"If you think the pursuit of good health is expensive and time consuming, try illness." -Lee Swanson

According to many statistics and articles, the majority of British citizens are living unhealthy lifestyles and setting themselves up for early death.

Lack of exercise, diets that are high in sugar, carbs, and processed foods, smoking, overdrinking, and a lack of vegetable and fruit intake are responsible for health issues in the UK. 

What can be done to combat the major health crisis that is occurring in the countries of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales?  

Many people often feel lost and do not know how to start a healthy lifestyle. What can be done? Seeking the advice and guidance of a professional nutritionist is a great start. Nutritionists have the goal of helping all types of individuals reach their fitness goals.

Without further ado, Superprof has the goal of showing the citizens of Edinburgh where a qualified nutritionist or dietitian can be found in their city and its surroundings.

How to Become a Nutritionist

nutritionists in UK
At Edinburgh-based universities, academic disciplines such as nutrition can be studied. (Source: Unsplash)

Becoming a nutritionist or dietitian is a perfect job for those who enjoy helping other individuals make healthy choices that will positively benefit their lives. The work of a nutritionist is varied and often focuses on working with diet plans, healthful food items, and people looking to reduce the effects of illnesses or diseases.

But how does one become a nutritionist? Is previous training, a diploma, or qualifications required?

To become a reputable nutritionist working in a UK-based city there are certain steps to be followed and specific qualifications that should be acquired to attract clients.

Nevertheless, it is essential to state that there are no particular entry requirements to become a working nutritionist; however, employers and clients usually expect health professionals in the UK to be registered with the Association for Nutrition (AfN), which requires a minimum of degree-level nutrition science from a qualified academic institute.

What is the association for nutrition? 

The AfN is a registered charity that has the purpose of protecting and benefiting the public. They hold the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN) which is a register of qualified nutritionists who met the standards of the AfN. 

Users can visit the Association for Nutrition to search for a registered nutritionist near them. 

For budding nutritionists to receive the accreditations they need, there are various universities and academic institutes in the UK such as Cardiff Metropolitan University, King's College London, University of Leeds, or the Manchester Metropolitan University. Also, health professionals can specialise in various aspects of health sciences such as animal nutrition, human nutrition, nutrition and exercise, and sports nutrition.

Also, those who have years of experience working in nutrition may receive correct qualifications based on their expertise. 

Before concluding this subheading, it is essential to state that a career in nutrition can be acquired through a variety of different manners; however, accreditation from a qualified school is the best way to go!

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Hiring the Best Nutritionists in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the most populated cities and is the capital of Scotland. Since the 15th century, Edinburgh has been recognised as the seat of the Scottish Government, the Scottish Parliament, and the supreme courts of Scotland. Because of its importance and prestige, Edinburgh has long been a significant centre of education boasting the best academic institutes in the UK.

What academic subjects can be learnt at a university in the Edinburgh area? 

Academic disciplines such as health sciences, education, engineering, languages, and law can be learnt by curious ones in the Greater Edinburgh area. 

For example, many of those who have studied health sciences have become nutritionists or dietitians. The following are some of the most highly recommended, professional, and qualified nutritionists working in the Edinburgh area:

  • Edinburgh Nutrition: the health experts at Edinburgh Nutrition strongly believe in the fundamental principle that you are what you eat; therefore, what do you want to be? Emma Conroy founded Edinburgh Nutrition in 2005, that is located on Blinkbonny Grove, after four years of scientific and clinical training. After more than a decade, Emma has become an industry leader helping hundreds of people with their health concerns and problems. Anyone can book a session with Emma by visiting the Edinburgh Nutrition website to experience first-hand her scientific, personalised, enjoyable, and supportive work ethic.
  • Edinburgh Centre of Nutrition and Therapy: Sarah Stelling, the owner, had the purpose of opening a centre for nutrition and complementary therapies that promote a holistic approach to health and well-being. The Edinburgh Centre of Nutrition and Therapy has been operational since 2005 and has helped hundreds of people adopt a healthier lifestyle. How so? By running classes, operating student nutritional clinics, host health-related talks, and conduct professional development seminars. Visit their website to learn more about nutritional therapy, complementary therapy, and prices.
  • Nutripanda: located at Palmerton Place in the city of Edinburgh, the health professionals at Nutripanda are experts in their domain and have many reputable certificates and diplomas to back up their qualifications. The main belief of the nutritionists and dietitians at Nutripanda is that food is central to achieving optimum well-being.

While the previously mentioned options are fantastic and worthy of consideration, it is highly recommended to conduct thorough research to find the best nutritionists located in Edinburgh that suit your individual needs.

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Online Sessions With an Edinburgh-based Nutritionist

nutritionists via video calling
Learning academic disciplines such as nutrition can be done online with a private tutor. (Source: Unsplash)

The internet has dominated every aspect and sector of the 21st century in one way, or another and education is no exception. Many academic disciplines that were previously learnt in a structured manner in a classroom setting can now be acquired online via private tutoring with a qualified tutor.

Nevertheless, even though many individuals are familiar with the fact that distinct subjects can be learnt via video calling in a virtual classroom, they are unsure about how to take advantage of their convenience.

What to do? Where can I find online nutrition classes with a qualified professional? 

Have no fear, Superprof is here! The following are some of the best online resources to find nutrition tutors based in the Edinburgh area:

  • Superprof: while it is socially unacceptable to brag, the experts at Superprof have no problem claiming that the tutors featured on our website are the best in the business. According to our most recently updated website page, there is one highly qualified nutrition tutor based in the Edinburgh area that is willing to travel to conduct sessions in the comfort of the client's own home. The nutrition tutor is named Craig, he charges £15 an hour, and he's based in the Bonnybridge region of Edinburgh. Want to know what's the best part of Superprof tutors? The first lesson is completely free! Also, if the services of the Edinburgh-based tutors do not satisfy your unique needs, consider the online nutrition tutors located in other UK cities.

It is essential to state that other online resources can be consulted to help individuals find highly recommended tutors specialising in nutrition in the Edinburgh area. Nevertheless, starting with Superprof tutors is a very safe bet!

Useful Tips From Qualified Nutritionists

eating protein
Eating healthy proteins for breakfast such as nuts, eggs, or dried fruits is a must to maintain a healthy diet. (Source: Unsplash)

When adopting a healthy lifestyle, there are many valuable tips from qualified nutritionists or dietitians that are necessary to ensuring success, staying on track, and avoiding fades or common beliefs that are detrimental to a healthful life.

Therefore, to avoid confusion from the overwhelming amount of nutritional information, the following are some lousy nutrition habits that all need to stay away from:

  • Staying Away From Calories: many clients continually eat less and fewer calories thinking that they will lose even more weight. At some point, the calorie intake is too low, and it doesn't make a difference; therefore, calorie intake should remain the same.
  • Don't Assume That All Smoothies Are Healthy: many people believe that all types of smoothies are healthy and beneficial. However, it is essential to mention that the majority of smoothies are loaded with calories and sugar.
  • Not Eating Proteins for Breakfast: many clients either skip breakfast or indulge in high-sugar granola or cereal bars. Unfortunately, the majority of granola bars leave people hungry around 10 am; however, by eating protein such as eggs, Greek yoghurt, nuts, or a handful of fruits health enthusiasts stay away from harmful habits.

By following the previously mentioned tips from professional nutritionists of things not to do, citizens of Edinburgh stay healthy and live long and prosper!

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