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on a treasure hunt, players are instructed to go 2km north, then 5km east, then 4km south, then 3km west, and finally 2km north. Where is the treasure relative to the starting point? (( The answer is 2km east of the starting point )) but I dont understand why or how to get that?

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Ian S.
20 June 2013
Another way to think of this problem is first to consider movement in the 'North – South' direction you go 2km north, 4km south then 2km north again, so you go a total of 4km north and 4km south so the net movement in the 'North - South' direction is zero. Then consider your movement in the 'East – West' direction, you travel 5km east then 3km west so the net movement in the 'East – West' direction is 2km east. You are 2km east of the starting point.
21 June 2013
Try drawing out the players' path on some squared paper. You could say that one square is equal to one km. The players' path (2 squares North, 5 squares East, 4 squares South, 3 squares West and 2 squares North) takes them to a point - the treasure - that is actually only two squares East of their starting point. Drawing the path out yourself will only take a minute, and will really help you to see what's going on. If you need any more help, feel free to contact me, or request a private tutoring session.
19:21 on 20/06/13
21 June 2013
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