Essay writing for GCSE and A/AS Level exams

If you're studying this subject, how important do you think essay style and presentation is, compared to actual factual content ?

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09 January 2014
Essay style is important, to make sure the essay flows to the examiner - Always start with an exciting introduction and always end with a detailed conclusion. With every point argued ask yourself 'So what?' - Explain and ALWAYS provide an example.
Toni G.
12 May 2014
Good evening,Essay style is essential as it is not only the information you are presenting that gives the impression of your capability. Grammar, spelling, punctuation and layout can all help discern between someone who has 'learned facts' and someone who knows what they are talking about. Self expression is everything, and one needs to present oneself in the best way possible at all times.Jennifer
Jennifer W.
13 May 2014
I believe writing style and structure is always important, as a well-flowing essay will always please the examiner and keep all of the ideas and information concise and connected. It will also show that the student has further skills outside learning information. Appropriate and academic word choice can also help the student to put their ideas across in a more specific way, which will also boost marks. An introduction that is 'punchy', concise and sets out what the student will be talking about is always impressive and makes the examiner excited to read it.  The conclusion is always the last thing the examiner reads - make sure it briefly summaries all the ideas of the essay, brings them all together and makes a strong last impression! You don't need to spend too long on style and presentation for a factual subject like Geography, but it will help and will boost marks! Plus, learning how to write well and effectively will undoubtedly help for other subjects, so its a win-win situation! :) 
18 May 2014
Thank you ! I  think the first thing that essay style and presentation does is to give the impression that you are an intelligent and competent student, and the examiner is put in an positive and appreciative frame of mind when they come to assess your essay. It makes it easier to read and understand - the woprrying thing these days is that many students can't write in sentences, and their handwriting is appalling, and that discourages examiners froim the moment they look at the completed answer paper. It's not just what you do, it's what you're seen to do that counts - sad but true for life as a whole. 
18 May 2014
15 April 2015
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