This second-largest city in the UK is known for, among other things, its high profile in sports.

Considering we are discussing getting fit, that is an excellent quality to be renown for!

However, just like the rest of the country, Brummies are feeling a bit sluggish of late. Could it be because of our city's fabulous food culture?

Or is that simply that, in our push to get ahead, we're working too much, relaxing too little and generally neglecting our health in favour of going with the trends: on the computer or social media?

Arguably the most important British innovation of the industrialised age, the steam engine, was invented in Birmingham.

Have we lost our steam since then?

Let Superprof tell you how you can find a personal trainer to rediscover your health and wellness, along with energy reserves you might never have known you have!

The Best Gyms to Find a Physical Fitness Professional

Discover all of the equipment at Birmingham uni's gym
There is plenty of kit to motivate you at U. of Birmingham's gym Source: Pixabay Credit: Teamsmashgame

In the UK, any personal trainer affiliated with a gym is required to have a certain level of training and qualification before s/he is licensed to coach anyone.

That means that even import franchise gyms – Anytime Fitness from America, to name one, has coaches with personal trainer certification according to British standards.

What if you, in true Brummie style, would rather patronise a gym of local origin?

Things don't get more homegrown that our University of Birmingham gym.

This extensive sports complex is not just for students; anyone can become a member of this state of the art facility.

You might start by consulting with one of their staff who specialises in nutrition. Analysing and modifying your diet should be the first step toward a fitter, healthier you!

Afterwards, you may discuss your fitness goals with one of their physiology experts.

This worthy would conduct a fitness assessment, determine where your strengths and weaknesses are, and help you establish your fitness goals.

And then, you would have your choice of courses for getting fit:

  • participate in any of their 150 classes, from cycling to Pilates, including yoga
  • swim your way to a toned body in their pool
  • play a heated court game, such as squash or handball; even basketball!
  • Engage in strength training
  • Attend a workshop; fitness and nutrition being just one topic discussed.

Each of these fitness activities is overseen, if not led by a fitness trainer. Still, you could go further: engage in resistance training under the watchful guidance of your personal fitness trainer.

What is remarkable about this gym is that they embrace a pay and go system.

While still perfectly entitled to buy a membership in any programme they currently have openings for, you may elect to avail yourself to all of their facilities, exercise programs and personal training sessions on a per-visit basis.

Annual membership fees hover around £330, depending on the category you select – swim, court games, etc.

Pay and go generally runs £240 for sixty classes, with a year expiry.

What if you were hoping for a less costly, more one on one approach to your personal training?

If you are based in Scotland you can find personal trainers here.

Low-Cost Gyms in Birmingham

If you, like so many others seeking coaching, are reluctant to commit your wallet to fitness before your body is fully on board with the idea, you might want to find accredited facilities where contracts are not a prerequisite to working out.

Enter PureGym: with 9 facilities scattered in and around Birmingham, you're sure to find one close to home or work!

Even if you are a shift worker hoping for a workout at 3 AM, this gym may be just the ticket. They are open 24 hours per day!

However, if you are looking for one to one assistance from a online personal trainer, or even if you want to Zumba your way to weight loss, you may have to tone up to a more traditional schedule.

Their site lists a comprehensive calendar of classes that you may partake of, which includes the name of the fitness instructor who leads it.

Among others, you could select from aerobics and toning, how to succeed at weight loss, firming up specific muscle groups such as abs and glutes; you could even join their fitness Bootcamp!

Boxing, circuit training, high-intensity workouts: nothing is off the table here!

And they even have ladies only classes!

If testimonials are anything to go by, PureGym's kit gets the highest rating for the most equipment, followed closely by diversity in training.

Personal trainers get high marks as well, for their friendliness, personalized service and their knowledge of corrective exercise and group exercise.

Their most popular membership package runs £10.99 per month, which gives you access to multiple facilities.

You could just try them out first. A day pass is only £5.99

You could even receive coaching for squash online!
You may find your perfect fitness specialist online! Source: Pixabay Credit: Firmbee

Finding a Personal Trainer Online

You may have no time to run to the gym every day; or perhaps no inclination to. After all, not everyone likes to sweat in public, but we still hold that most everyone has a yearning for fitness and wellness.

Considering how much our Council invests in health and fitness initiatives, we can all agree that our body weight and quality of life is of prime concern to them!

What alternatives does one have, should public facilities and buying memberships not figure in one's top-rated means of getting fit?

Before you go on to say that one could simply start jogging or riding a bike, let us firmly dissuade you from engaging in this or any type of high impact sport without at least one consultation with someone qualified to assess your current physical state.

According to some reports, the UK tops the list for the sheer number of sports injuries in western Europe.

Hence it only makes sense to talk with a professional before you lace up your trainers or wriggle into your Sweaty Bettys.

You might find your perfect personal trainer online in Glasgow, or an online group fitness instructor in Leeds!

Body Transformation: Local and Online

While technically a fitness centre, complete with free weights and kettlebells, rowing machines and medicine balls, this facility is fundamentally a playground for personal fitness trainers to work with their clients.

They offer three distinct packages: basic, accelerated, and online. Guess which one is more cost-effective?

Their online personal training programme is tailored to the body-conscious individual who has a fair idea of what shape s/he is in, and needs to know how to reach peak fitness within a short time.

If you are motivated – don't need anyone to drive you to your fitness goals; or even if you do need a bit of motivation, perhaps you could do with twice-weekly phone calls from your personal trainer.

Included in their online course is a bespoke nutrition plan and a general outline for training.

The best part of this type of workout programme is that it puts you squarely in the driver's seat, making every decision regarding your body sculpting, toning and shaping.

It also invests you with the flexibility to set your own work out schedule, as well as your diet!

You could have it this hands-off type of guidance for 12 weeks, at a rate of £20 per week.

What if you want a more hands-on personal training program?

Perhaps join a fitness class? Search online for 'fitness classes near me' now!

Superprof Trainers Await You

If you've been holding out for a certified personal trainer who would come to your home for functional training, or meet you at a public gym for group fitness sessions, any of Superprof's more than 2,000 tutors could do the job!

Senior fitness: Check! Postnatal workouts: Check!

Superprof fitness specialists can help you design fitness programs to build endurance, improve cardiovascular health, gain muscle mass and burn fat.

It all comes down to what you are looking for in a fitness program; a topic your Superprof trainer would be sure to broach directly, upon meeting you for the first time.

All of that talking and planning for improving your fitnessmightt cost a thing: most Superprof fitness experts offer their first hour free, exactly for that purpose!

You may find a coach for as low as £20, and you can rest assured that each Superprof trainer has full credentials to work with you in-home, at your favourite gym, or even in the great outdoors!

We Britons do love our out of doors activity! Doesn't it make good sense to get our fitness on outside, whenever possible?

Find a personal trainer in Belfast or Cardiff with Superprof.

Why not see if an outdoor gym could bring a breath of air to your hectic lifestyle?
Outdoor gyms are a fun and easy way to refresh your lifestyle! Source: Pixabay Credit: Framekings

Where to Find Outdoor Workouts

Birmingham boasts 571 parks within its green belt, more than any European city.

Surely one could find somewhere to get athletic, or just practice fitness training within those green spaces!

The answer to that exclamation would be Selly Park.

Located just next to Mary's Hospice, this vast expanse of green fairly begs the outdoor fitness enthusiast to discover what it has to offer!

Why not see if Manchester has such a one, or maybe you'd like to investigate outdoor exercising facilities in London?

This outdoor gym features:

  • leg press machines
  • chest press machines
  • pull down machines
  • CrossFit machines
  • rowers
  • treadmills

These installations even have fitness trainers whose videos you can download and work out to!

It costs nothing to join this outdoor gym or participate in group training – which, understandably only takes place when the weather is nice.

As we are approaching summer, wouldn't it be a great idea to engage in an exercise program?

Perhaps personal training outdoors? Search online for 'personal trainers near me' now!

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