"Nutrition is important, training is important - but so are rest and recovery, massages and acupuncture. Your body is your temple and you've got to take care of it." -Antonio Brown

Eating the right food can have positive effects on your mood, health and overall lifestyle. In order to keep functioning correctly, our bodies need a balanced diet.

Good nutrition is essential for a healthy life. MedicineNet defines nutrition as the process of taking in food and using for growth, metabolism and repair.

Those delicious cheeseburgers at McDonald's are not going to make you grow in a healthful way!

However, many people all across the United Kingdom do not know how to implement a healthy diet that can potentially prevent serious illnesses and prolong their lives. Even the most health-conscious make serious dietary mistakes without realizing it.

Solutions to a healthier lifestyle lead London citizens searching for answers all over the internet for diets and suggestions that contradict themselves and in all honesty, do not work. These wasted efforts leave many people feeling discouraged and looking for answers.

Have no fear Londoners, nutritionists are here to save the day! Nutritionists set up diets that work for your specific needs and ultimately help you establish a healthy lifestyle that sticks.

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What Exactly Do Nutritionists Do?

planning meals
Qualified nutritionists have a variety of roles including planning meals that are low in calories, fats and sodium. They might even measure the size of your sandwich! (Source: Visual Hunt)

Teachers are experts in teaching, mechanics are experienced in auto repair, chefs are skilled in cooking and nutritionists are experts in the fields of food and nutrition.

Nutritionists in the UK advise people on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and they go out of their way to see you achieve your specific health-related goals.

They are qualified professionals that have spent at least 3 years studying nutrition at a distinguished university in the United Kingdom. 

Nutritionists or dieticians can be found roaming the halls of hospitals, cafeterias, nursing homes and schools. Those who prefer to work on their own open private practices and deal with the specific dietary needs of athletes, celebrities, politicians and other rich people.

Here are some of the basic work tasks of nutritionists:

  • They explain nutrition in depth and the benefits it can have in the client's life,
  • Carefully examine through precise questions the clients' health needs and current diet. For example, a nutritionist might demonstrate and suggest recipes that are low in sodium for patients that are dealing with cardiovascular issues,
  • Nutritionists are professional meal preppers. They take into their customer's dietary restrictions, preferences and of course the budget. They wouldn't force you to spend extra money that you don't have. If you have a beer budget, champagne priced items will not be suggested!
  • Since they are qualified professionals, they keep up to date with the latest food trends and newest nutritional research. They investigate the trends and determine if they are true or false,
  • Dieticians make it their goal to promote better nutrition in families, at schools, nursing homes and public areas. They may speak at lectures and be invited into the classroom to teach primary schools the necessary food groups and do's and don'ts of good nutrition.
  • Regular follow-ups with clients are performed to evaluate the effects of the meal plans implemented and to see if they need to be changed.

Nutritionists are seen to be the picture of perfect health. For those who work in the community, they want to share their valuable knowledge with all in order to promote healthier and longer lasting lives. Special interest is taken in schoolchildren because it is best to promote a healthy diet at a young age.

Dieticians who work in hospitals are specialized in medical nutrition therapy. They understand different diseases and plan meals accordingly for those affected. Nutritionists may choose to work with patients who have a specific illness in order to include the necessary nutrients for recovery and stability.

Many nutritionists work for private functions and parties planning meals. Celebrities and politicians are notorious for dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, dairy-free, fat-free (pretty much fun-free!), vegan, vegetarian etc. Professional nutritionists are hired to plan meals and avoid mistakes.

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Is There a Need To Go See A Nutritionist in London?

unhealthy food is cheaper
One of the reasons why Londoners suffer from poor diets is because unhealthy food is cheaper to buy than healthy food. (Source: Visual Hunt)

London is England's glimmering capital filled with artsy cafes, bougie restaurants and outstanding food trucks. There is definitely no shortage in fine eats, whatever you are craving, Jamaican patties, butter chicken, pad thai and I mean everything London has it!

However, perhaps this wealth of food options has lead London away from the top of healthiest cities in the UK. This is surprising because everywhere you go in London you can find boutique gyms, natural juice bars and fitness festivals.

Londoners have the reputation of being obsessed with health and overall wellness. 

It may not be so much of a fitness issue because it is reported that on average 65% of London residents are hitting the gym weekly. Nevertheless, the problem is most likely based on people's daily diet.

Many citizens claim to not have time to prepare healthy meals or simply do not know what recipes to choose from. The usage of ready meals, frozen foods and convenience meat products have risen drastically in the last decade.

The daily utilization of these poor quality foods comes as a surprise because British citizens are being constantly bombarded with recipe books and health campaigns that encourage a healthy diet.

However, money plays a big part in a healthy diet. Healthy food is known to cost more money than unhealthy food because the quickest and most cost effective way of getting food energy and calories into your body is through sugars, fats and processed meals. The most nutritious food like fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains is often priced higher.

We understand, most families are on a very strict budget in order to make end's meet but a poor diet from unhealthy foods results in dietary imbalances and early onset illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, strokes and cancers of the stomach and oesophagus.

So are Londoners in need of meal plans from professional nutritionists?

The answering is a resounding yes!  

Sessions with a professional nutritionist or attending lectures offered by the community can show London residents that healthy meals can be prepared in a simple way using ingredients that will not break the bank. Nutritionists often have great knowledge of where to find bargains of healthy foods!

Health problems follow you your whole life, seek the help of a London based nutritionist to get you and your family's correct diet back on track.

Where to Find Nutritionists in London?

shedding the pounds
Well planned meals and the adoption of a healthier lifestyle are better than dieting. Nutritionists can make stepping on that scale an encouraging moment! (Source: Visual Hunt)

Finding a nutritionist in London is not like finding a pub. A little more effort is required but it is extremely possible.

Thankfully, London is a very large city, with over 8.7 million inhabitants, there is a wealth of qualified nutritionists at your disposal.

Some specialize in meal preparation and specific illnesses while others focus on eating for beauty and overall wellness. Here are some of London's best nutritionists:

  • Nutritionist Angelique Panagos: qualified nutritional therapist that specializes in weight management, hormonal health, stress and digestion. Angelique has had many eating disorders and nutritional problems, therefore, she is compassionate and understands clients who are going through similar issues. Her clinic offers nutritional consultations, corporate wellness and nutrition bridal boot camp (engaged girls will like this one!),
  • Amelia Freer: comes highly recommended from goop (Gwyneth Paltrow's health and wellness website). Amelia is a nutritional therapist and author of Eat. Nourish. Glow. & Cook. Her website is filled with recipes, tips and advice about adopting a healthy diet that contributes to the wellness of your skin. Amelia offers cooking classes in her home or yours to demonstrate how to cook for a better wellbeing.
  • The London Nutritionist: located on Harley Street in Westminster, Jo Travers offers many services, meal plans and diets such as the Low-Fad Diet which is designed for people who want to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle but don't have time to follow a complex diet, but instead want a few tips to help them make better choices. Jo is a registered dietician and her meal plans are very well thought out. Personalized 7-day meal plans start at £95 and the recipes are emailed to you.
  • Alice Mackintosh: extremely talented and experienced. Alice offers a series of testing before planning a nutritional plan. The tests are done to gain a more accurate picture of the internal environment of the body. Tests are done to analyze the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and thyroid, the nutrient levels in the blood, allergies and intolerances and amino acid balance. An initial consultation with Alice costs £190 and the follow up £150.

These aforementioned examples are just some of the hard-working nutritionists working in the Greater London area. There are many others to choose from and consultations can range from £50 to £200. The first consultation is always more expensive than the follow-ups.

The Nutritionist Resource website allows you to search for qualified dieticians that might be located near where you live in London. Some are even available for online nutritional support. Did you hear that, nutritional support without leaving your house? There really is a plethora of options, choose the right one for your specific needs!

Helpful Tips From Qualified Nutritionists

drinking from the tap
Drinking water before meals can help you lose weight; a scientific fact that no one can deny! (Source: Visual Hunt)

Human beings have a tendency to overestimate the things they are doing. The same is true when it comes to nutrition: we may think we are doing better than we actually are.

We may believe, in our own distorted minds, that we are taking enough vitamins, eating healthy foods and drinking the correct amount of water but as time goes by we are not seeing weight loss or positive mood changes. This is because we are compensating for eating junk food with a healthy diet.

You cannot eat a bag of crisps along with a low-fat yoghurt parfait and call it healthy! 

The internet is full of information from nutritionists contradicting themselves but here are some nutrition tips that are actually evidence-based:

  • Don't eat too many added sugars: sugar is the worst ingredient in our diets. Obesity and heart disease are linked to eating more added sugars than you should.
  • Drink water before meals: drinking water right before meals can burn calories more rapidly. A study shows that those who drank half a litre of water, 30 minutes before a meal, burnt 44% more fat. That's good news for those looking to lose weight!
  • Eat enough probiotics: the gut is the most forgotten organ. Eating yoghurt and sauerkraut and other foods filled with probiotics contribute to healthy and functional gut bacteria.
  • Eat nuts: full of the right kind of fats, magnesium and vitamin E. Scientifically proven to speed up the metabolism.
  • Avoid junk food, eat good stuff instead: low in fibre, protein and nutrients, overly processed foods trick the brain into earing more than you should and creates addictions.
  • Eat a lot of fatty fish: filled with omega-3 fatty acids that lower the risk of pretty much all diseases.
  • Get enough sleep: getting the right amount of sleep is just as important as your diet and exercise. Your body needs time to rest or it won't function as well as it should.

Nutritionists are happy to help health-conscious individuals reach their goals. Being honest with yourself and accepting the help from a qualified dietician is the secret to a healthier lifestyle!

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