Getting fit doesn't have to mean going to the gym five times a week, or eating nothing but lettuce sandwiches. There are so many different ways to get fit, dare I say that some of them are actually fun!

Okay so getting your heart racing may not be your idea of fun but what about if you were laughing so hard you didn't even notice that you were burning the calories? Or if you were so busy chatting that you didn't even feel tired? Hang on, that doesn't sound like exercise... or does it...?

Group Fitness Training

Group exercise classes are becoming increasingly popular and they give members the potential to achieve great results for their health and wellbeing whilst having fun and catching up with friends. Don't you find sometimes that life gets so busy and you barely get time to sit down and watch your favourite TV programme, let alone find time to go to the gym? If you could combine getting your weekly dose of exercise with socialising with your friends, that would be just great wouldn't it!?

If this sounds perfect to you, then why not consider getting your friends together and all pitching in for a group fitness trainer? Here are some reasons why training as part of a group can be really beneficial.

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Increased motivation

There's no doubt about, having people around you makes you more aware of your performance so getting some friends or people with relateable goals to train alongside you will make you feel supported but also driven to keep up (or even do better than the rest!). There's nothing like a bit of team spirit! Or a bit of competition if that's in your nature...

Social aspect

Working out as part of a group gets you off the sofa, out of the house and meeting new people, or catching up with friends.


If you and your friends have booked sessions in with a personal trainer, you will not want to be the one letting the team down by cancelling. This feeling of accountability is motivator in itself and keeps you on track to achieving your goal. Also, if you train with people who you don't know very well and miss a class, your instructor and classmates will be worried about you when you don't show and will be genuinely concerned about your wellbeing as you’re part of their group exercise family, which is nice to know but something you want to put them through unless absolutely necessary!

The fun factor

The atmosphere in each group class can be lively and enjoyable; so you’ll always feel inclined to do more and to keep on returning!

Personal trainers offer group sessions as well as one to one lessons.
If you don't fancy training alone, get your pals involved! Photo credit: Rhubarb Rhubarb on / CC BY

But it doesn't have to be a case of meeting in a gym setting. You might like to organise physical activities outside of the health centre such as kayaking, walking, surfing, etc... accompanied by your fitness instructor or as an 'extra-curricular' activity. Simply put, exercising will start to be so fun you'll want to be doing it all the time!

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Staying Active in Cardiff

Half Marathon Cardiff

Are you looking for opportunities to take part in organised sporting events in Cardiff? Do you want to get together with friends and other like-minded individuals to have a great day whilst raising money for an amazing cause?

"The Cardiff Half Marathon is the UK’s second largest half marathon which attracts 25,000 runners each year. Although general entries for 2019 have already sold out, the BHF is delighted to still be able to offer spaces to those who want to run to help raise money for our research.

The route takes runners past Cardiff’s most recognised landmarks including Cardiff Castle, Cardiff Bay Barrage, the Norwegian Church and Roath Park Lake. It’s a flat, fast course which makes it popular with all runners. [...]

Around 375,000 people in Wales are living with the daily burden of heart and circulatory diseases. The BHF funds research to save and improve lives across the UK including new research into congenital and inherited heart conditions, stroke and vascular dementia."

To sign up and help raise money for the BHF’s life-saving research, head to the BHF website.

Infinity Trampoline Park

Although running a marathon is a fun activity to do, it's not quite on the same level as going to a trampoline park.

Trampolining gives you sensations of being a child again and being completely free! But more importantly, as you jump away forgetting about all your worries, you also don't realise that you are shedding the pounds.

All classes at Infinity Trampoline Park are lead by qualified coaches and fitness instructors and involve 45 minutes of activity combining aerobics, step, bouncing and relay routines around the park.

"They’ll be very basic choreographed steps working to the beat of the music giving you a great cardiovascular workout. Exercising on the trampolines is a fun, low impact exercise that really focuses on working your core strength without doing loads of boring crunches! Everyone will have their own trampoline so you have your own space to exercise and keep it at your own pace.

With a great playlist of songs to keep you motivated it’s sure to get you fit and have fun at the same time."

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Trampolining is quite a new trend.
Why not give trampolining a go for some fun fitness! Photo credit: Haxxah and KraZug on Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

Personal Trainer Cardiff

Perfect Balance Personal Training

Perfect Balance Personal Training offers fitness experts who will "evaluate your history and objectives to create your personal roadmap. Since needs, goals and lives change, the conversation between you and your coach will play a vital role in your success. Because at the end of the day, it’s about performing at your peak — while living your life."

To see details of the ready-made classes offered, read below. But, don't forget, you can contact the company to enquire about personal training sessions tailored to you and you alone!


This class will get your heart rate soaring and your muscles burning! High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) is proved to be the best form of conditioning and Meta-bollicks takes this principle and adds a few extra surprises for kicks. Think sled drags, prowler pushing and battling rope training with a few kettlebells, med balls and TRX bands. This class takes interval training and makes it exciting by integrating strongman/woman type exercises in with it.

A back to basics approach to exercise designed around functional human body movement and animalistic techniques to include explosive, plyometric, agility and speed training. A 1 hour class that raises your metabolic rate, burns fat and maintains your lean mass. If you want a class that gets the job done, this is it!

Strong Girls

Built on the fundamentals of functional fitness training, strong girl delivers a efficient and effective workout that is designed to help women achieve their goals. Strong Girl classes are a combination of functional fitness and HIIT training that encompass many of the disciplines used in Competitive Strongman. A typical session could see you flipping tyres, pressing logs, pushing or dragging weighted sleds and tyres, or carrying farmers walks.

The only class of its kind in Cardiff.

Girls, if you’re more worried about chipping a nail or your mascara running, this probably isn’t the class for you! An insanely fun interval class that uses strongman style exercises that get you strong, fast, lean and generally awesome!"

Helen Marie Wilson

Helen is a qualified personal trainer in Cardiff who says that fitness is at the core of everything she does. She helps clients in a variety of areas such as strength training, improving movement, weight loss or just to get fitter.

You can meet your trainer at the gym or in your home.
Let your personal trainer talk you through the best exercises for you and your goals. Photo on VisualHunt

Working with both groups and individuals, Helen compiles weight loss programmes, exercise classes based around Pilates as well as strength training schedules. She gives clients structured, tailored and varied personal training programmes to help you get you the results you want. She is on your side all the way, offering friendly yet professional advice on nutrition, recovery and lifestyle changes that you can implement to make your life better.

Personal training sessions take place from the Iechyd Da Gym in Canton, Cardiff and services include:

  • Fitness, Conditioning and Weight Loss
  • Strength Training
  • Pilates and Mobility
  • View Pilates classes & pricing
  • Recovery
  • Fitness Workshops
  • Courses
  • Corporate Programmes
  • Health Sessions
  • One to One
  • Group personal training

If you are based in Scotland you can find out more about personal training in Edinburgh and Glasgow here.


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