Earlier this month, the BBC ran an article: Does Mindfulness Really Improve our Health?

That was the teasing headline on the site's homepage.

When the link was activated, we found a disappointing turnabout.

Here, we'll presume the average reader was looking for improved health and was thus open to a mind-body connection; hence, the interest in reading the article...

The banner seemed to accuse: Mindfulness may have been over-hyped!

Well, that seems a bit unfair; why would the BBC accuse anyone of trying to mind their wellness?

The fact is, more and more Britons are embracing holistic ways of repairing their bodies from the ravages of stress that we are all subjected to on a daily basis.

Our government has taken notice!

The British Council for Yoga Therapy promotes high standards in the training and development of both yogis and yoga therapists and regulates this unique form of healing.

Furthermore, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council maintains a register of accredited yoga therapists.

As if those agencies weren't enough to convince you that yoga, among other disciplines, is indeed a viable and legitimate form of health maintenance, there is the British Wheel of Yoga, recognised by Sport England.

Surely, all sports fans must now jump on the yoga trend!

What exactly is yoga? Is it all chanting and saying Om? Do we have to eat bean curd?

Before we find any yoga studios in Leeds, let us take a closer look at what practising yoga near me entails and what benefits you could derive from its practice.

You could also find yoga studios in Manchester!

What is Yoga?

Can you adopt the Warrior pose?
It might seem ironic that a peaceful discipline like yoga would have a warrior pose! Source: Pixabay Credit: Uptown Fitness

To the untrained eye, most yoga sessions look like a bunch of people sitting on mats with their eyes closed.

Every so often, they move into another position, and then the closed eyes and stillness resume.

Let us disabuse you of the idea that yoga consists only of chanting, holding yoga poses for eternity and, yes, even eating tofu!

Yoga is invigorating and cleansing, helping to rid your body of stress and tension, and improving flexibility – and those are just the basics!

Other benefits of yoga include:

  • Improved muscle tone, strength and stamina
  • Improved circulation
  • Lowered body fat ratios, especially harmful visceral fat
  • Provides an immune system boost

And those are just the physical benefits! Yoga can also help deal with psychological stressors, such as:

  • Low self-esteem; lack of confidence
  • Poor concentration and creativity
  • Anxiety, by creating a lasting sense of well-being
  • (physical and emotional) stress and tension

Do you have to wear leggings and sit around on a mat to draw on these advantages?

Not at all! There are several types of yoga, from the traditional meditative to what is called Hot yoga, where you would sweat toxins out in a hot, humid environment whilst cycling through 26 asanas, or poses.

Check out hot yoga near me.

Most people do wear leggings or yoga pants, but you could get away with any clothing that allows you to move in comfort and doesn't chafe.

Denims would probably not work well, then!

Would you like to know where Brummies go to practice yoga?

Types of Yoga

If the thought of getting into the lotus pose makes your knees ache and term downward dog conjures up an image of a hapless mutt sailing over a cliff, it is quite likely you would need a beginners yoga class.

If you are expecting, you could benefit from prenatal yoga, and after the baby is born, your new cherub might sleep better after a few baby yoga sessions.

Beyond those types, there are:

  • Hatha yoga – the most basic form of yoga, consisting of 20 to 30 poses, with focus on breathing techniques.
  • Iyengar yoga is more detail-oriented and involves the use of props such as yoga blocks
  • Ashtanga yoga cycles through a sequence of six poses, called by an instructor
    • Mysore, a subset of Ashtanga, is for the more independent yogi: nobody will call out the poses!
  • Vinyasa is more dynamic, with shorter holds on each pose
  • Kundalini is for people looking to forge a spiritual connection
  • Yin yoga is ideal for those who wish to practice meditation

As a newcomer to the world of body, mind and spirit you should try each type of yoga to find the one that best suits your purposes and style.

No matter which style of yoga you ultimately adopt, you will become intimately familiar with pranayama, or mindful breathing, designed to channel your life force – or prana, and promote relaxation.

Are you now ready to discover where in Leeds you could take up yoga?

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Being a tree does not mean 'be rigid'!
The tree pose looks quite rigid when, in fact, every joint is flexed instead of locked Source: Pixabay Credit: FreeToUseSounds

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Yoga Workshops and Retreats

Some people believe that trying out before buying is most sensible; it would be hard to make a case against that reasoning.

When it comes to yoga, the opportunity to experience the bliss before committing to a series of classes comes in the form of workshops and retreats.

Green Ayurveda Spa hosts yoga retreats that can last anywhere from 1 to 7 days.

No worries that you would only sit around on yoga mats in an endless cycle of asanas; this programme is packed full of education on everything pertaining to wellness, from stress reduction to nutrition.

You could attend as an individual or in a small group; they even host corporate retreats!

Toward the end of your stay, you would receive a post-retreat wellness program outline for a healthier lifestyle.

Prices for these retreats are a bit steep, starting at £180 per day; food and lodging not included.

If you were looking for a more modest investment – of money and time, perhaps a workshop would suit you better!

Yoga Kula, located in Chapel Allerton, sponsors an assortment of workshops, from gong baths – a relaxing dip to calm your nervous system, to reflexology – more of a teaching session.

Kula's workshops last anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours, and are generally held over the weekend.

Cost varies depending on the workshop you choose to participate in. Their prices range from £17.50 to £35.

Find out the cost of workshops in Cardiff!

You may find yourself quite relaxed by adopting the child's pose
The endearing sounding child's pose is actually quite relaxing: try it! Source: Pixabay Credit: StockSnap

Learn Yoga Through Individualized Sessions

Many people won't conduct an Internet search for yoga classes near me because...

Some people are averse to stretching out among strangers, even in as welcoming an atmosphere as a yoga studio.

Another reason to seek out private yoga lessons would be some form of disability: the hopeful participant simply cannot get to the studio!

Fortunately, they can still reap the benefits of yoga by engaging an at-home yoga instructor.

Such a yoga teacher is really not hard to find!

For one, you could search our Superprof platform, where literally hundreds of yoga teachers, for all levels and styles, await your call!

Whether you are looking for restorative yoga or just want to delve deeper into yoga philosophy, Superprof yoga instructors are ready to work with you, to deepen your understanding of yoga and meditation.

You don't even have to let your him/her into your home!

Many Superprof yogis offer lessons via webcam, and 90% of them don't charge anything for their first session.

What a great opportunity for you to learn about yoga, right in the comfort of your own home!

You may be concerned about pricing; surely a private yoga instructor must command a high fee?

In fact, you may be surprised to find that prices start as low as £18 per hour!

You can find such yoga teachers in Birmingham, too!

Jason Scott, who is affiliated with Bodhi Yoga Studio, has years of experience in teaching and practising yoga.

He is ready to share his vast knowledge with you!

To contact him and set up your lessons, simply direct yourself to that studio's web page and click on his profile.

Yoga Hero, located on Wharf Street, boasts an entire retinue of private yoga teachers!

If you just need to get back on track with your yoga, or whether you work an off-shift, these dedicated professionals are available to you.

You are welcome to visit their studio for your session, or they could meet you at your home.

Should you visit their studio, you wouldn't even have to bring a yoga mat or a towel!

If you are a sunny optimist, you might consider working with a newer instructor for £35. A more experienced teacher costs between £50-60 for the hour.

Find out how much you would pay for yoga lessons in London!

In this table, we have compiled some of the best deals for yoga lessons in Leeds. See you there!

Type of YogaSuitable forPriceStudio name
Yoga flow,
Vinyasa flow,
pregancy yoga
expectant mothers
£40 for a 10-class pass or
£6.50 for a one-session drop-in
Yoga Hero
Slow flow
Yin Yang
all levels
all levels
all levels
£35 for a month's pass or £7 per sessionBodhi Yoga Studio
Vinyasa flow
Dynamic Hatha
Rocket Yoga
All levels
all levels
all levels
£80 for a 10-class passYoga Kula
all levels
£30 introductory offerBikram Yoga

Discover now the best yoga lessons anywhere in the UK!

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