In general terms, one way to measure the growing interest in fitness across the UK is to assess sales of sportswear:

  • Since their inception, Sweaty Betty Sales have increased, on average, 16% year to year, with a notable boom in online sales around 2013, after their website redesign.
  • Stella McCartney's partnership with Adidas most famously led her to design Team GB's 2012 and 2016 Olympic wear.
    • Through that partnership, she continues to design women's apparel.
  • According to the Sunday Times, GymShark, the online sportswear retailer, last year posted a phenomenal 112.30% growth in sales over the past 3 years.

You may argue that Sweaty and Stella's boosts in sales come down to the cachet of wearing a label, rather than any functional reason to wear sports gear, and GymShark leggings are all the rage for their comfort.

Also for proclaiming the wearer as a presumably faithful gym goer!

What if you're not wild about the gym? Perhaps lifting weights and strength training, perspiring all the while, does absolutely nothing for you.

Well, the idea of it doesn't. Like it or not, exercising will have an impact on your physique, be it toning and sculpting – if done right, or injury if done carelessly.

Please, don't incur injury!

In fact, the very real possibility of sports injury is what sometimes drives people to seek alternate, perhaps more holistic forms of exercise; low-impact regimens that underscore the idea of uniting mind and body.

Recovering from an injury is another leading reason why more people seek out yoga London yoga classes, along with a desire for increased flexibility and reducing the physical impacts of stress.

And now, just as you decide to jump on the yoga bandwagon, if only for stress relief, your Internet search reveals many different types of yoga, and suddenly, your blood pressure is spiking again!

What type of yoga should you practice?

And where can you practice yoga anywhere in the UK?

Types of Yoga and Where to Learn Them in Cardiff

Perhaps this aspiring runner should be practicing yoga instead!
This fitness hopeful could do with some yoga induced flexibility! Source: Pixabay Credit: Ryan McGuire

Confronted with exotic names such as Hatha and Ashtanga, there is little blame to place on anyone who knows next to nothing of yoga for not distinguishing one type from the next.

For the absolute beginner to the discipline; for those who've not worked out in a while and for those who are on the more rigid end of the flexibility scale, Hatha yoga is a great place to start.

The word Hatha is Sanskrit for any yoga discipline that teaches physical postures.

As every branch of the discipline fundamentally consists of a sequence of yoga postures, one could infer that Hatha is the most elemental style of yoga.

Hatha tends to be slower-paced than other types, allowing plenty of time for restorative breathing during long holds on each pose.

Discover where in Glasgow you could practice yoga!

Once you get a feel for how your body should move into each position, you can then focus on meditation: clearing your mind of excess noise and clutter that causes stress.

A surprising benefit of Hatha yoga is that it strengthens your mind while toning your body.

Restorative yoga has the same effect.

Its slower pace and longer holds allow your body to heal itself of tension brought on by anxiety or injury.

Besides your yoga mat, you would make use of other props such as bolsters and yoga blocks to maximise relaxation and minimise strain.

If you have a hard time slowing down, if you find you are always tense; if you cannot seem to let go of your phone or your boss' latest jibe, perhaps a restorative yoga class is exactly what you need.

Where can you find such relief?

Tramshed Studio promotes a mindful lifestyle through their varied yoga sessions Edinburgh.

Those yoga instructors teach more vigorous lessons too, such as Hot yoga or Bikram yoga!

Located in the heart of Cardiff, on Pendyris St, they welcome everyone from confirmed fitness enthusiasts to expectant mothers.

Yes, there is such a thing as prenatal yoga; even baby yoga, should you want every member of the family involved!

You could book an early morning class or, if you prefer afternoon/evening hours, there would be a slot for you then.

Students and seniors can benefit from yogis' instruction at a discounted rate of £68 for 10 lessons; everyone else pays £80 for the same number of sessions.

What if you don't want to commit to a specific number of lessons; you just want to try the practice out?

Find out all you need to know about practicing yoga in London!

Yoga is said to be highly beneficial if practiced in tranquil locales
Yoga retreats are generally conducted in tranquil locales, away from city noise Source: Pixabay Credit: Pexels

Yoga Workshops in Cardiff

A workshop or retreat is the perfect introduction to the practice of yoga.

Find out where you could participate in yoga workshops in Manchester, or take yoga lessons in Leeds!

Whereas the average class in a yoga studio ranges anywhere from 45 minutes to a full hour – sometimes longer, a workshop lasts more than 3 hours; sometimes up to five.

A retreat can last an entire weekend, the focus of which is meditation, away from the hustle of city life.

You can find both at Cardiff Yoga Studios, located on St. Peters St.

They permit drop-ins for as low as £5, depending on the lesson. For a deeper commitment, their seven-week mindfulness program costs £63; £49 if you are a student or senior.

While they do not specifically embrace any discipline – their class headliners are Beginner Yoga or, more simply, Yoga, they are firm advocates of pranayama: the regulation of breath through certain techniques and exercises.

And here you thought breathing was as simple as in and out!

In fact, regulating breath helps to clear physical and emotional obstacles so that the prana, or life energy can flow freely.

One point to consider is that if you have any health concerns or conditions, you should discuss them with your proposed yoga instructor before taking part in yoga and meditation sessions!

Yoga is beneficial in many ways, but may exacerbate certain conditions, such as inflamed joints or tendinitis – unless the poses are slightly modified.

If your condition is so severe, or if you are simply not fond of any group training program, you may think about private yoga lessons!

Adopting a lotus position for meditation is optional
You could practice yoga outdoors or at home; skateboard is optional Source: Pixabay Credit: Bob_Dmyt

Where to Find Private Yoga Instruction in Cardiff

It would be fair to say that not everyone interested in practising yoga is necessarily mad for the idea of splaying themselves out in front of complete strangers.

How ironic that yoga could cause stress, seeing as it is designed to relieve it!

Rest assured you would be among strangers only for your first class! The average practitioner of yoga tends to be very welcoming; not judgmental at all.

Still, for whatever reason, you may prefer the individualised instruction available through Yoga With Tori.

Whether you are looking for therapeutic yoga, meditative yoga or flow yoga – formally known as Vinyasa yoga, Tori will be happy to meet with you, in your home.

Pricing for home visits ranges between £30 and £36 per session.

Did you know that many famous people consult with their yoga teacher prior to a big engagement, such as a concert or a stage performance?

You may not have any special condition that requires individual attention from a yoga master; you may just need to strengthen your mind-body connection or call on other benefits of yoga.

If that is your case, you might find the yogi you need on Superprof. You might choose to practice yoga with:

  • Lola, a Kundalini teacher who also teaches relaxation techniques (£18/hr)
  • Annie, certified as a teacher by the Yoga Alliance in India, teaches all levels from beginner to advanced (average lesson cost: £22/hr)
  • Anush, who has 4 years experience teaching yoga; his speciality is Sivananda yoga (£30/hr)
  • Hugo, with 13 years of yoga practice, kindly invites you to partake of his wisdom in Asana, Satkarma and Dhyana for a mere £20 per session.

You may scoff at the idea of taking yoga lessons via webcam, but really: doing so is much better than following yoga teachers on the telly because your personal yogi will be invested in your wellness.

You could take yoga lessons in Birmingham via webcam!

One reason to choose Superprof's yoga instructors is that most of them give their first hour of lessons for free!

You can use that time to talk about your specific needs and what you are looking for in yoga training, and discuss any special concerns you may have that would improve through yoga.

It is true that most people approach yoga with a certain set of needs but end up realising that yoga benefits are far greater than initially thought.

Might you be among those numbers?

Why not schedule your first lesson to find out! Here is an overview of Yoga Studios in Cardiff:

Facility NameTypes of yoga taughtWorkshops? Retreats?
Private Lessons?
Average cost of lesson
Cardiff Yoga StudioHatha, Wellness, Mindfulness, Qi Gong, flexibilityYes/Yes/Yes£10
Tramshed StudioAshtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini, Pregnancy and baby, ShaktiYes/No/No£9
Drop ins: £10
SerenYogaHot yoga, Hot yoga flow, Mindful Hatha, Ying Yang YogaNo/No/Yes£8
Om Yoga StudioGitananda Yoga, Pregnancy yoga, mum'n'baby yogaNo/Yes/No£8


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