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can anyone help with this maths question?

Remove the brackets and simplify (x-4) (x-7)

We can remove the brackets - called expanding the brackets - using FOIL which stands for First Outer Inner Last which is a procedure to follow to expand the brackets:For the general case (A + B)(C + D)A×C + A×D + B×C + B×DNow we apply this to (x − 4)(x − 7)x × x + x × -7 + -4 × x + -4 × -7= x^2 − 7x − 4x + 28Now we simplify:= x^2 − 11x + 28
Sam P.
05 May 2016
There is a cheat for this....(x-4)(x-7), you have two 'x' that you are multiplying together so it will always be in the form x^2+x+n (n just means any number).You have two x's so you get x^2 at the startYou have (-4)x(-7) so you get n=+28 ( a minus times a minus gives a plus) at the end.Now for the middle term (-4)+(-7) = -11 which is the coefficient or number next to the x term.Altogether you get:X^2-11x+28Simply put: add the numbers together to get the coefficient of x and multiply them together to get the number at the end.Easy Peasy
08 May 2016
(x-4)(x-7)= x^2 -7x -4x +28= x^2 -11x + 28
09 May 2016
For questions like this, you have to make sure you times all the terms by the other ones. This means you do x*x + x*(-7) + (-4)*x + (-4)*(-7) Simplifying this it would be x^2 - 7x - 4x + 28= x^2 -11x +28Hope that helps! 
10 May 2016
21 May 2016
This is just a matter of multiplying the brackets out. So, do it systematically:x multiplied by x is x^2 (x squared that is)x multiplied by -7 is -7x -4 multiplied by x is -4x-7 multiplied by -4 is 28So, now we're left with x^2-7x-4x+28 and to simplify we combine the -4x and -7x to -11x so now the final equation is x^2 -11x +28. Hope that helps.
Yusuf A.
30 May 2016
01 June 2016
In maths, whenever a set of numbers/letters are in a pair of brackets, next to another set of similar brackets - this means you need to multiply the two sets of brackets with each other.Work with one set of numbers/letters at a time.  Do not multiply the numbers within a set of brackets with each other (unless instructed to do).  Multiply the chosen number/letter with all the chosen number/letters in the other brackets.  keep all the signs.  e.g. x times x and x times -7 gives the following:-sx^x (x squared) and -7x.  Work through all the numbers from the first set of brackets and then add all the similar ones until you get your answer
02 June 2016
09 June 2016
The main best approach it to take the variables in the first bracket and they each multiply both variables in the second bracket.So the first variable x multiplies both variables in the second brackets.Then we take the second variable and it multiplies both variables in the second  bracket .Then we collect like terms and add where possible .
09 June 2016
Дискриминантное уровнение
Sabina S.
12 June 2016
First we multiply out the brackets.(x-4)(x-7)x*x, x*-4, x*-7, -4*-7=x^2 -4x -7x +28Then we simplify=x^2 -11x +28And that's all there is to it.If you need any further help with similar problems, get in touch to organise a lesson!
15 June 2016
(x-4)(x-7)now start to multiply, x*x, x*-7, -4*x, -4*-7=x^2 -4x-7x+28Minus the common terms, -4x-7x = -11xoverall answer: x^2 -11x +28thats it !I hope this will help you.Always feel free to ask as many questions as you can. 
22 June 2016
(x-4)(x-7)now start to multiply, x*x, x*-7, -4*x, -4*-7=x^2 -4x-7x+28Minus the common terms, -4x-7x = -11xoverall answer: x^2 -11x +28thats it !I hope this will help you.Always feel free to ask as many questions as you can. 
22 June 2016
Richard M.
01 July 2016
(x-4)(x-7) = x(x-7) - 4(x-7)                =x2-7x-4x+28                =x2 - 11x + 28
03 July 2016
Note: The x2 means it's squared. That's the only way it can be typed on the tutorhub textbox. The "2" in this case is a superscript. I hope this clarification is helpful. Thank you.
03 July 2016
03 July 2016
Right there in my uploaded document is a more professional and appropriate way of doing it.
03 July 2016
(x-4)(x-7)now start to multiply, x*x, x*-7, -4*x, -4*-7=x^2 -4x-7x+28Minus the common terms, -4x-7x = -11xoverall answer: x^2 -11x +28thats it !
Priyank A.
15 July 2016
Are you still in need of help with this topic in algebra?
Lauren D.
07 August 2016
(X-4 ) (x-7)First we fill open the first bracket and multiply them by next bracket, as shown belowX × (x-7) -4 ×(x-7)After that, multiply x and 4 with brackets, as shown below,x^2 -7x -4x +28= x^2 -11x +28
19 October 2016
(x-4)(x-7)=X^2 -7x -4x + 28= x^2 -11x +28 (answer)
31 March 2017
x*x - x*7-  4*x+ 7*4 (* sign is for multiplication)=x^2 -7x -4x +28=x^2-11x+28
09 April 2017
(x-4)(x-7)by multipying we get=x^2-4x-7x+28=x^2-11x+28
Roshitha P.
18 December 2017
x^2 - 7x - 4x + 28x^2 -11x + 28
14 January 2018
(x-4)(x-7) = x^2 -7x -4x + 28                     = x^2 -11x + 28
22 April 2018
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