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Find A Sports Nutritionist Near You

By Remi, published on 17/10/2018 Blog > Health and Fitness > Nutrition > How To Find A Sport Nutritionist Near Me?

For serious athletes and gym-goers who are driven by performances and self-improvement, having an uncompromising and intense training routine might not be enough to reach their goals.

Often you will meet plateau which, by definition, are hard to overcome without any outside help. That is when the professional advice of a sports nutritionist or a registered dietitian will come in handy. Nutrition and Dietetics are as much important as resistance training and cardio sessions.

Your physiology and nutritional needs may be more complex than you think. Are your nutrients intake adapted to your exercise routine? Do you need vitamins or sports supplements? Better ask a sports dietician.

When you are competing at high levels, your body becomes your work tool. Everything you eat or drink will affect your metabolism, which in turn will have an impact on your body which eventually will influence your athletic performance.

A sports nutritionist will take into account your age, gender, level of fitness, and even your genetic background to decrypt your metabolism and allow you to unlock your full potential.

Some athletes are naturally gifted with higher performing genes, allowing them to neglect their diets and still be able to achieve great results. But most people are not so lucky; Most athletes will rely on the counselling of sports nutritionist to improve their speed, power, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, muscularity, or even their ability to focus.

However, you do not have to be an Olympians to consult with a sports nutritionist. Those wanting to run a marathon, take part in sports challenges such as the Iron Man Triathlon or the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon or more modestly to take on a sport on a regular basis, can all benefits with a visit to a sports nutritionist.

Find a nutritionist near me.

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

– John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States

Running a marathon is no easy task. Ask the help of a sports nutritionist if you are looking to train for a marathon. ( by Informedmag)

Sports Nutritionist in London

London has seen a significant improvement in the health of its inhabitants for the past decades. Male Londoners can expect to live up to 80 years while women average 84 years of life expectancy.

The booming gym industry in the capital is probably one of the main factor driving the fitness and wellness wave in London. With gyms opening every month over town, with memberships ranging from £10 to £50 per month, it is hard not to join.

Most people don’t go to the gym because they enjoy it but because they know that their busy daily schedules are not enough of an exercise. However, most people, once the gym in their routine, actually enjoy breaking a sweat lifting weight or on the treadmill and the more results you see, the more likely you are to keep going.

That is why a sports nutritionist might be a good investment. If you benefit from the help of such a professional, you will be much more likely to see the effect of your gym sessions. Dietetics and exercise complete one another.

Steve Great Health

This nutritionist practice benefits from the knowledge of a core of professional as well as a network of certified health practitioners.

They aim to listen, support and guide people wanting to better their health, their eating habits or their sports performance: the three being closely linked.

The personalised journey offered by the Steve Grant Health Clinic is tailored to overcome health symptoms, restore the balance in both your body and mind and optimise how you look, feel and think.

The clinic’s wellness professional will review your health and life history, your nutrition, lifestyle and past clinical results and reports and then design out your health journey giving you the tools to achieve your goals.

They integrate medicine, mindfulness and meditation into the process, making sure that both your body and mind are the best they can be.

With a combined experience adding up to decades of expertise, the Steve Grant Health Clinic is open to anyone, athletes, gym bunnies and gym haters who wish to improve their performances or simply better their general health.

Rick Miller – Clinical and Sports Dietitian

Millers’s nutrition career started at the prestigious University of St Andrews. Following this, he completed a Master of Science in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from Loughborough University before beginning his clinical training as a Dietitian at Leeds Beckett University.

Miller has been a martial art practitioner since his young age, and he grew to know the importance that a balanced diet had on an athlete’s performance and recovery.

As a health practitioner, Miller works both in the public and private sector, helping children and adult patients with a wide range of clinical conditions. His support network comprises all sorts of healthcare professionals including the Performance Rx and the Institute of Sports Exercise and Health.

Millers has been helping patients with food allergies and intolerance, cancer nutrition support and recovery from chemotherapy treatment, digestive problems, weight and body fat loss, body sculpting, recovery from weight loss (bariatric) surgery or diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance and metabolic syndrome.

He also assists people with functional Sports Nutrition to help you reach your very best in exercise and daily activity through a healthy and balanced diet.

His expertise will help you address underlying clinical concerns that could be affecting recovery,

He will also provide pre, during and post-operative nutrition support in case you may have had to undergo surgery.

He can design a program for you to increase your muscle mass and reduce body fat and develop a bespoke sports nutrition plan to enhance your training dietary supplementation to boost your performance.

More nutritionists in London.

Exercising and dieting for a healthy lifestyle. Exercising is only one part of a healthy lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet and meditating will improve your wellness too.

Sports Nutritionist in Manchester

For the last few years, the NHS found that Mancunian men and women have had a shorter life expectancy than most of the rest of the UK. The study also found out that Mancunians would enjoy an average of 56 years of good health out of 75 years of life expectancy.

While we can not blame it all on Manchester Tarts, Eggs, and the local black pudding specialities, it seems that Mancunians could benefit from a little bit more fitness and the counsel of nutritionists.

Optimise Personal Wellness

It looks like the name of the clinic sums it all up. Indeed this nutritionists practice specialises in developing personalised training combined with nutrition program and medicine practices.

Bases in the heart of Manchester, this wellness clinic is all about helping you to look, feel and perform better and to maximise your potential in and out of the gym.

They can either help you resolve a specific health problem or help you lose fat and get stronger. The clinic’s team of professional also works on the psychological aspect of health, and they could help you resolve mental or emotional factors that are preventing you from achieving the best performance possible, being in a specific sport or in life in general.

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Sports Nutritionist in Glasgow

The Glasgow effect has been studied for the last 10 years. However, it is not as good as it sounds. Indeed, the phenomenon refers to the poor health of Glasgewian, and how much more likely people from West Scotland are to die earlier than their British fellows.

A lot of hypotheses have been advanced to the shortest life expectancy in Western Europe: soft water lacking essential minerals, contaminated land, historical policies or a combination of cold winter and a deficiency in vitamin D.

The city also has been known to enjoy a drink or two or 447, i.e. the number of pints sold in Glasgow per habitant in 2015.

Of course, it is wrong to generalise, and Glasgow is also home to hundreds of gym which probably would not keep trading if not for members visiting them and keeping them afloat.

If you are into sports and beer, we can’t promise that a sports nutritionist will be able to reconcile both your hobbies but at least a consultation could help you to make small changes in your daily routine and diet which could significantly improve your overall wellbeing.

More nutritionists in Glasgow.

The Achilles Heel Clinic

Based in Glasgow, this clinic has been helping athletes and sports enthusiast through their journey to a better self.

The two owners, Christine and Katie, are both passionate about anything sports and they have assembled a full team of qualified and certified professionals to help patients achieve their goals and get them back on their feet after an injury.

Their team includes registered dietitians and nutritionists, an accredited exercises physiologist, a physician specialised in sports medicine and fitness instructors that will all work together to give you a competitive edge either at the gym, in your practice of endurance sports or during your physical preparation.

The clinic offers most of the services you could ever require from a sports clinic: nutrition, sports massage, physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, podiatry or chiropody.

They can also help you to get back to your favourite sports quickly and efficiently by treating ankle and foot problems, back, shoulder, knee, elbow, hand or wrist pain as well as headaches.

Give them a ring now to book your first appointment.

Yoga in the park. Yoga is a very low impact workout that can have tremendous effects on your physical shape. It is recommended to include it in your workout program. (by daverose259)

A Sports Nutritionist Near You

If you are looking for a sports nutritionist anywhere in the UK, check out Nutrition Resource. The website lists most of the registered nutritionist in the country, and it also offers a wide range of online resources regarding health, wellness and diet.

I found a nutritionist near me through Superprof!

Book A Sports Nutritionist On Superprof

Superprof can also help you find the perfect health professional to help you improve your performance or get more out of your work than back pain and sore muscles. These professionals can make recommendations on nutrient and vitamin supplements if necessary and they will also be able to establish the perfect nutritional program for you based on your body mass and body composition as well as your sports training.

With hundreds of nutritionists and fitness specialist lists for the UK, you will be guaranteed to find someone to help you near you.

For Leeds nutritionists, click here.

For Birmingham based nutritionists, click here.


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