Lately, there has been a lot of concern over emojis: that we are defining our moods, and indeed ourselves through those graphic yellow faces.

The trend is not new. We've defined ourselves through our roles since the dawn of... civilization, at least:

I'm Sally's mum, Jackie's dad; or: I'm the breadwinner in this house!

We've also labeled ourselves according to our professions: I'm an accountant, an engineer, a teacher, a doctor...

Likewise, labels attached to our mental/emotional states serve to limit us by their definition: I'm depressed, or I'm so stressed!

Don't such descriptors convey the impression that your heart/head is a black place, and that you are so frazzled you can't think straight?

What if you could step into the light? Appreciate new horizons? Become the opposite of worn-out?

What if we stopped limiting ourselves by crippling definitions, and sought to tap into our wellspring of potential?

Would you believe that yoga practice could help you shed those confining layers?

Let's go find out which yoga studios in London help people relax the most!

The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Aligning your chakras permits full energy flow
In yoga philosophy, it is important to align your chakras to permit energy flow Source: Pixabay Credit: Sciencefreak

By no means are we suggesting that yoga is THE cure for everything that ails humankind.

However, we contend that each human is not everything s/he owns, does or feels: we are not the car we drive, the home we live in or the mundane tasks we fulfil in the course of our working day.

We are not angry or stressed; we feel anger or stress.

A subtle difference, true, but a critical one.

What yoga does is strip away all of the conditions brought on by the trappings of society, permitting a frank relationship with the essential you. The right yoga pose can help calm you, relieve tension and stress by channelling your breathing.

You are not a frazzled mum; you are a woman who feels the burden of motherhood – doesn't that make you feel better?

When you are in touch with yourself, you are less likely to be buffeted by external variables; you get to shut out all of that noise and scrutiny.

How can practising yoga near me help? In fact, there are many benefits of yoga. From your inner awareness and spirituality to your physical health.

Studies show that yoga can help manage anxiety and depression as well as stress. Furthermore, yogis experience lower blood pressure – a great way to combat heart disease.

Yoga can also help with:

  • Building stronger immune systems – regular yoga practices are better at warding off disease
    • Including asthma, diabetes and the possibility of stroke
  • Damage done by musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain
    • It can also ease arthritis pain and chronic headaches/migraines
  • Improving circulation
  • Sleeping better
  • Boosting concentration and creativity
  • Increasing flexibility, strength and stamina

You might be a tad incredulous at this list, especially the last bullet: how can laying around on a yoga mat increase strength and stamina?

In fact, yoga is a total body workout that gently (or not so gently, depending on what type of yoga you practice) works every muscle.

Each asana, as yoga poses are called, is designed to target a specific chakra, or energy centre. When properly balanced, each pose permits the uninhibited flow of life energy.

Pranayama, meaning breath control, is a set of breathing techniques that promotes the flow of prana – life force.

As you can see, the art of yoga is quite deep, and not everybody is that spiritual.

Nevertheless, everyone can benefit from wellness brought on by meditation and relaxation, and who wouldn't want a strong mind-body connection?

Yoga studios in Manchester promote that very quality!

The Right Type of Yoga for You

It is very easy to classify yoga lessons into beginner, intermediate and advanced; or even go so far as a daily practitioner.

However, that does yoga – and those who do yoga a huge disservice.

There are so many types of yoga to practice!

  • Hatha yoga – considered the fundamental yoga, consists of 26 asanas
  • Vinyasa yoga is much like Pilates, linking breathing to movement. It is more dynamic than Hatha
    • if you feel particularly energetic, you could join a Vinyasa flow class!
  • Iyengar yoga is more tranquil and more informative. The yoga instructor details the health benefits of every movement
    • Besides your yoga mat, you would make use of yoga blocks and straps for more restful poses
  • Ashtanga yoga is an exacting sequence of six poses, executed in the same order each time.
    • Mysore is a subset of Ashtanga wherein the instructor does not call out the poses.
  • Bikram yoga: 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises done in a very hot room – to make you sweat more!
  • Kundalini yoga is for those looking for a more spiritual experience with their workout.
  • Yin yoga is designed to calm and relax both body and mind.
  • Restorative yoga: helps combat stress and depression.
    • If you struggle with anxiety or have trouble sleeping, this style of yoga might be for you!
  • Hot yoga: as the name implies, you would do your asanas in a very warm room. Unlike Bikram yoga, you would not be limited to a set number of poses. Look for hot yoga near me.

Besides these many styles of yoga, you may be interested in prenatal yoga or mum'n'baby yoga, senior yoga or youth yoga.

It is recommended that you try several types of yoga before settling on a style that works best for you.

You may discover where to take yoga lessons in Glasgow!

Perhaps your yoga instructor would consider moving class out of doors?
You may enjoy a beginners' yoga class out of doors! Source: Pixabay Credit: Photo-graphe

Check for yoga classes in Edinburgh here.

Finding a Yoga Teacher in Birmingham

Most every yoga teacher would recommend that, if you are in no way familiar with the practice of yoga, you should take a beginners class.

The Birmingham Yoga Studio on Park Road (Moseley) concurs.

You could drop in on their afternoon or evening classes for £9 per session or you could join an 8-week introductory course for £75.

If you are already familiar with yoga practice, you might join their intermediate classes. Pricing is £80 for 10 classes.

Barefoot Birmingham, with one studio on High Street (Harborne) and another on Drayton Rd (King's Heath), is making sure you have full access to the healing powers of yoga.

Whether you want to lose weight, promote healing after an injury, or simply to learn about mindfulness: you can learn it all through Barefoot.

If you are new to yoga, you may want to partake of their most generous offer: 30 days for £30 – pregnancy yoga not included.

If you are looking for warm yoga, dynamic yoga or yoga flow, you might prefer their £79 autopay deal, which covers classes at both studios.

Imagine living in one area but working in the other: with this autopay option, you could benefit from both centres!

You might want to simply try them out before committing to an array of lessons; if so, the drop-in fee ranges from £9-11.50

They also offer at-home or in studio private lessons for £60 per hour.

Perhaps you would like to take private lessons that aren't quite so dear?

Discover also how much people pay for yoga lessons in Leeds.

Your yoga teacher may help position your body for each pose
Your one-to-one yoga instructor may work very closely with you, even touching you to ease you into position Source: Pixabay Credit: Office361

Where to Find One on One Yoga Lessons in Birmingham

Why might one take private yoga lessons?

Recovering from an injury, for instance, or because one simply cannot get to a yoga studio.

Embarrassment features heavily: although yogis are generally very welcoming, the thought of wearing yoga pants and posing in front of strangers – who are perhaps more adept at yoga poses than you are, can be off-putting.

Maybe you are a shift worker; your schedule does not match any standard yoga class times.

For whatever reason, there is a yoga instructor for you at City Yoga.

Whether this would be your first intimate brush with yoga, or whether you are well-experienced and wish to take your skills to the next level, the yoga teachers at this studio eagerly await your call.

Their pricing is based on what you are looking for in a private

At Superprof, you wouldn't have to discuss your goals to determine how much you must pay to reach them!

With an average price per hour of £24 and most Superprof yoga instructors giving their first hour of lessons free, you could budget for all of the sessions you want upfront!

Besides, they are very quick to respond to your queries...

You may want an instructor to teach you in your home or if you didn't mind taking lessons by webcam...

If the telly can broadcast morning yoga, why shouldn't you take instruction online? With such a teaching method, you could learn more about yoga philosophy and practice.

You may even get to meet your yoga instructor face to face at a workshop or retreat!

Find out if Cardiff yoga studios also host retreats!

Practice Yoga in a Workshop or Retreat

Whereas a yoga class lasts about an hour, a workshop is several hours long and goes much deeper into the therapeutic benefits of yoga.

A retreat is a weekend-long jaunt to a tranquil environment, where you would learn all about the history of yoga, yoga practices and even advanced yoga.

To wrap up this session, we present the table below for more yoga studios in Birmingham, including those that host workshops and retreats.

We hope to see you there! Namaste.

Studio NameTypes of Yoga PracticedRates
Private lessons?
Iyengar YogaIyengar yoga£75 for 10 lessons
£9 for drop-in
Yoga SweatBeginner, Ashtanga, Broga, Dharma, Hatha Fusion, Relax'n'restore, Rocket Yoga£54 early bird card
£69 any time
Drop-in: £10-11
Barefoot BirminghamWake Up, Beginners, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Warm Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yoga flow£69 monthly autopay
£79 for both studios
£85 10 classes dual studio
£10.50 - 11 Drop-ins
Yoga HavenHot Yoga Basics, Hot Yoga Fusion, Yin Yoga, Karma Yoga, Hot Flow£69/month annual membership
£11-12 drop-ins

Discover the best yoga classes anywhere in the UK! Or even search Superprof for 'Yoga classes near me'. We have thousands of yoga instructors all over the country and even teaching online from all over the world.

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