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age word problem

Carlos is ten years older than Jose. Five years ago Carlos was three times as old as Jose. How old is Jose now? here's what i have so far: jose=j carlos=10+j

five years ago carlos would be: (10+j)-5? i'm not sure if i'm doing this correctly. please help.

5 years ago Jose's age = J5 years ago Carlos' age = 3JWe know that Carols is 10 years older than Jose so 3J - J = 2J = 102J = 10J = 5So Carlos is 20 now and Jose is 10 now
14 January 2014
Well done, this is correct! 
Jaspreet B.
21 January 2014
Inzo is 10 years older than migz five years age migs is one third as old as inzo what are their present ages?
07 March 2021
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