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In a system the probability that each individual component of type A will fail is 0.05, type B is 0.04 and type C is 0.01. Components A, B and C are independent. a. Calculate the overall probability that each system will work b. Is there any difference in the probability of these systems, why?

Probability of fail for A is 0.05 so probability to work will be 1-0.05Same goes for other 2 types. And add to get overall probability.
18 May 2019
Probability that system A will work 1-0.05=0.95   . Probability that system B will work 1-0.04=0.96    . Probability that system C will work 1-0.01=0.99   .Now probability that each system will work. 0.95*0.96*0.99=0.90288
28 July 2019
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