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Ally cooked a total amount of 3 kg and 530 gram of rice from Monday to Wednesday. She cooked 4 kg and 570 gram from Thursday to Saturday. On average, how much rice did she cook per day?

If we add the two figures up and divide by the number of days she has been cooking the rise, on average she has been cooking 1.35 kg ( 1 kg and 100 grams) a per day, considering from Monday to Saturday.
Giorgio T.
19 June 2017
Take 3.53Kg + 4.57Kg= 8.1Kg.Divide by the number of days (6 days)= 8.1/6= 1.35Kg of rice per day. 
Thomas V.
21 June 2017
From Monday to Wednesday she cooked 3 kg 530 gm i.e 3.530kgFrom Thursday to Saturday she cooked 4 kg 570 gm i.e 4.570kgAdd them 3.530+4.570= 8.100kgNow divide it by 6(Monday to Saturday =6days)8.1÷6= 1.35kg
Varsha W.
23 June 2017
Hello!Basically, what the question is asking you to do is work out an average. The way you do that is to find the total weight of rice cooked in seven days, and divide by 7 to find out how much, on average, Ally cooked in one day. In grams, Ally cooked 2,530g of rice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdayand 4,570g of rice Thursday, Friday, Saturday. She didn't cook any on Sunday. In total over 7 days, Ally cooked 7,100g. Divide this by 7 days of the week gives you 1014.23 g per day (2 d.p). Hope this helps! 
Unaiza W.
23 June 2017
In this question you need to find the average of the rice consumedFrom Mumbai to Wednesday-3kg and 530 gm = 3530 gm in total From Thursday to Saturday- 4kg and 570gm = 4570 gm in total This average rice cooked each day = total rice cooked / number of days                                                          = 3530+4570 / 6                                                         = 8100 / 6                                                          = 1350gm or 1.35kg This average rice cooked is 1.35kg
27 June 2017
hi, average means add it all up and divide by how many there are. So when we add it we get 3.53+3.53+3.53(monday-wednesday)+4.57+4.57+4.57=24.3. Now that we have the total we need to find out how many days there are. So monday to saturday is a total of 6 days therefore we would do 24.3 divided by 6 which equals to 4.05kg
16 July 2017
HiThis question is asking you to find the AVERAGE of rice consumed Monday to Wednesday 3530 gm and Thursday to Saturday 4570 gm inThe average rice cooked each day = total rice cooked divide by the number of days                                       = 3530 + 4570 / 6                                                         = 8100 / 6                                                          = 1350gm or 1.35kg This average rice cooked is 1.35kg
Sheik A.
27 July 2017
G B.
13 August 2017
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