Loiners love lacing up their trainers for a fitness session outdoors! Or indoors, as the case may be.

Through a sheer accident of geography, this third-most populous city in our country enjoys less rainfall than elsewhere, meaning more people head out of doors for fitness and fun, especially in these coming summer months.

Perhaps you have in mind to holiday on the beach, and want to tone your body before slipping into swimwear?

Or maybe you're inspired by the recently completed London marathon – you have actually envisioned yourself crossing that finish line!

Getting fit for any reason, including better health overall, is best done under the guidance of someone who is trained and competent at discerning your current level of personal fitness and formulating a personal training plan to lead you toward achieving your fitness goals.

Let Superprof help you find the personal trainer that is right for you!

Leeds' Best Workout Centres

You can engage a personal trainer to start your fitness quest
Many gyms in Leeds offer personal fitness training; some for an extra fee Source: Pixabay Credit: Landyschemist

As applied to gyms and fitness factories, the term best is subjective.

What makes any facility good: the equipment? The location? The ambiance, atmosphere – amenities? Price?

You could say that the number of sweaty bodies occupying the space would be a testament to its worth: people wouldn't go there if they didn't like it, right?

We prefer basing our opinion on glowing reviews.

After all, everyone currently groaning and grunting in any one fitness centre may simply regret spending so much money on a membership, and are intended to get the most for their money.

And, there are those who maintain that franchise gyms are the way to go, contending that if those brands weren't popular, they wouldn't have franchised.

We'll gloss over such big names as Anytime Fitness and Xercise4Less to focus on homegrown facilities exclusive to our city, such as...

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The Edge

If you are a student at the University of Leeds, you most likely already know about this fab fitness facility, located on campus.

You do not have to be enroled at U of Leeds to become a member of this most highly rated gym!

Its astounding array of equipment includes more than 250 machines: no waiting for your rower or treadmill!

If you are more inclined toward stretching routines or aerobics, you may check out an exercise program, held during every semester. Pilates, Zumba and Yoga are all on the curriculum!

After your intensive workout, how about a few laps in their pool, access to which is free with your paid membership?

Their most unique feature is that they do not have any generic personal trainers. Every certified personal trainer specialises in one particular aspect of fitness training:

  • nutrition
  • core strength
  • CrossFit
  • circuit training
  • high-intensity interval training, or HIIT
  • senior fitness

These are just a few of the areas you could target on the way to your fitness goals!

You could have all of this and more for £49 per month.

Implexus Gym

There you will find a wide range of free weights and fitness machines, but a home or online personal trainer is more focussed on functional training, meaning you will get a workout tailored to toning and strengthening your body, rather than sculpting and defining muscles.

Of course, if bodybuilding is your ambition, there is support and equipment for you, as well!

If a sound cardio workout is your aim, you may try their rowing and cycling machines. Not only will they work your cardiovascular system, but you will tone your upper and lower body in the process.

Perhaps the best aspect of this facility is its outdoor training program. In this sheltered area, you will find free weights, medicine balls and other resistance training kit.

That is where they hold their group fitness sessions, too!

At £42 per month for unlimited visits, it would be hard to find a better value for your fitness goals.

You would have to pay a bit more for personal training and group training – above your monthly membership, but judging by the glowing reviews, doing so would be well worth your money.

Get in Shape for Less Money

Not everyone has tons of spare cash laying around to invest in health and fitness.

However, everyone should consider the long-term benefits, on their life and wallet, that wellness can bring.

In that light, and considering the national concern for England's challenging obesity problem, we present these no-frills facilities for getting fit in Leeds.

Camp Detox

This low-key fitness facility deals only with ridding you of excess body fat and your mind from lack of confidence.

Equipped with everything from kettlebells and free weights to elliptical machines and stair steppers, their personalized approach to physical training is sure to maximize your motivation to get fit.

First, your fitness professional would listen to your concerns and help you establish reachable goals.

Next, s/he would conduct a fitness assessment to determine where best to start.

You should not jump on a stationary cycle and pedal 10 km without first ensuring your heart can stand that workout!

Finally, your coach would guide you through a warmup routine, and then into your actual workout, finishing your session with a few cool down moves.

Should you wish to try yourself at some extreme sport such as boxing, Detox has a coach to train you!

Other clubs have outdoor exercise areas, but this one blows them all away: there are ropes to climb and obstacles to scale; tires and weights for functional training.

The course looks more like a giant playground than any formal fitness facility!

For only £26 per month for unlimited visits, you could hardly claim you didn't get your money's worth, working out with these fitness instructors.

Your personal trainer should design a program to minimize injury during your workout
Your fitness trainer should plan a program design that will minimize the risk of injury Source: Pixabay Credit: Nattanan23

The Gym Health and Fitness

A bit retro and a tad on the quiet side, at The Gym you will find everything you need to work out, even during peak evening periods.

Members report that equipment is so plentiful, there is never a wait for any piece of fitness equipment, but that's not their real rave...

Testimonials from participants of their Zumba classes indicate that the instructor is particularly knowledgeable of all aspects of this aerobic sport.

Should you sign up for their Zumba toning class, you would dance to a Latin beat while heaving dumbbells to shape and sculpt your arms!

If you wanted to steer your young ones onto an early path to fitness, The Gym offers karate classes to students as young as 5.

Their monthly membership of £22.05 shouldn't set you back too much.

It is true that engaging in a fitness program in a gym or other facility works wonders to keep you motivated, you may not have the time or inclination to reveal your Sweaty Betty clad body to all and sundry.

To that end, allow us to now present alternate means of getting fit with a personal fitness trainer, without having to traverse the city.

Online Sites for Getting Fit

Any glance at Gumtree or Freeads will disclose any number of personal trainers willing to visit your home or help you train via webcam.

The trouble with those is that you cannot necessarily assure yourself that such fitness professionals have the proper personal trainer certification to work with you at home.

However, going through a website specifically dedicated to fitness programs; platforms that verify credentials before publishing any profiles...

With such a personal training program, you could work out with a personal trainer in Glasgow, or find your ideal fitness trainer in Manchester!

Instructor Live

If you are among those who fervently wish for a gym experience but can't seem to get there, you can stream any of their live or pre-recorded 45-minute sessions on any of your devices.

If you are really short on time, try their condensed classes: Pilates, yoga, aerobics or toning.

For £5.99 a month, this work out anywhere/anytime service really serves!


This site might just be the solution to all of your fitness instruction woes.

With more than 2,000 personal fitness training instructors standing by, any of whom would come to your home, your favourite gym or even work out with you outdoors...

Whether your athletic passion is running or stretching, kickboxing or just burning fat, you will be sure to find the instructor perfectly suited to help you achieve your fitness goals on Superprof.

Most Superprof fitness professionals give their first hour of instruction for free. Furthermore, with sessions starting at £15, you will surely find the personal trainer that is both cost-effective and right for you!

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You could join a club to run outdoors
With its miles of green acreage and oceanic climate, Leeds is the best city to lace up outdoors! Source: Pixabay Credit: Holiho

Where to Hold Personal Training Sessions Outdoors?

As mentioned at the start of this article, Leeds lying west of the Pennines gives us an unusually mild climate.

Hence you may consider taking your workout, and your fitness instructor outdoors.

Perhaps you'd like to join a running Bootcamp, or a boot camp to test your endurance.

Lucky Loiner! You are so much better off than those who work out with a personal trainer in London, or anyone looking for an outdoor course in Manchester!

Because Leeds lies within a green belt, you have more open spaces to flex your fitness muscles, such as Temple Newsam Park or Park Square!

Why not venture along Leeds Country Way or power walk your way along the Meanwood Valley Trail, find other fitness enthusiasts and talk with them about their workouts?

You may find a total change of lifestyle and new friends to motivate you in your quest for a healthier you!

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