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Compare and contrast two territories...

Compare and contrast two of the territories (native, urban, regional, agriculture and protected) be thorough in information and try and keep it simplified

Urban territories are densely populated whereas agricultural regions tend to be more sparsely populated. This also accounts for the close-knit communities found in agricultural territories in comparison with the impersonal bustle of urban territories.Urban territories have fewer greenfield sites (which includes the greenbelt region), these green sites are predominantly public access and usually protected from urbanisation.On the other hand, agricultural territories have large expanses of greenland used for growing crops, these large expanses are privately owned and managed. Urban territories have a substantial amount of brownfield land (which are the preferred sites for construction) whereas agricultural territories have little to no brownfield sites.Urban territories tend to have more opportunities for employment and social mobility, yet are also high in unemployment. On the other hand, agricultural territories tend to have significantly fewer opportunities for employment, although they are lower in unemployment. This is because wealth and land and employment in agricultural territories tends to be largely inherited. These are just a few key differences. Hope you found this useful!
06 July 2015
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