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Appropriate Degree of Accuracy

I have seen questions before in GCSE papers that talk about expressing an answer to an appropriate degree of accuracy. What does that mean and how do I get the right answer?

It's probably a judgement call. For example, the distance between London and Edinburgh is "getting on for 400 miles", or "390 miles approx" or "387 miles" or 386 miles, 1689 yards, 1 foot, 10 inches". The first two are probably more useful if you were driving, but if you were into super high accuracy satellite map making then maybe you'd want an answer to the nearest few centimetres. You'd have to specify the measurement points to the nearest centimetre in that case. How about the tip of Lord Nelson's nose (Trafalgar square) to the tip of Sir Walter Scott's nose (Princes Street)? What would you choose as an appropriate degree of accuracy for that? By the way, I got the London Edinburgh figure from the RAC. I'd be astonished if their figure was really any better than to the nearest 5 miles.
12 February 2012
This book is dash than that one
Anu shri.c
24 February 2021
25 November 2021
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