Cardiff is a beautiful city to grow up – and has even been voted the best city in the UK to live. That was due to its stellar quality of life, its low cost of living, and the fact that, not very far away, you’ve got some of the most beautiful places in the whole of the UK. No-one is going to argue that Cardiff isn’t, simply, great.

It’s now also a city with a booming education centre and an increasingly flourishing international population – two things which are giving the city an extra bounce in its stride. And there’s opportunities aplenty. If you’re living elsewhere, move there; if you live there already, there’s no reason to go anywhere else.

Yet, this is not an advert for Cardiff. Rather, we’re here to tell you of the great private tuition scene in Wales’s capital city. Because, whether you are after a trigonometry and algebra tutor or an English tutor, a chemistry tutor or a Spanish tutor, it’s a pretty great city to find them in too.

So, listen up: private tuition is another thing that makes Cardiff excellent.

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Find yourself a personal tutor in Cardiff!

Is a Private Tutor Worth It?

First, let’s set the record straight, by answering one of the most common questions about private tuition there is: is it actually worth it?

Well, to put the answer quite simply, there is a reason why a quarter of secondary school kids have a private tutor. Yes, they are totally worth it.

Tutors Enable Greater Academic Success.

The most obvious reason why private tutors are so worth it is that they improve your – or your child’s – grades. Whilst schools in the Cardiff area are often really fantastic, nothing beats the one-on-one care and attention that the best local tutors provide.

To have a dedicated tutor to work with you through your exam preparation. To have someone who can guide you in the direction of the most effective study skills. To have someone who can go step by step through your mathematics courses with you.

This is going to enable you to bring every detail from the syllabus into your knowledge – and then find the best ways to bring it out again during your exams and practice tests.

The school system is great. But if, as a student, you want to push yourself hard, a private tutor can help you do this. Private tutors do help to improve your grades.

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Tutors Help to Build Confidence.

But a home tutor does not just teach you, in that clinical, straightforward sort of way. What they do instead – or, at least, what the best tutors do – is to support you in finding your own answers to questions and to help you build your individual academic confidence along the way.

This is the important thing. Private tutors – academic, musical, linguistic, or of another sort – should be passionate and enthusiastic about the subject, and they should be able to welcome you into their passion too.

If you think of private tutors as people who are going to come in and just improve your or your child’s grades just like that, then you are missing something. Because tuition is rather a more nuanced and human process, that teaches your child much more than that.

A private tutor provides what a school teacher can’t necessarily: attention, personal support, and empathy with the demands of your learning.

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Private classes should, perhaps, be fun!

Cardiff’s Opportunities for Private Tutoring.

In Cardiff, the opportunities to find a tutor for your subject are numerous, potentially even overwhelming. There are hundreds of tutors, of hundreds of possible subjects, in the city. You just need to find the right one for you.

And here’s the thing. Just because the tutor has great reviews or has tutored thousands of people to the highest grades and levels of success, it doesn’t mean that they are right for you.

Tutors are human – and you are human too – and if you don’t get on with them, then it’s not going to be a hugely successful, or enjoyable, experience. That’s why it’s helpful if tutors offer, like we do at Superprof, a first session free.

Make sure you take advantage of this sort of offer. Because you really need to make sure that your future tutor is right for you.

But, let’s get down to it. Because there are so many tutors in the Cardiff area, we can’t list them all. Here are some of the best – for academic subjects, music tuition, and for languages.

We hope you find it helpful!

Academic Tutoring – in All Major Subjects.

The English tutor and the maths tutor are the two most sought-after subject teachers in the whole profession. That’s why, wherever you look across the city, you’ll find English and maths teachers in the greatest numbers. If that’s what you want tutoring in, then lucky you.

But if you want tuition in another subject, there’s no reason to worry, however – as you’ll see.

One-on-One Tutoring in Any Subject, with Cardiff & Vale Tutors.

Cardiff & Vale Tutors are one of the most professional tuition outfits in the Cardiff area. A large number of their staff are qualified teachers – or, at least, graduates with teaching experience in school.

They run across the Cardiff area and offer pretty much every subject you could want to be tutored in. That means science to Spanish, English to art – from GCSE to degree level at university.

They also have specialist support for people with dyslexia and dyscalculia too – so everyone is covered.

Take English and Maths Tuition at MagiKats Cardiff.

MagiKats are a UK-wide tuition provider whose aim is to make tuition fun without compromising on academic content.

They run courses for kids from primary school-level upwards, in maths, English, and reasoning. They are based in Llandaff and run classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Learn English and Maths with Kumon Cardiff.

Kumon is a global tuition company that has over sixty years’ experience. Based on the teaching method of its founder, Toru Kumon, each local centre provides individual tuition in maths and English.

Classes run for students between the age of six and fourteen – and the centre is in St John’s Church in Canton.

Get Support with Entrance Exams with Explore Tuition.

Whilst Explore Tuition offer maths and English tuition too, they are remarkable for the attention they pay to get children to pass the Eleven Plus and entrance exams for different independent schools.

Based in Thornhill, Explore Tuition provide themselves on their unique approach to tuition – and the fact that they tailor the class content just to you.

Find a Private Tutor in Cardiff with Superprof.

At Superprof, we link up students with passionate and experienced tutors in literally over a thousand subjects. Our online platform is easy to use and will connect you with as many private tutors in your area that you need.

Our tutors will come to you or meet wherever is preferable to you. Your private tutor is just a click away – and they can teach you languages and music too!

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Cardiff’s Language Tutors and English Classes.

With its growing international population, there is an ever-blooming language-learning scene in the city. Whether this is for French or Spanish, Japanese or Mandarin, you’ll find someone qualified to teach you how to impress your lover or relocate abroad.

For whatever reason you want to speak a foreign language, you’ll find the training you need here.

Take an English Class with PC English.

PC English is the name of the company run by Paul, a highly experienced English-language tutor in Cardiff. From training for the IELTS to casual learning, PC English has everything you need as a member of the international community in Cardiff.

You needn’t look any further for English classes in Cardiff.

Find a French Tutor with French Tuition Cardiff.

People learn French for a variety of reasons – for the purposes of their high school exam or just for the fun of it. This is something that Fabienne, who runs French Tuition Cardiff, understands completely.

And if you are hoping to learn French, with Fabienne you are in safe hands.

private music tuition
The private class is the only way to learn a musical instrument.

Music Tuition in Cardiff.

There’s not really any other way to learn music – whether a musical instrument or music theory – than with a private music tutor. It doesn’t really work in a group and people who try to learn independently often just give up.

Here are two private music tutors in Cardiff that can help to improve your musical ear.

Home Tutoring in Music from R.L. Johns.

At R.L. Johns, they – or rather, Rhodri himself – teach everything from music production to piano and mandolin.

He’s a music producer himself, but also an incredibly experienced teacher who can guide you through all the musical needs you may have.

Learn an Instrument with IMS Cardiff.

The Cardiff International Music School is where some of the best music tuition in Cardiff happens. From drum to bassoon, from cello to vocals, their music tuition is well-regarded, professional, and guaranteed to get you playing.

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