly atmosphere, I dont like to use tests but would rather use discussions and debates, my past teaching experience are at level 3 BTEC and A level, my passion is for healthy living and creating the best performers possible.

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Business Management and Public Health graduate and worker with experience. Experienced tutoring available

I base my classes on topic themes. i.e. nutrition, diet, physical activity, behaviour change, weight loss etc. I have a passion to teach and pass my knowledge and experience to potential learners as I have a personal and professional desire to provide the intellectual know how around business management and health and wellbeing.

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Weight management, health and fitness coach: Sports Science Graduate and trained Gym instructor

I believe that the focus should be on enjoyable, easy and effective interventions which can improve health and well being. Our first consultation will be a thorough analysis of your lifestyle and goals to allow me to develop a tailored plan to suit your needs.

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Home Economics, Student Training Teacher offering Lessons up to New Hospitality, Practical Cookery Lessons

My teaching method is and can be different per student, therefore i find it best to work with the pupils in there learning and how they work best and how they are be suited to learning on each topic of the course

Cheslyn Hay
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Nutritional sciences MSc student at university of Nottingham studying to become a registered nutritionist

I adapt my teaching method based on each student’s learning style and needs and may vary this from lesson to lesson to help improve the learning associations being made. I will try to use relatable examples to help improve understanding and support each student using a variety of material.

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Exercise Medicine Masters student offering evidence based tutoring in exercise physiology and nutrition for both health and performance.

My lessons are suitable for upto undergraduate (level 6) ability but I can differentiate to make them suitable for lower levels. My teaching style is more of a guide, in that, I'll help to direct you to the answer, rather than giving you the specific answer.

1st lesson offered free !

A Level student offering tried and tested weight loss and training programme

I would offer up to 5 lessons, as you don't really need much more than that and help narrow down a programme that suits you as an individual! We can decide the foods that are best for you as well as divising a detailed training programme.

Tyne and Wear
1st lesson offered free !

Australian student offering Nutrition and Dietetics Tutoring lessons and services in Newcastle

My teaching method is basic and simple, allowing us to cover the key components and areas of your current subject that will allow you to pass and also gain an understanding. My methods are not tough, and won't have you slaving over the books for hours, just the necessities.

1st lesson offered free !

Nutrition and sport science graduate with past tutoring experience in Glasgow centre

I am passionate about my subjects and enjoy working with young people and passing on this passion to them as well as motivating them to reach their potential. I have the ability to explain and breakdown complicated terminology, theories and concepts to my students thereby increasing their confidence and making their workload more manageable.

1st lesson offered free !

I would love to share my perfect way to eat healthily and keep control without heavy exercise or low-calorie dieting.

I am a journalism student by day but in my spare time, I love to research basic health and nutrition. I believe that dieting starts with the mind and that food shouldn't be seen as a reward or punishment, just basic fuel. I have tried all the crazy diets out there but my research so far has led me to the healthy lifestyle I lead today.

Greater London
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Science graduate (B.S. Biomedical Sciences) and current Master's student offering fitness/nutrition/weight loss coaching in London or online

I'm a Master's student studying in London but am originally from the US. I have a B.S. Biomedical Sciences from a US university. I give lessons to anyone wanting help to reach fitness or weight loss goals, whether that be fat loss or muscle building. I will create a personalized plan for you based off your goals, needs, and lifestyle.

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Forget dieting, I will teach you how to eat better, live better.

Based on my own decades long experience in Spain, I will help you change your eating habits for a healthier, happier, better lifestyle. I will be with you each step of the way helping you make the changes you need to achieve your goals.

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Sport, Exercise & Nutrition postgraduate offering Nutritional advice and guidance in Northumberland

I am a Bachelor of Science in Sport, exercise and nutrition and can offer simple, concise and comprehensive advice tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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