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How do you solve this?

Should equal something...
04 April 2017
I can help you solve this algebra question, however, you need to buy Tutor time first please as I do not get paid for answering individual, questions. Kind Regards, Victoria
Victoria D.
05 April 2017
An equation can't be solved unless we have the full equation, i.e. 7a - 3 = -----If 7a - 3 = 0, for example, add 3 to both sides:     7a = 3Divide both sides by 7:     a = 7/3 = 2 1/3ta daHopefully this helps
Natalie B.
05 April 2017
This is an expression. If you want to solve it, you need to convert it to an equation (it has an equal sign). If you assume this is an equation that equals 0, then it becomes easy to solve. 
Ala A.
05 April 2017
This is an expression, not an equation. There is no equals sign so no solution. If it is in a maths question, there is probably more to it.
Ian S.
06 April 2017
This is an expression, not an equation, so you actually cannot "solve" it.If it is an equation, it should be equal to something, let's say "b", so the real problem should be "7a-3=b"If that's the case, first you should add 3 to both sides (in order to know the value of "a")7a-3+3=b+3=> 7a=b+3Second step. Divide both sides by 77a/7=(b+3)/7=>a=(b+3)/7So you have "a" expressed in terms of "b"In order to know the value of "a" and "b", you should have a second equation. It might be b="number" (let's say b=0)So, if b=0, thena=(0+3)/7=>a=3/7If "b" equals anything else, just type the value or expression of "b" instead of 0
19 May 2017
earl ivan e. lomotos
12 November 2020
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