Collisional plate boundary and seismic activities

If I understand correctly, from the map of plate boundaries and direction of the plate's movement in my book, seismic activity is associated with collisional plate boundary but there is not much explanation on this beyond this. Can someone please explain more on this? Is the level of activity less than that at a conservative margin since the plates are moving less rapidly or is there actually more activity due to the extreme pressure?

Or is it simply enough to know that they're related at A level?

Jess M.
08 August 2018
There are 3 types of plate boundaries, as shown in the diagram below: - divergent -> moving away from each other-convergent ->moving towards each other-transform-> moving alongside each other (often opposite directions)
Jess M.
08 August 2018
Hi Droplette,This depends on what exam board you are studying. I can go through this with you and the relative theories associated with different plate boundaries/margins if you need a tutor. 
Caroline M.
19 August 2018
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