"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but will rater cure and prevent disease with nutrition." -Thomas Edison

In today's world, GMOs, MSG, artificial colouring, and added sugars are far too common in the food items that are readily available to the majority of the population; this is especially true in underdeveloped lands where healthy alternatives have not yet been introduced.

A lack of awareness and stress on the importance of a healthy diet make people continue with their unhealthy eating habits. 

However, many people do not know where to look for advice on how to adopt healthy eating techniques and stay away from food that could harm their body.

There is no need to fret dear readers, Superprof has the solution!

So, what is the solution? Finding a nutritionist and attending consultations with one to improve overall health and wellbeing. In today's article, we will help Belfastians find professional, experienced, and qualified nutritionists working near them.

The Importance of Good Nutrition

eating unhealthy is expensive
Many people do not realise that in the long run, eating unhealthy is quite expensive since a lot of money will go to medical bills. (Source: Unsplash)

They say you are what you eat, so according to that statement, I was a small Coca Cola and bag of Doritos yesterday morning; I need to start making more nutritional choices!

But, why the sudden obsession in nutrition in today's day and age?

People have started to take a more active interest in their health because they realise that by adopting a healthy lifestyle and having a balanced diet, they will have a better quality of life.

However, vitality and increased energy are not the only reasons people should think of hiring a nutritionist to teach them better-eating habits and create meal plans; there are many reasons that show the importance of proper nutrition such as the following:

  • It's Expensive Being Unhealthy: many low-income households in the UK are guilty of eating processed and refined sugars because they claim it is much cheaper than purchasing healthy food items. While this may be true in the beginning, in the long run, buying junk food ends up being more expensive; how so? After a lifetime of consuming delicious but detrimental frozen foods and sugary snacks, individuals end up spending many of their last years in hospitals losing money from not working trying to cure preventative diseases.
  • Maintains a Healthy Immune System: our immune system is our defence mechanism against disease; therefore, for it to be healthy we need to fill our bodies with healthful items such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and lean meats such as salmon, tuna, and turkey. It has been proven that a lack of nutrients and minerals is the leading cause of a weak immune system and immunodeficiencies worldwide.

When individuals realise that a healthy lifestyle will save them their hard-earned money in the long run and prevent them from getting sick too often, making nutritional choices does not become so taxing. Trust us, eating right now and practising proper nutrition has more pros than cons; the only downfall is that you might have to eat fish & chips just once a week!

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The Best Nutritionists in Belfast

nutritionists help people stay healthy
The best nutritionists work hard to make sure that all individuals are marking healthy choices. (Source: pixabay)

Belfast is the largest city and capital of Northern Ireland with a population of approximately 340,000. Known for the Titanic, the Industrial Revolution, and a turbulent period known as the Troubles.

Since Belfast is a major city in the UK, many professionals are working within the town specialising in a wide variety of sectors such as nutrition.

Therefore, without further ado, the following are some of the most highly recommended nutritionists in the Belfast area:

  • Vital Nutrition: run by health enthusiast and nutritionist Jane McClenaghan, Vital Nutrition is a highly recommended institute to receive health advice in the Greater Belfast area. Jane conducts cooking classes, wellbeing workshops, and develops workplace health programmes for companies all over Ireland and North Ireland to educate people to make healthy choices. Jane's blog on the Vital Nutrition site boasts fantastic articles for all types of questions and concerns such as food items for men's nutrition, getting more out of your vegetables, and managing weight loss.
  • SRD Nutrition: operated by the highly qualified Sarah Danaher, who has practised nutritional sciences in London hospitals and clinics. SRD Nutrition is located in the town of Bangor, which is about 13 miles or 25 minutes away from Belfast. Sarah Danaher specialises in helping individuals with eating disorders, sports nutrition, digestive issues, and weight loss. Book a consultation today to meet with one of Northern Ireland's finest nutritionists.

The previously mentioned options are only two of the fantastic nutritionists working in the Belfast area; do your research to find one that best suits your unique needs!

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Consulting an Online Nutritionist in Belfast

Since the early 2000s, the internet has exploded and become something that the majority of the world's population uses every day.

However, was it always that way? 

Before the internet age, individuals frequently visited libraries or attended seminaries to receive the information they needed about a specific topic. Times have changed; most knowledge is learnt online in the comfort of a person's own home.

Private tutoring and information sessions via Skype or video calls have become all the rage. Subjects such as geography, foreign languages, and health sciences can be learnt with a private, online, academic tutor. 

Where does one look to find a nutritionist that conducts online sessions?

The following are some of the best online resources to find online nutritionists working near the city of Belfast and other parts of the UK:

  • Superprof: according to our highly recommended site, there are two Belfast based nutritionists offering their hourly services to help others stay healthy at £7 and £25 respectively. Also, if these tutors do not meet your standards, there are many other online tutors offering classes in other parts of the UK at competitive rates. Some of the tutors have years of experience consulting with people and aiding them to make nutritional choices. Also, want to know the best part about Superprof tutors? The first lesson is completely free!
  • Tutorhunt: another great tutoring site, Tutorhunt offers adult learners the opportunity to learn a wide range of academic disciplines and dietetics and nutrition is one of those subjects. According to the Tutorhunt site, various online nutrition tutors are offering their services in many distinct parts of the UK. Prices range from affordable to expensive, depending on the nutritionist's qualifications and specialities.

Online classes are a fantastic manner to learn more about nutritional facts and tips without having to leave your own comfortable home. It is also an excellent way for those who live in remote areas to contact a nutritionist since there might not be any in their hometown.

Helpful Tips From Nutritionists

the best food items
The overwhelming majority of nutritionists recommend eating Greek yoghurt. (Source: Unsplash)

Check here for nutritionist courses.

Without useful tips and advice from experienced professionals, it is sometimes challenging to stick to a healthy lifestyle or cook healthful meals that will improve vitality and overall wellbeing. 

In today's modern age, since the internet is so vast and completely filled with helpful information, it is very possible to find helpful tips from qualified nutritionists for free without booking a consultation; however, we still highly recommend seeking the advice of a health professional since everyone is unique. 

Therefore, without further ado, the following are essential tips from the world's best nutritionists:

  • Take it Slow: the rate at what you eat influences how much you will eat and how much you gain weight; therefore, it's better to take things slow and remember that it takes 20 minutes for your brain to receive messages that it's full. So eating slowly, allows your mind to think it's complete; natural science!
  • Consider Adding Greek Yoghurt to Your Diet: Greek yoghurt is thicker, creamier, more delicious, and better for your health than regular yoghurt; it contains over three times more protein than regular yoghurt. Also, since Greek yoghurt has been strained, it contains fewer carbs and lactose than regular yoghurt.
  • Grocery Shop With a List: don't go to the supermarket without a list, why? Not knowing what you should buy makes you impulse purchasing commonplace and usually not healthy foods! Also, don't go to the store hungry because you will only think of your cravings and how you can satisfy them.
  • Eat Lots of Eggs: eggs are incredibly healthy, full of protein, and contain many nutrients such as choline. Also, eating eggs in the morning increases fullness, which helps individuals stay away from unhealthy snacks during break time.

The previously mentioned tips are worth putting into practice since they are not complicated or impossible to comply. By following the advice of health professionals such as nutritionists, citizens of Glasgow will feel better than ever before!

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