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Why is it impotant that we have both human and phisical maps?

I am no geography expert but I imagine it has something to do with the different functions that the maps have. For example human maps tells us where places of human interest are such as tourist sites and how to get from A to B on roads etc. Physical maps on the other hand tell us of the contours of the land and other physical aspects such as rivers and lakes. I guess just try and think of all the different functions that these maps have and then base your answer on why we need both of these functions to be fulfilled.
08 February 2011
Physical maps show the physical characteristics of Earth (minus the human aspect), such as mountains, oceans, rivers etc. Human maps show additional information on how us humans have influenced and being influenced by the environment / land. They can show things such as population density, migration, language, culture and religion.
08 February 2011
The physical and human landscapes are closely linked . The physical map will show if the area is suitable for settlement and will determine the type of human geography that can exist in that area
Gaynor M.
03 May 2016
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