How a place has changed

Conduct an interview of an older family member or friend, to find out how their holidays have changed over time.

Hello there, As you an see from my profile I'm actually an English tutor but I do feel I could help you out with this task as it involves creating useful and appropriate questions. If you're still struggling with this don't hesitate to contact me directly. All the best with your studies.
Clare C.
10 April 2015
Whoops! My message below should say 'can' not 'an'! Just a typo!
Clare C.
10 April 2015
Hello,you could start by developing and designing a questionnaire with between 10 to 20 questions, find two different age groups to complete them, 40-50 yr olds and 60-70 yr olds. compare the results.
02 May 2015
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