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Worldwide, wind energy generating capacity, W, was 40,300 megawatts in 2003, and 121,188 megawatts in 2008. a) Use the values given to write W as an exponential function of t

Trick here is to start with the "answer" and work backwards. Write W = A e^(b t) where A and b are numbers that you will adjust to make the model work, * means "multiplied by", and ^ means "to the power of" (and e = 2.71828...). Now in 2003 we have 40,300 = A e^(b 2003), and in 2008 we have 121,188 = A e^(b 2008). This gives two equations and two unknowns, A and b, and allows you with some rearrangement to find out what values of A and b to use to have W as an exponential function of t, as required. Hope this helps to get you started, please don't hesitate to come back here if you need more help.
19 September 2012
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