Britons in every corner of the country have caught the fitness bug!

Whether to slim down, tone up or even to gain muscle mass, Glesga gym memberships and attendance at workout sessions are skyrocketing!

Any given evening or weekend, going past a fitness centre, you are likely to find fitness fanatics sweating it out on gym equipment, possibly under the direction of a personal trainer.

Speaking of personal trainers...

If you are just starting out on your journey to fitness, it would be well worth your while to engage such a professional, in order to:

  • evaluate your current level of fitness
  • demonstrate movements to maximise flexibility
  • design a bespoke workout plan for your body type and goals
  • save time by working out effectively!

Thanks to fitness hopefuls' sincere desire for good health, Glasgow's gyms have seen a boom of membership, of late.

The trouble is choosing between luxury appointments with all of the perks – with a hefty price tag, and no-frills facilities with sufficient equipment...

Or more of a studio environment, where people practice sports dance, martial arts or yoga, to name a few disciplines.

Let us discover where in Glasgow you can get your sport on! Or if you're based in Edinburgh, find personal trainers here.

Even late night can bring fitness results, as long as you are diligent!
If late night is the only time you have to work out, there is a gym for you in Glasgow! Source: Pixabay Credit: StockSnap

Glasgow's Best Fitness Centres

To narrow your search down to the perfect health and fitness organisation for your needs, your list of aspects to consider when reviewing facilities might include lighting and ambience, age and quality of equipment, and qualifications of support staff.

Would you prefer membership with a popular, franchise-type of gym, or would something more intimate, with a homey and timeworn feel suit you better?

Indeed, several new-wave fitness enthusiasts would rather be seen wearing the latest that Sweaty Betty has to offer, in a well-lit salon that appears more like a resort than a fitness club.

On the other hand, you may be more of a traditionalist, to whom the trappings of exercise mean less than the workout itself.

Here we list some of the more en vogue fitness training centres.

No worries! They are as well-outfitted as fitness clubs in Manchester and gym facilities in Leeds!

Working Out with Anytime Fitness

Topping the list of Cyclex's business directory is Anytime Fitness, and not just because the list is alphabetised!

If you are a night owl, you could work out at 3 in the morning: this franchise style gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, with full access given to every piece of training equipment.

Of course, if you were hoping for a Pilates or group fitness class, you may have to revise your schedule!

Members enjoy round-the-clock support, if not with a personal trainer in the gym, then via their workout app that you can download for free!

This app will help you book appointments with a personal trainer, plan your workouts, track your goals and sync that information to any of your other devices!

As a member of Anytime Fitness, you not only benefit from their tools and training to meet your specific fitness goals, but you get support: from other members as well as your very own personal trainer.

That fully qualified staff member will coach you through:

  • cardio workouts
  • functional training
  • how to best use free weights
  • safe use of resistance bands and more!

Besides personal workout design, your fitness coach will broach the subject of wellness training – an overall revolution of your lifestyle, to ensure the best, healthiest you.

And if your mates want to join, you could earn rewards through their member referral program!

Just now, the cost of a prepaid annual membership is £335.60, which reflects a 20% discount on a year's subscription.

Or you could do a monthly direct debit: a year's contract would cost £34.95 each month; for a half-year, you would spend five pounds more per month.

Find a personal trainer in Belfast.

Living Well Health Clubs

As their name implies, these fitness professionals take an all-encompassing approach to personal fitness.

In today's fast-moving society, where can you find a place to work out at your own pace, on your own time, and even take a moment for a restful spa experience?

In their air-conditioned gyms, you will find a range of equipment, from kettlebells and free weights to Precor machines designed to maximise your workout efforts.

Naturally, there are personal trainers to assist you in working most effectively on these machines.

If you would rather participate in group fitness training, you could either schedule yourself into their high energy cardiovascular workouts, or their low-impact tai chi sessions.

There are group classes to sculpt and tone your body, too.

You can buy a day pass to experience everything this facility has to offer for £10, or throw caution to the winds and go for the full membership, for £50 per month.

Students and young adults enjoy slightly lower prices.

Let your personal trainer lead you through your workout routine
Your personal trainer should instruct you on the proper form for every exercise Source: Pixabay Credit: Sifusergej

Personal Training Sessions for Less

It is true that, so far, we've featured high-end fitness training facilities that you might not wish to lay out the cash for.

More specifically, you are motivated enough to join, but find you don't have time, or worse: that particular facility doesn't feel like the right fit for you after a week of exercising with them.

Let us now feature a couple of mid-range sports-conditioning facilities.

Exercise For Less

This fitness training is much more targeted – and much less frilly.

After becoming a member of this training facility, you would have your choice of training programs:

  • work your abs or core exclusively
  • build endurance with indoor cycling
  • do a PiYo total body workout
    • a combination of muscle sculpting, core strengthening and fat burning
  • HIIT: high impact interval training
  • Circuit training

And these are just the group fitness classes!

If you are more interested in working with a certified personal trainer, you could book a one to one consultation, or participate in their 8-week Bootcamp: an intensive exercise program designed to transform your overall fitness.

Their approach includes workshops in nutrition and the best fitness regimen for your lifestyle.

The cost for this boot camp runs £100. Regular gym membership starts at £7.99 per month.

They even have senior fitness and ladies only programmes!

Discover also where you can find comparable deals on personal training in Birmingham!

If you are intent on getting fit and embracing a healthy lifestyle but are reluctant to commit to any gym membership, you could try an intermediary...

Impact Personal Fitness

Above all, this group of fitness professionals are not housed under one roof. In fact, they are most flexible in their fitness training: they will meet you at the gym of your choice, in your home, and/or online.

Each fitness professional is fully qualified to motivate you and to hammer out a customised fitness program tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Ideally, your fitness instructor would meet with you one on one to conduct a fitness assessment and suggest a training program.

S/he may also recommend establishing a personal nutrition plan, or maybe even taking part in one of their boot camps, a challenging but fun ordeal designed to test your muscular endurance.

They will also provide you with an initial fitness report if you so desire!

Fifteen personal training sessions cost just under £500 – remember: at your home or the gym of your choice!

If you have all of the fitness equipment to work out at home, you may consider a year's subscription to online coaching for just £100 more.

Of course, if you wanted a customized, personalized fitness regimen in your home, you may seek out other fitness programs online...

Yoga is a particularly good discipline to learn online
You may want to end your cardio workout session with a few yoga poses Source: Pixabay Credit: Lograstudio

Online Fitness Programs

The Internet is a veritable treasure trove of education; not just on academic subjects but on just about anything!

Including the fitness industry!

Indeed you can conduct a simple search to read rave testimonials about this fitness trainer or the other... but how can you determine grit from gold?

And: are those Youtube workout videos really all that great?

Perhaps you would like a clearer outline of value to be had in wellness and conditioning online?

Interested in finding a personal trainer in Cardiff? Read out post here.

MK27 Online Coaching

Your body is Max's motivation. Well, not just your body, but your overall wellness.

To that end, this online personal trainer puts himself at your disposal – strictly online, whether you need a 1 on 1 session to plan your program design, or simply need encouragement to train regularly.

Max can help you achieve your goals, and reach beyond them, to levels of fitness you never thought you could aspire to!

Ten sessions will cost a bit over £400, and he throws one hour of training for free!

If Max can help you get fit online, so can Superprof private training!


More than 1,000 coaches available for training; most of them giving their first hour for free: how can you beat that deal with an online personal trainer?

Furthermore, while you may strike a package deal for your desired number of sessions, these fitness professionals would rather keep your costs low by charging an affordable per-hour rate.

Superprof assures you can engage a fitness trainer with all confidence of qualifications and experience – because those criteria are listed right on each coach's page, and have been verified prior to profile approval!

And, seeing as your coach would be online, you could work out with a personal fitness trainer in London!

Just about now, you should be logging on to Superprof and searching for "a personal trainer near me".

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