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could you help me on these questions please? 🙂

for each continent name a river, the sise of the basin, where the source is, the length and where its mouth is.

Is this for you to build case studies for an exam? You could go for some of the large Rivers i.e. Mississippi - North America, Amazon - South America, Nile - Africa, Thames, Europe (or Rhone, Rhine, Seine), Ganges - India - Asia, Murray River - Australia. However, the larger rivers sometimes have conflicting information about their source - Nile for example. Do you need Antarctica? I would not normally recommend using Wiki but if you actually search Major Rivers of the Continents of the World it will give you quite a good breakdown of the names of the rivers for a start. Depending on the purpose it may be better to go for the smaller rivers. Certainly, if it is for a case study and an exam then if you get a little detail incorrect the examiner is less likely to know that you have made a mistake. They'll definitely know all the major rivers. If you need further help or more info let me know.
22 January 2013
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