With exotic names like Iyengar, Kundalini and Ashtanga, it is no wonder that yoga holds a certain mystique.

Furthermore, those toned bodies carrying yoga mats could make one a little green with envy.

Think Colin Ferrell and David Beckham who, along with his lovely Victoria, practice power yoga together for a strong body mind and soul connection.

Of all the fitness disciplines to embrace, yoga alone proposes an entire lifestyle change, not through rigorous hard work and supplemental nutrition, but by promoting wellness and relaxation.

Put another way: a bodybuilder is driven by a particular goal, be it the desire for bulging muscles and lower body fat ratios, or by the intent to compete.

His/her regimen is powered by external variables and tangible goals. Whether s/he maintains that level of training and fitness for life is debatable.

Conversely, a yogi undergoes a complete revolution: psychological, emotional, mental, physical and, sometimes, even spiritual.

The whole point of yoga is not to prepare for competition of any sort, but rather to manage one's life as peaceably and harmoniously as possible.

Becoming toned and fit is mere by-products of the overall process of practising yoga near me.

Nobody said bodybuilder and pensioner are mutually exclusive concepts!

However, we advance the postulate that you would likely find more golden agers practising senior yoga than you would lifting weights and drinking protein shakes.

What is the basis of yoga's enduring appeal? How is it that so many, of all ages and body types, can practice yoga with no downsides?

Let us explore together this ancient art of forging a mind-body connection, on our way to discovering where the best yoga sessions in Manchester are held.

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A Brief History of Yoga

One can trace yoga's beginnings to the ancient Vedic religion
The practice of yoga has its roots in the ancient Vedic religion Source: Pixabay Credit: Strecosa

Human psychology demands rituals and, since the dawn of time, our most significant, profound and lasting rituals have come from religious practices.

Yoga is no different.

More than 5,000 years ago, the ancient Vedic religion was practised through a series of rituals.

However, the people of India at that time were not satisfied with mere obeisance; they craved a closer, more intimate communion with their gods.

Yoga means Union in Sanskrit.

Happiness, the liberation of the soul and enlightenment were a direct result of the union of the self with the divine consciousness.

The practice of yoga, in its various forms, is a means of attaining purity of consciousness; the bridge to communion with the Brahman, or supreme being.

Both the poses – called asanas, and breathing, or pranayama are essential to clearing the mind, body and spirit so that the desired union can be forged.

For centuries, the practice of yoga remained exclusively Indian, but over the last 100 years or so, the benefits of yoga became known throughout the wider world.

These days, one can practice yoga in many forms, anywhere on the globe.

You might choose the basic Hatha yoga with its range of up to 30 poses per session or Hot yoga, a vigorous workout is done in a heated, low humidity environment, designed to evict impurities from the body.

Whether you take a spiritual approach to yoga or are simply interested in de-stressing your life, surely there is a type of yoga for you.

You could find yoga classes anywhere in the UK!

Reasons Why You Should Practice Yoga

Now you're sold on the whole idea of getting in touch with your essential self, and perhaps even communing with a higher power.

If so, you can forgo searching the Internet for yoga classes near me and just head to Superprof!

Or, maybe you're not mad for the idea of a higher power, and you just want to find a way to get and stay fit, and maybe lower your blood pressure and stress levels.

Yoga can help you do that, and so much more. After a few sessions at the yoga studio, you might find that:

  • You sleep better: turning off the noise in your head gives you a much more restful sleep.
  • You eat better: even if you live on the run, dashing from one appointment to the next, you might find an unconscious change for the better in your food choices.
  • You feel better: yoga has been known to help combat anxiety and depression, as well as helping manage stress and reducing tension.
  • You focus better: you might find, after embracing yoga, that you've unleashed a deeper well of creativity and found higher levels of concentration
  • You move better: yoga is well-known for improving muscle tone, flexibility and stamina

The list goes on!

Your immune system may receive a boost once you free up your chakras, or energy channels.

In fact, you may marvel at the energy you have, to do everything you've wanted but had no time for!

Your newfound calm will aid in negotiations of all types, be it with your boss and colleagues, or with your teenagers – notorious for their stress-inducing antics.

Right about now, we imagine you are urging us to disclose where you could partake of all of these wondrous benefits!

Or are you wondering if you would have to parade around in yoga pants and pose in front of a bunch of strangers?

No worries! Next, we'll remove that stumbling block!

Discover where Londoners take yoga classes!

Yoga retreats generally take place near a body of water
Many yoga retreats take advantage of the benefits of water Source: Pixabay Credit: Photo-graphe

Yoga Workshops and Retreats

A Yoga retreat is an ideal way to begin your relationship with yoga.

Generally, such occasions last an entire weekend and are usually held in small groups at a tranquil location, most often by some body of water.

Water features prominently in yoga philosophy and is linked to the second chakra. Staging yoga retreats near water thus only makes sense!

Arranging a weekend at a retreat will educate you on the basics of yoga, including the purpose of each yoga pose – what is happening in your body as you position yourself.

You may also learn about healthy eating and enjoy other restorative activities such as massage and meditation.

Unlike any other holiday, your return home after such a weekend is sure to find you supercharged and ready for the week ahead!

However, if you don't currently have a whole weekend to devote to restorative yoga, you may sign up for a workshop.

Also discover retreats and yoga classes in Glasgow!

These are generally held in a yoga studio, lasting anywhere from 2 ½ hours to double that time.

Yoga workshop topics tend to be more specific; perhaps a Spring detox – get rid of the winter blahs, or prenatal yoga.

You might also enjoy an introduction to couples' yoga, mindfulness; an anatomical workshop, wherein the yoga teacher enlightens on the specific asana that opens up each part of your body.

A yoga workshop is also a great way to get acquainted with the various types of yoga, including:

  • Hatha yoga considered the essential form of yoga
  • Iyengar consists of longer poses held with the aid of yoga blocks
  • Yin yoga is meant for balance and calm
  • Restorative yoga is for those hyper personalities who simply cannot slow down!
    • As you hold each pose, your instructor will share a wealth of information about anatomy and energy
  • Ashtanga provides an orderly approach to yoga practice.
  • Kundalini yoga is a more spiritual practice
  • Bikram yoga is a 20- to 30-pose, hardcore workout done in a very warm room... sweat much?
  • Hot yoga is similar to Bikram, but not constrained to 26 asanas. Look for hot yoga near me.
  • Vinyasa yoga is another faster-paced, vigorous workout; its trademark is continuous movement

These are just a few, more basic types of yoga you could consider.

If you are new to yoga, you might find a studio that offers a beginner's class, which incorporates asanas from various types of yoga.

In our table below, you will find a guide to Manchester yoga studios: what style of yoga they teach, whether they host workshops and retreats, and whether you could take private lessons.

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You may choose private yoga lessons, so that your teacher can focus on your form
Your private yoga teacher would work with you one on one, correcting your form as needed Source: Pixabay Credit: Sasint

Finding Private Yoga Lessons in Manchester

Let us say you are of the super-busy persuasion, and you really, REALLY need to relax... but you have no time for workshops and retreats; nor can you find a way incorporate yoga into your schedule.

You might be a shift worker who has trouble sleeping during odd hours, and all of that stress is just building up...

Or, you may be incapacitated, recovering from surgery or illness, and cannot get to a yoga studio.

Good news: plenty of Edinburgh yoga studios offer private lessons, either in-studio or at home!

You will find them – and their prices listed in the table below.

One bonus you will likely not find in any studio is what many Superprof yoga teachers offer: their first hour of lessons free!

If you have a reliable Internet connection and wish to take yoga lessons in the privacy of your own home, Superprof has made it possible to receive yoga instruction via webcam.

If you are only just beginning your journey to wellness through yoga but are reluctant to arrange yourself into a well-populated studio, at least until you learn a few asanas...

Superprof tutors are standing by, ready to ease you into your first yoga postures, for a surprisingly low price!

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Studio Name
Types of Yoga TaughtWorkshops
Yoga Manchester
Various Locations
Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, MysoreYes
10-class pass: £60
20-class pass: £120
Bodywise YogaYoga, Pilates, Baby yoga and prenatal yogaYes
£21 deposit per class; the rest to be paid at the time of lessons
OneYogaHatha, Vinyasa, Mysore, Rocket, JivamuktiYes
Unlimited classes £75/month
£8-9 for drop-ins
Yoga-TaraHatha, VinyasaNo
10-class pass £60
Drop-ins: £6.50


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