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Essay on climate change debate

Looking for a tutor to help me with an argumentative essay on climate change.

Hi,what exactly do you have to cover re: climate change?Would you consider help in relation to climate change and the built environment (I am an architect and we deal with these issues a lot).
06 March 2016
Hi Jack,I am mainly a Technology tutor but specialise in areas of sustainability and have resources and support materials for you on this subject. I'll highlight some below for you. Contact me if it is more essay structuring you need support with, rather than content, and I'll support you with this side too...it is quite a huge and complex subject! Also would be useful to know the level/course this essay is for, to help you with the level of depth to research. Contact me if I can be of more help.******A quarter of the world population lacks access to electricity. Providing reliable, clean energy to the least developed communities on our planet, while accelerating the uptake of clean energy technologies in industrialised and emerging economies are urgent policy tasks. Huge implementation challenges remain, but business engagement in the low carbon transformation challenge is essential. As the impacts of climate change have become more noticeable around the world, this situation has begun to change dramatically. Whether it is the impacts of human-induced climate change, or the consequences of natural disasters, nations now recognize that failure to act on climate change will have impacts that go well beyond the natural environment. Arguments/points to research/opposing views; Climate isn’t changing; the science in incorrect/incompleteClimate is changing but people needn’t do anything- Are human beings to blame? Will they just adapt as it happens?Climate change is a subject of scientific investigation; will further research provide knowledge?Does the world need more of the tools of modernity to address climate change?Climate change is another instance of rich and powerful countries preserving their leadership positions?Climate change reflects human beings’ broken relationship with the natural worldEconomists can agree that climate change is worrisome and should be addressed but argue if 1-3% of GPD should be spent on this urgent problem.Should only a modest amount be spent on mitigation as there are uncertainties about climate change? Fears could be groundless and benefits are uncertainCan much be done cheaply? Innovation will also have knock-on benefits. Short window of opportunity to go down the right path What about the role of rapidly developing countries (Eg China and India)? China is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Kyoto Protocol? Developed countries have emitted more that 80% of the carbon in the atmosphere todayHow does society decide that scientific knowledge is valid? Scientific discoveries may become the basis for policy-but politicians and manufacturers are not necessarily waiting for the next scientific article/reports to tell them what to doCan the world of human societies agree on what to do about a global issues in which many kinds of knowledge are contested?Devastating hurricanes, widespread drought, ice sheets melting, whole islands submerging in rising seas, animal/plant species moving/dying out, new diseases proliferatingWarmer temperatures opening up new agricultural lands, people spending less on heating, everyone likes warmer weather?, people can adapt to change in climate, change probable through natural, not human, causes?If the public does not understand the science of climate change will they be motivated to take action? Continued effort to educate the public but do they remain fairly uninformed about this complex topic?The knowledge is a hoax or a scheme to get more research funding?Environmentalists who want to have energy produced only from renewable sources paint those who would continue fossil fuel use and expand nuclear power as villains, or at best addicts to damaging substancesEnvironmentalists shown as ‘true believers’ who have their heads buried in the sand and simply do not understand how the system worksIs implementation of existing technologies sufficient to achieve drastic emissions reductions? Or are entirely new technologies needed in ‘battle’ against climate changeMany hold the view that current economic circumstances make it highly unlikely that governments will be willing to take on international obligations that are seen as an expensive constraint on economic growth Good luck!
Jemma G.
08 March 2016
Hello Jack191, I'am ready to help you in your essay !
Mohamad F.
09 March 2016
The first step would be to do some reading on the topic, and to see if there is a side that you agree with. It helps to write an essay that you believe in. Going from there, there's a myriad of options on which arguments to use.
Rob O.
28 March 2016
Argumentertive essay about global warming
24 March 2021
Do you think the climate change action/solutions start at the government level? How big are their role in solving this issue?
01 May 2021
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