What is London famous for? What is it not famous for?

London is a leading global city for art, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion and finance. In fact, it is the world's largest financial centre.

Besides those very necessary institutions of human concern, it is a major tourist destination: people from all over the world come to ride The Eye, gape at The Shard and at Buckingham Palace, and the medieval structures that make up Old Town.

Visitors may not feel the pressure of life in The City but residents surely must. How to disconnect from all of the noise and activity?

Roll out your yoga mat and assume the Warrior Pose; we're going to discover one of the best-kept secrets in London: the healing practice of yoga!

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What Can Yoga Do for You?

Let yoga bring you to a sense of wellness!
Yoga can help bring you to a sense of physical and psychological wellness. Source: Pixabay Credit: Susannp4

Yoga is an age-old discipline meant to foster wellness and relaxation through maintenance of proper alignment of chakras, or spiritual focal points along the energy channel in our bodies.

Breathing techniques, or pranayama, are emphasized in yoga, as the proper flow of life force (prana) is vital to a balanced existence.

Who feels like they are constantly off-centre? Who is tired of careening from one calamity to the next?

Who would like to get a better night's sleep?

We are not exaggerating when we say one of the benefits of yoga is deeper, more restful sleep. Other advantages yogis enjoy include:

  • Improved flexibility: this may seem like a trivial by-product, but you won't think so when your aches and pains lessen!
  • Perfect posture: your primary school teachers were quite right in telling you to stand up straight! Holding good posture not only eliminates several musculoskeletal disorders but gives you a boost in confidence!
  • Better moods: raising your heart rate returns distinct rewards, among them less risk of a heart attack, and less anxiety and depression
  • Improved health: not only does yoga strengthen bone and muscle tone, but helps combat diabetes and high blood pressure, and boosts your immune system!
  • Higher levels of concentration and creativity: if you work in London's entertainment industry or even the financial sector, you may find your yoga-enhanced mental powers a great asset!

In fact, the list of how yoga could benefit you is so long, we'll have to stop at these five, so we can tell you where to get your yoga on!

But first, we'll discuss various types of yoga, so that you might know which one to practice.

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What Types of Yoga Could you Practice?

The type of yoga that is best for you depends on many factors: your current level of overall fitness, why you seek to practice yoga and what you might hope to get out of becoming a yogi.

For example, expectant mothers might seek out prenatal yoga classes, while athletes preparing for competition might enjoy Vinyasa yoga, for its fast pace and constant movement.

Conversely, seniors might find their balance in a restorative yoga class – known for reducing anxiety or Iyengar, wherein yoga teachers inform class participants about the benefits of every asana or pose.

Many people start out practising yoga with a certain objective in mind, but often come away with many different reasons to embark on this entirely new, healthy lifestyle.

Most marvel that, from their first session, they feel more relaxed; in tune with themselves and harmonious with the world around them!

What yoga type should you practise to reap these and other rewards?

  • Hatha yoga, called the fundamental yoga: a class will generally call for 20-30 poses, or asanas.
  • Kundalini yoga is a very spiritual experience; nevertheless physically and mentally challenging.
    • These yogis perform kyrias rather than asanas. They are repetitive motions while doing intense breath work.
  • Yin yoga is a meditative practice, especially good if your connective tissues and muscles need more elasticity.
  • Ashtanga yoga is an orderly set of only 6 poses that flow into one another, done repeatedly.
  • Vinyasa yoga is a very challenging type of yoga, great for runners and other athletes
  • Bikram yoga: 26 poses plus 2 breathing exercises, done in a hot room. A bit challenging for beginners
  • Hot yoga is a tough workout. Unlike Bikram, it is not limited to 26 poses but is practised in a hot environment. Search for hot yoga near me.
  • Power yoga emphasises strength and flexibility. It is somewhat akin to Vinyasa yoga, but more closely related to Ashtanga yoga.
  • Couples' yoga, also called partner's yoga, is a set of poses practised together; a great way to build intimacy!

Perhaps one of the best ways to get acquainted with yoga philosophy is through a retreat: a weekend-long getaway in which various aspects of yoga are expounded on, including a healthy diet.

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The timing and focus that permitted this snap are the same qualities emphasised in yoga
although not compulsory, many yoga retreats take place near water to harvest its power and energy Source Pixabay Credit: MBatty

Where to Find Yoga Classes in London

“People are doing yoga, meditation... all kinds of different things” - Bill Acres

In analysing statistics on religion in London, that scholar postulated that more people are turning away from traditionally western concepts of religion and embracing so-called new age practices.

The proliferation of yoga studios across the city seems to underscore his point.

Here we offer a selection of some of the best studios to unroll your yoga mat in.

Love Yoga, located on Burrell's Wharf Square, might just be the ideal studio to begin your journey to wellness.

Their claim to fame is Vinyasa flow; a dynamic class designed to build flexibility and agility, incorporating breathing exercises throughout.

In this evening class, you will flow from one pose to the next, leaving after 90 minutes both invigorated in body and calm of mind.

Drop-ins only on Monday night; pricing is fair at £11 per session. Or, you could buy a 6 class pass, paying only for 5 classes.

While you're there, you might inquire about regular lessons!

What really sold us on this particular studio is their 5-week beginner's class.

New To Yoga accommodates only up to 10 students at a time – early booking is advised for this most popular class.

Rather than teach a particular style of yoga in this introduction, you would be taught the merits each position, the area and aspect of wellness targeted by it, and essential breathing.

This class is great if you are an absolute beginner to yoga, or if you've practised yoga in the past but somehow got away from it.

The cost for the entire programme is £68, or £65 concession price.

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Yoga with Nita, in the Iyengar Yoga Studio located on Leicester Rd in East Finchley, also offers a course for beginners.

Starting from a standing position, you would learn bends, turns and twists, then into postures executed in a sitting position, gradually lowering your body to your yoga mat.

The course culminates in a shoulder stand, followed by a period of relaxation.

This six-week course costs £10 per session.

One aspect of these and other beginners' course that may be off-putting: your yoga instructor will likely help you position yourself correctly. That means touching you, perhaps in ways, you are not wholly familiar or comfortable with.

If that would be an issue for you, you should discuss it with your instructor prior to starting lessons.

Besides this beginner's course, Nina teaches restorative yoga, ideal for recovering from injury or if your stress levels are such that help in managing them would be welcome.

She also teaches private classes!

You could also take private yoga lessons in Cardiff!

The stress of nursing or other shift work my require private yoga lessons
Health care staff and other shift workers would benefit greatly from private yoga lessons Source: Pixabay Credit: Sasint

Why Take Private Yoga Lessons

Imagine you are a nurse, working all hours of the day and night. Or maybe you work the off-shift in a factory...

Such a schedule does not necessarily permit a routine life, let alone regular attendance in a yoga London class.

Furthermore, studies have shown that such a timetable actually inhibits wellness, prevents quality sleep and damages health in the long term.

One could say that such a situation is tailor-made for the remedies that yoga could provide!

In the table below, we will feature an extended selection of studios that offer private yoga lessons, as well as workshops and retreats that you might participate in to get a jump start on your healing.

For now, let us talk about a group of dedicated yoga practitioners who are available to you almost any time of the day or night, in your home, in a gym, or online.

Yes, it is entirely possible to take yoga lessons by webcam!

The cost for a Superprof yoga teacher in London is comparable to what you would pay for a class in a studio, but if you are willing to take lessons via webcam, you could shop around: some of these yogis offer lessons for as low as £20 per session!

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Most Superprof yoga teachers offer their first lesson for free – an enticement you won't find in many yoga studios around town.

If you were looking for free lessons, you could definitely find some in London. Their downside is that you would be expected to keep up; there is not much-individualised attention given.

Bottom line: one size fits all classes would not be suitable for anyone who is disabled, recovering from injury, painfully shy, inexperienced, not of the same median age as the rest of the class...

However, you can find a proper fit with your ideal yoga teacher on Superprof.

You could also check out the studios in this table for your best yoga fit.

Studio NameTypes of YogaPricesWorkshops?
Private lessons?
Battersea YogaHatha, Restorative, Yin£114/month for 12 months unlimited visits
£15 for drop-ins
2 Kite Yard
Cambridge Rd
SW11 4TA
East of EdenVinyasa flow, Pilates£135/calendar month
£18 drop-in
£95 personal lesson yoga/Pilates
14 - 16 Betterton Street
TriyogaAshtanga, Yin, Restorative, Hot yoga, Vinyasa flowIntroductory offer
£54 for 30 days
372 king’s road, london, sw3 5uz
Yoga on the LaneSlow flow, flow and restore, prenatal, PilatesUnlimited yoga £105/m
Drop-in: £12
105 Shacklewell Lane, E8 2EB

You can now go on to find the best yoga classes in the country.


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