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An 85.0kg fisherman jumps from dock into a 135.0kg rowboat at rest on the west side of the dock.If the velocity of the fisherman is 4.30m/s to the west as he leaves the dock,what is the final velocity of the fisherman and the boat?

working out!

not sure how to do this without a value for accleration
12 May 2011
Here's what you know, fisherman's m = 85.0 kg, boat's m = 135.0 kg, fisherman's v = 4.30 m/s. Use the formula mv = mv. Plug in (85.0 kg)(4.30 m/s) = (85.0 kg + 135.0 kg)(v). v = 1.66 m/s.
15 February 2021
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